Lord Xue Ying
929 The Ancient Sacred Incarnation
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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929 The Ancient Sacred Incarnation

He was able to survive after escaping for so long by himself, yet he died under the protection of Ancestor Sorcerer?

"This is the truth." Forefather Tian Yu softly shook his head, "Ai, your teacher was heavily injured then and was escaping for his life. Sacred Master pursued after your teacher multiple times, yet he failed to kill your teacher. At that time, Sacred Master thought that your teacher would die given how heavy his injuries were. He wasn't willing to pay too huge a price. Nevertheless, your teacher is a Voidwalker and had a great life force. Thus, he recovered over time." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"There are a total of three Cosmos Gods belonging to the two great religions, but it was only Sacred Master who could genuinely threaten the life of your teacher. Your teacher wasn't willing to remain on alert all the time, and that was why he finally asked Ancestor Sorcerer for help."

Xue Ying was carefully listening.

Of the two great religions, the Ancestor Mother Religion only


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