Lord Xue Ying
1154 Black Sovereign King appears
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1154 Black Sovereign King appears

"At least one person has come." Xue Ying looked at this blood-robed man while coldly declaring, "Who your master? To dare execute a secret technique across the trillion beings living in the entire city. What audacity does he have to disregard the lives of everyone."

The blood-robed man was stunned.

The master behind his back?

This blood-robed man turned to the black-robed young man with a sneer: "It seems you aren't foolish. You are able to guess that there is an extremely powerful person controlling everything, yet you still dare to kill your way in? I truly admire you." Even though he said that with his mouth, the blood-robed man became alert. At the same time, he widened his mouth. "Hua hua hua", many blood-colored insects began flying out toward Xue Ying. They enveloped him thoroughly practically instantaneously.

"So pitiful."

"Ai, he is too foolish."

To the distance, some Unity Realm experts were already looking at this scene. They shook their heads inwardly when they saw what happened. After 10 million years, they all knew that the origin of this disaster came from that residence! But the great army they formed in the past had been defeated–with more than half dying. Ever since then, they no longer had the confidence to deal with the enemy.


All of a sudden, the numerous blood-colored insects that engulfed Xue Ying dissipated like bubbles. Furthermore, his figure appeared above. He then waved his sleeves and uttered: "Die."

The moment he waved his sleeves, the world became dark. The entire space had been wrapped. It wasn't just the numerous blood-colored insects, even the blood-robed owner had been wrapped within. This space became distorted, and everything within became powder after that.

"Hmph." Xue Ying shook his head inwardly. This blood-robed man was a Primal Chaos expert that came from a neighboring tier-three nation, 'Monarch Blood Fu'. Xue Ying believed that it was absolutely impossible for the background of the party who caused these phenomena to be so weak since they dared to behave so wantonly!

Following that, Xue Ying waved his hand again.

"Si la–"

The void was torn apart. The residence below shattered just like a mirror, and every single location was breaking into pieces.

"He killed that blood-robed man?"

"This is an extremely powerful expert. He isn't any ordinary Primal Chaos expert. He might possibly be a Primal Chaos tenth level expert!" Some of the peak Unity Realm experts who were trapped and watching from within the city felt excited. A strand of desire began forming.

Primal Chaos Tenth Level!

Ordinary Cosmos Gods who did not own any powerful secret treasures would only be at this standard. Even if their Heavy Wind King came, he could barely suppress this tenth level expert.

Such power was sufficient to move unhindered across a nation.


Xue Ying looked downwards. The surface of the residence had been destroyed by him, causing an enormous array to appear. This array was like a cover protecting an underground palace within. Profound inscriptions could be seen surfacing on the underground palace. The array was constantly operating, emanating a dense evil aura. It should be the true origin of those black fog.

"What a strange array! It should be a powerful Cosmos God who constructed it." Xue Ying felt slightly wary. The surrounding void then warped and he entered through the void maelstrom.

Within the underground palace.

There was currently a silver-haired Primal Chaos old man seated cross-legged. A weird ugly tree was placed before him. This odd tree had three black crystals inlaid within. Each crystal was constantly emitting light. And the black fog that pervaded the entire city seemed to move according to the fluctuations of these crystals.

"He actually dared to barge in? Really overestimating his strength. The venomous insect of Monarch Blood Fu should suffice to kill him easily… what! Monarch Blood Fu died?" The expression of the silver-haired old man who was seated in the underground palace paled.

Monarch Blood Fu died too quickly–it took just a single move!

The two of them were responsible for guarding this place. Now that his comrade had died instantaneously, he felt terror.

"Magnificent Black Sovereign King." The silver-haired old man immediately contacted his leader, "There is a Primal Chaos expert who killed his way to our place. Monarch Blood Fu has been killed in a single move."

"Which Primal Chaos expert is it?"

Even though Realm Heart Great Land was vast, and there were many Primal Chaos experts, most powerful organizations had intelligence on practically all of them.

"I do not know! I don't recognize him! It is a black-robed young man who executed a Dao of Void technique." The silver-haired old man anxiously reported.

As the avatar technique required the Dao of Void to use, many experts in the Realm Heart Great Land desired to cultivate in it. Like the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, being one of the top ten great religions, they primarily focused on the Dao of Void.

"Protect the 'Dark Tree'. Don't leave the palace. I'll immediately come over to handle everything."

"Yes, I'll not leave this place." The silver-haired old man immediately replied. He would naturally not leave here! He would most likely be killed in a single move if he went out. Staying in this palace hall, at least there was a profound array that made it hard even for Cosmos Gods to blast their way in.


The silver-haired old man suddenly had a change in expression because not too far away, a Void Maelstrom formed, and a black-robed young man appeared from within.

"Magnificent Black Sovereign King, he is here! He executed the Destructive Realm Teleportation technique!" The silver-haired old man paled.

The Destructive Realm Teleportation technique was a very defying technique. Few places could obstruct it.

There was even the legendary 'Great Destructive Realm Teleportation technique' that was an entire level above! By using that technique, the cultivator could even travel across to another Origin World! Furthermore, the cultivator could even travel into the storage treasure refined and controlled by others!

"What is this tree?" Xue Ying asked. His gaze landed on the ugly and odd tree. This tree was like a dead zone. Not a strand of living energy could be sensed from the bark. The three black crystals inlaid on it made Xue Ying feel weirdly disgusted. What shocked him more was that he could not recognize this tree!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What identity did Xue Ying have? He could not recognize this odd tree! And neither could he recognize the black crystals!

This made him even more prudent! Which was why he chose to disguise himself as a Primal Chaos expert.

"Say!" Xue Ying turned to the silver-haired old man.

"I do not know either. I am forced here." The old man pleaded.

Xue Ying shook his head slightly.


An unseen ripple instantaneously pervaded into the mind of the old man. This was just an ordinary Primal Chaos expert. Xue Ying simply used a level-one Cosmos God Mirage and Illusory Realm technique to control him and flip over those memories.

"Mn?" Xue Ying's expression shifted, "Heaven Ancient Union Master? Black Sovereign King?"

In the memories of this silver-haired old man, he saw two existences.

Heaven Ancient Union Master!

He was a famous cultivator across the Realm Heart Great Land and was a Paragon Master! But those at the level of Xue Ying knew that 'Heaven Ancient Union Master' was merely the Union Master on the surface. Behind him was another 'Heaven Ancient God'! Heaven Ancient God was a peak Cosmos God expert though he did not own any supreme-graded secret treasure.

Xue Ying saw two great experts in the memories of this silver-haired old man. One was Heaven Ancient Union Master, and the other was Black Sovereign King!

The Heaven Ancient Union Master actually gathered several Primal Chaos experts in the dark before passing them over to Black Sovereign King! This batch consisted of a total of 38 Primal Chaos experts, and they were to obey 'Black Sovereign King'. They were not foolish. Since Heaven Ancient Union Master who had a very high status summoned them over, yet handed them over to another Paragon Master from the Primogenitor Ancient Nation, 'Black Sovereign King'...

Even fools could guess that this operation implicated many powerful beings. As an existence who could control two Paragon Masters, he must have a powerful background. This operation might even implicate the two unparalleled existences from Primogenitor Ancient Nation! Of course, it could possibly be Black Sovereign King acting alone.

"What a powerful origin."

"Someone who could summon Heaven Ancient Union Master and Black Sovereign King?" Xue Ying felt apprehensive, "When was it that the Primogenitor Ancient Nation became so close to the Heaven Ancient Union?"

Xue Ying suddenly turned to the side, looking at the void before him.

At the same time, he waved his hand.


He simply slapped out on the silver-haired old man, causing him to explode immediately.

The Heaven Ancient Union was a union of many nations. Most of the nations were chaotic and had relaxed rules. Many devils even had very high statuses within these nations. This time, those Primal Chaos experts the Heaven Ancient Union Master summoned over were relatively evil. Heaven Ancient Union Master did not wish to create too much problem too as those like Xue Ying would absolutely not be willing to let a trillion beings be slaughtered before him even if he was suppressed by a powerful expert.

To Xue Ying and the others, this was their Dao Heart!

The Dao Heart could not be disobeyed!

Which of them did not refine their Dao Hearts until they were incisive and penetrating?

Summoning these devils, Xue Ying became furious just after a thorough check of the memories. He would definitely not be merciful.

"Hu." At the same time when he killed the silver-haired old man, Xue Ying stared at the void to his side as a figure appeared. This figure seemed covered in a black fog.

Xue Ying entered using the Destructive Realm Teleportation technique.

And this figure covered in black fog easily controlled the array of this palace.

"Black Sovereign King?" Despite the deliberate concealment of his identity, the other party did not specialize in a Dao path that was good at aura concealment. Not many personally saw Black Sovereign King before in the Realm Heart Great Land, but Xue Ying was one of them. He easily recognized Black Sovereign King with a single glance.


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