Lord Xue Ying
1166 Flying Snow City Great Array
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1166 Flying Snow City Great Array

With more than 100 avatars, everyone began work on inscribing the array using materials worth more than 100 billion cosmos crystals!

Usually, cultivators had to consume a large heart force when executing powerful techniques. But if an array was engraved according to the profound mysteries of the absolute technique, then the cultivator could activate it with just a little heart force! For instance, one of the three great killing techniques of Xue Ying's , the 'Multiverse Void Great Destruction', required nine great avatars consuming more than half their heart force before they could use it.

And if an array was inscribed successfully, or two arrays… ten arrays! A hundred arrays!

As long as they were coordinated well, with a thought, all hundred arrays could be activated at the same time. It was equivalent to a hundred 'Multiverse Void Great Destruction' being used simultaneously!

Even though each technique was not augmented by the Void Fire Lotus Flower, with sufficient quantity, a qualitative transformation would be the outcome!

Of course…

Dealing against an unparalleled existence was not as simple as using one single strengthened technique. Otherwise, the flaws would be too obvious. It required different techniques being executed flawlessly in conjunction with one another.

Xue Ying had a huge advantage over Southern Cloud King! Even without relying on an array, his avatars could exert power in the final realm. Many techniques which he created for the were originally powerful. Hence, just with some slight addition in power using the array would give him the capabilities to fight against unparalleled existence! If Southern Cloud King did not rely on external forces, he was much weaker than Xue Ying. That was why Southern Cloud King had to consume ten times the materials to consolidate his Southern Cloud Capital so that he was able to fight against 'unparalleled existences'!

Xue Ying's foundation was thick. His techniques were powerful. Just by using materials worth 100 billion cosmos crystals was something he reckoned as enough!

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So what if Xue Ying was stronger than unparalleled existences in his own city? He could only suppress them and those unparalleled existences could easily leave. Once Xue Ying was out of the city, his strength would return back to its original!


The array was spread across the entire city.

It was relatively easy to inscribe the array over a huge area. If such an array was inscribed onto a weapon? One that he could bring along with him anytime? That would be thousand times more difficult.

Fortunately, as the area was large enough, and Xue Ying was inscribing an array fixed to a place, 100 billion cosmos crystals worth of materials sufficed.


More than a hundred avatars spent more than 10,000 years working on the arrays.

The entire Flying Snow City was covered in arrays. There were even some core arrays in the 'Monarch Residence'. Xue Ying even chose to bring the most crucial array plate core with him at all times. This array plate core was like a 'primer' and also a 'controller'. Only with it could he control the huge array in Flying Snow City.

"Alright. I've finished inscribing the arrays." Xue Ying stood above Flying Snow City looking down at the entire place. With a thought, he easily sent his consciousness through the arrays which he controlled over the entire city.

The arrays were hidden from plain sight.

They were like arteries and veins covering the entire Flying Snow City!

He was unparalleled. Every single action of his could incite endless energy.

'Who would have thought that I would succeed within 10,000 years.' Xue Ying felt relatively happy. In order for the array to be used in conjunction with his techniques, it had a hefty demand on his realm. The entire process of inscribing the array gave him the chance to reflect over his Dao of Void.


With a thought, Xue Ying easily activated a total of 30 arrays within the place. Some of the arrays were similar, and some were auxiliary ones meant to support other arrays, allowing these arrays to coordinate like gears. And when the arrays were activated, a pitch-black maelstrom formed high above the Flying Snow City. This maelstrom tore apart everything and easily shattered the Origin World membrane wall, connecting this place to the higher dimension and allow Chaotic Origin Energy to enter.

This black maelstrom gave Xue Ying the feeling that if it enveloped experts like 'Black Sovereign King', they would most likely turn into ashes in an instance.

In terms of power, this was stronger by a major level than what Xue Ying could exert by relying on the Void Fire Lotus Flower to execute the 'Multiverse Void Great Destruction'.

It could even threaten an unparalleled existence.

'With a thought, I could have this power.' Xue Ying softly nodded.

"Old Ancestor." Xue Ying took a step before arriving at the highest peak in the Flying Snow City. Old Mother Ying Shan was currently seated cross-legged here just like a dried-up rock. She always sought to step into the Cosmos God Realm, but no matter how she tried, she could not jump out of this boundary.

If one said that reaching the Cosmos God Realm was reaching grand perfection in a single Dao path, and also the endpoint of a single Dao path…

Then after becoming a Cosmos God, one would seek to reach the endpoint for all branches of a single Dao! This step was similarly difficult.

"Oh, Xue Ying, what's the matter?" Old Mother Ying Shan opened her eyes and smiled at Xue Ying. She felt incredibly satisfied over this Ying Shan Clan descendant of hers. Xue Ying had given her a lot of help in her cultivation–scriptures, external resources… what he could help her had been done. The final hurdle to cross into the Cosmos God Realm ultimately depended on herself!

"Old Ancestor, do you mind summoning all disciples of the Ying Shan Clan back into the Flying Snow City?" Xue Ying said.

"Currently, more than half the disciples are living in the Flying Snow City. Why is there a need to summon all of them?" Old Mother Ying Shan felt puzzled.

The Flying Snow City was the second biggest city in the Southern Cloud Nation. There were many beings living within. The Ying Shan Clan also treated this place as their roots. More than half the disciples were currently gathered here! Even Old Mother Ying Shan stayed here. But other cities they lived in in the past remained untouched. For instance, some Primal Chaos Marquisses liked commanding their own city, which was why quite a few lived outside of Flying Snow City.

"I am afraid that I will have a huge enemy in the near future." Xue Ying explained, "I am not confident of protecting them if they lived in other places. I am only confident of doing so in the Flying Snow City."

"Huge enemy?" Old Mother Ying Shan was startled. She did not understand what Xue Ying meant with his words.

Old Mother Ying Shan only treated this Flying Snow City as a place where Xue Ying's avatar could protect them.

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded with a smile, "To prevent from unforeseen circumstances happening, let all Ying Shan Clan disciples remain in the Flying Snow City for at least one trillion years."

"Alright, I'll arrange for that. But there must still be other people governing other cities. And there shouldn't be a need to force those who aren't willing to come right?" Old Mother Ying Shan asked.

"Then let them be." Xue Ying nodded.

Saying one trillion years…

Was because Xue Ying felt he would definitely reach the final realm within this period! His hometown Origin World Primal Chaos Void was continuously expanding. It was getting closer and closer to the Great Apocalypse. Hence, he did not have much time left! But he had already fused eight branches together, leaving behind just the final ninth branch. As long as he continued accumulating in experiences–Xue Ying still had two World Flowers which were not consumed–he believed he should be able to have a breakthrough in a trillion years.

And he had to do so! Otherwise, what would happen to his wife?


With the orders given by Old Mother Ying Shan, those Primal Chaos disciples of Ying Shan Clan were startled when they heard them. Those at their level would definitely be 'implicated'. Regardless, it was only for a trillion years so they sent their true bodies into the Flying Snow City, leaving behind their incarnations to protect their original cities. The Ying Shan Clan controlled many cities, and indeed, a huge batch of disciples had flown into the Flying Snow City when the orders were given. The few that were left behind remained low-profile to protect their cities.

After arranging everything, Xue Ying resumed his cultivation.

And at this moment, a matter occurred that created huge waves across the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

An old monster called 'Insect Ancestor' rose. He seemed to have enmity with the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, killing countless Primal Chaos experts within the 'Fan Clan' and 'Summer Clan'. There was even a Cosmos God from both the Summer Clan and Fan Clan respectively that fell in the end. After which 'Ancestor Fan' personally acted, forcing Insect Ancestor to escape. This was a final realm expert that could not be dealt against easily.

It was hard for unparalleled existences to kill final realm experts.

And after Insect Ancestor escaped, he immediately disappeared from the world. Summer Wind Ancient Nation was also investigating when did they become enemies with Insect Ancestor, yet to no avail. This old monster Insect Ancestor was too mysterious and low-profile. Previously when he created a huge disturbance to the world, that was during the period of 'Devouring Realm Great Emperor'. At that time, Insect Ancestor was a great general under Devouring Realm Great Emperor.


Eight Silk Island.

"Haha, this old monster Insect Ancestor has broken through into the final realm so it is normal for him to go out and enact his revenge. It's just that when did this old monster become enemies with the lower level Primal Chaos experts in the Summer Clan and Fan Clan?" Eight Silk Island Master sat on his throne thinking about it, "He has been a very famous cultivator for a long time, and even if he becomes enemies with those in the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, it should be with the Cosmos Gods and not those at the Primal Chaos Realm? This is puzzling."

Eight Silk Island Master suddenly had an epiphany: "Second Brother."

At that moment, a tall and thin male hurried over.

"Big Brother." The tall and thin male came.

"Previously, our Eight Silk Island was unlucky when we engaged in a Blood Sacrifice against the Elegant Peace Valley City. We clashed against a seemingly final realm expert who was living in seclusion." Eight Silk Island Master chuckled. He still thought that it was because his luck wasn't good since the 'Heaven Observation Mirror' could only observe part of the region from a long distance. When Xue Ying executed the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique to enter the Elegant Peace Valley City, they did not discover him. They even thought Xue Ying had always been living in the city.

"I need to refine some Essence of Blood Spirit. Proceed with another Blood Sacrifice." Eight Silk Island Master chuckled, "The Realm Heart Great Land is so vast. It is fine for one coincidence, but I don't believe there could be another time."

How many final realm experts were there in the entire Realm Heart Great Land?

How could things be so coincidental?

"Rest assured, Big Brother, I'll definitely arrange things properly." The tall and thin male replied.


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