Lord Xue Ying
826 Kill Without Pardon
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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826 Kill Without Pardon

Outer Hall Elder and also sent him the location on the map where that Void God was at.

Xue Ying then teleported directly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There were not many Void Gods in the entire Golden Wing Nation. Whenever there was an unfamiliar Void God that was not recorded in the intelligence report, he would capture him! As for whether he had arrested him wrongly? Well, he could always find out after apprehending all the Void Gods.

Xue Ying could only scout through a region of about 250,000 kilometers wide every time. He would then teleport to other areas before resuming his search. The entire Golden Wing Nation was a total of five million kilometers wide, and Xue Ying had to utilize the Plate Ripple Diagram a few hundred times to comb through the entire place once. Furthermore, he had to be very careful and thorough with all his investigation, and it should take about half an hour!

"Hong~" A rope descended and tied around that ugly male who kept his aura. The ugly male was startle


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