Lord Xue Ying
1147 The Imprisoned Being
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1147 The Imprisoned Being

It was a thick boundless land. No plants could be seen growing on it.

When Xue Ying looked around, he found that he had appeared precisely on this great land.

"The Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron actually has three worlds inside." Xue Ying's perception of the void was extremely acute. The vast world within the Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron was shaped in a sphere, with one layer encompassing the other. He was currently located at the outermost layer. From what he discovered, it appeared that the outer and inner layers did not contain any living creatures, though a frightening aura could be felt coming from the core layer.

"So terrifying." Xue Ying's expression changed slightly.

The terrifying aura should be entrenched deeply in the core of the Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron. Despite the great distance, Xue Ying still felt trepidation in his heart from the aura.

"Even with my current strength, I am still feeling the pressure?" Xue Ying started advancing prudently.


Suddenly, a snort could be heard from afar. It should have come from the core layer. This voice felt as if it echoed out from an abyss, penetrating through layers of the world before reaching Xue Ying. Ordinary Cosmos Gods would have died from the shockwave of this voice.

"Interesting." Xue Ying wasn't afraid. Reaching his level, there were not many existences that could frighten him.

He continued on gingerly.


At the next moment, a powerful ripple pulsed out from the core layer of the world, sweeping across the inner layer and reaching the outer layer.

The world turned dark. It felt like apocalypse had arrived. That ripple instantaneously engulfed the entire outer layer, sweeping across Xue Ying's body! Yet Xue Ying was protected by many concentric black foggy air streams that when the terrifying gale of power reached them, the streams merely warped and distorted. Those streams remained perfectly fine.

"This gale seems to reach the power of a level-three Cosmos God." Xue Ying became curious, "No wonder Sacred Master desires to acquire it. He should know some secrets pertaining to the Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron."

Nonetheless, even though Xue Ying was ignorant, he could take his time to investigate it.


As he slowly advanced forward, Xue Ying soon bypassed the outermost layer world membrane, reaching the inner layer.

The inner layer contained stronger energy. He could see with his naked eyes visible strands of fiery-red aura streams that were like flood dragons swimming about. Part of the fiery-red streams abruptly condensed into a scarlet-armored human. His face was covered in red scales, and his cold eyes were currently staring at the white-robed young man. He spoke: "Are you someone that Yuan let in? Such a low-grade lifeform is merely qualified to be my food."

His voice was deep and grand. It shook the world.

"Low-grade lifeform?" Xue Ying stared back.

"Hmph hmph hmph."

The scarlet-armored creature suddenly disappeared. He appeared right before Xue Ying the next moment.

"Haha…" Xue Ying chuckled, "And who are you? How are you related to Yuan?"

His voice was still reverberating when thousands and thousands of drawings appeared in the surrounding void. Xue Ying would occasionally appear in a drawing before flashing and appearing in another. The other party spoke with a smile from one of the many pieces of drawing.

"Do you think you are qualified to ask me?" The scarlet-armored creature waved his claws. "Si si si~" Even though every piece of art was incredibly firm, they were all torn easily. Regardless, Xue Ying did not seem to care. He continued warping his positions here and there, preventing the scarlet-armored creature from reaching him.

"Why did you appear within the cauldron? Were you captured by Yuan?" Xue Ying's voice echoed in the world.


The scarlet-armored creature grew increasingly furious.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hu hu hu…"

The strands of surging fiery-red streams that were swimming in the air suddenly split apart and condensed into numerous scarlet-armored creatures. They were all incredibly incensed. Within an instance, several hundred scarlet-armored creatures appeared, causing Xue Ying's expression to shift slightly: "How could this be?" He had already discovered that this scarlet-armored creature was tyrannical. He should be stronger than the Sacred Master, albeit his techniques were crude. Xue Ying could easily trick him using his self-created .

Currently, Xue Ying felt that the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique, Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll, Five Phases Sealing Technique and other techniques he knew were all very crude at his current realm. Hence, he chose to extract some of the more exquisite means and essence of each combat technique, accompanied by the knowledge on how to use Chaotic Origin Energy from the to create an entirely new set of combat techniques.

Of course, this set of combat techniques were still in the midst of improvement. It would become stronger over time as his realm deepened.


"Damnable low-grade creature!"

"You think you are qualified to trick me?"

The hundreds of scarlet-armored creatures were all wildly attacking with fury. For a moment, their attacks intercrossed, causing the surroundings to shatter. Even though Xue Ying executed different variants of techniques, they were all broken by force.

"Hu hu hu~" Amidst the horrific black maelstrom, Xue Ying stood at its center. Since he could not dodge the attacks, he could simply fight back.

"Sou sou sou sou sou sou…" A dense number of scarlet-armored creatures began surrounding and charging toward Xue Ying. Within an instance, Xue Ying's black protective cover had been shattered. Even though he had executed many combat techniques, and occasionally he would destroy the body of a scarlet-armored creature, closely following that, the energy would condense back into another body. They seemed undying.

And Xue Ying was beaten all over the place by the joint attacks!

He would be struck down deep into the ground at times, before being beaten high into the sky! He was beaten to the extent that many images of him could be seen.

No other choice.

With several hundred enemies–each stronger than the Sacred Master–even though their techniques were crude, they could completely suppress Xue Ying.

Even though Xue Ying was beaten pitifully, his skin remained undamaged.

He had already trained to the second level of the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body! And now, Xue Ying even improved it remarkably. It was much more perfect than how it was originally in the Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll. Currently, Xue Ying's fleshy body was as strong as some of the body cultivators who recently reached the final Cosmos God Realm. One had to know that peak Cosmos God Realm body cultivators were practically undying! Unparalleled existences could not kill them! Maybe they might be able to heavily injure them after sending several killing moves, but body cultivators could escape with a thought! Old Monster Stone had reached the final realm in body cultivation. Reaching his level, his body could dissipate and aggregate any time he wanted–he could appear at any location in the Origin World. They could even hide their karma, preventing enemies from discovering them!

Xue Ying did not know some of the more unique techniques 'body cultivators' knew–dissipating and aggregating, concealing his karma and others.

But he was a Dao of Void expert. He had various survival techniques such as the 'pinnacle of void-ification', and 'Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique'. His soul was even refined by the Chaotic Origin Energy, preventing others from seeking his karma. Furthermore, the avatars located in the Realm Heart Great Land had been nourished with a droplet of core blood from the 'Universal Dragon Mother', making it practically impossible for others to find Xue Ying.


These scarlet-armored creatures that were before him could not injure him at all.

"Interesting. These scarlet-armored creatures seem to be a single life. It should come from that huge aura entrenched in the core of the world?" Xue Ying felt his heart moving, "Let's go and have a look.

Those who were skilled were courageous too.


A crack was torn in the void by his side. Xue Ying simply disappeared. He relied on the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique to enter the core layer directly.


Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron–within the core world of the three layers.

When Xue Ying appeared, he felt blazing warmth blasting against him–it felt even hotter than on the Primitive Sun Star.

Many black fog streams shot out from his body and began protecting him. When Xue Ying appeared, he immediately focused his attention on the only creature located at the core of the world–

An enormous fiery-red monster lay there. It had many enormous tentacles. Glancing over, it should have more than 10,000 tentacles. These enormous tentacles enveloped the entire void. At the center of its head, an enormous eyes currently stared at Xue Ying.

"What creature is this?" Xue Ying became engrossed when he saw it.

The skin on every huge tentacle seemed to contain the circulation of light–encompassing all sorts of profound mysteries. If Xue Ying were given sufficient time, he could slowly dissect all the unique profound mysteries and how to use them out! As for the gigantic eye located at the center of the monster's head, it currently shot out a gold light. This gold light even contained congealed inscriptions that diffused and landed on his body.

Despite the terrifying suppression the gaze of the other party brought, Xue Ying wasn't afraid since he had a powerful body and could shrug it off.

"There is actually such a creature? It is simply the incarnation of laws!" Xue Ying felt slightly excited.

"Low-grade creature who is stuck within the cage." A tentacle of that enormous monster began strutting over.


When it moved, the light on the tentacle started transforming, inducing a desire in Xue Ying–a desire to analyze and study the inherent profound mysteries. Nonetheless, no time was given to him as the tentacle tore through space and appeared before Xue Ying. Xue Ying also took the strike head-on with a palm–his palm was covered in resplendent light, and many layers of the world appeared within the light.


As the palm struck out, Xue Ying tried his best to parry against the incoming force, diverting it into the higher dimension. Explosions could be heard from the layers of space in Xue Ying's palm. And in the end, Xue Ying could only divert away 50% of the incoming attack.

Flying Snow Combat Technique–Myriad Untouchable Technique!

"This attack doesn't seem any weaker than Eternal Night Primogenitor's full strike." Xue Ying felt alarmed.

Eternal Night Primogenitor relied on the supreme-graded secret treasure to exert that force, yet this monster was simply casually sending an attack over.


Xue Ying's body was slapped back. Despite being protected by his protection techniques and the pinnacle of void-ification, an enormous injury was still torn on the body of Xue Ying, though it rapidly healed.

"Mn? You did not die?" The enormous monster was shocked. A creature that had not jumped out of the cage survived under a strike from it?

"You have been trapped by Yuan, am I right?" Xue Ying hurriedly said. His voice reverberated in the world. He wanted to delay for more time. Otherwise, he would die moments from the battle.


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