Lord Xue Ying
1175 The Fury of Eternal Night Primogenitor
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1175 The Fury of Eternal Night Primogenitor

In a luxurious palace hall.

Garbed in luxurious golden robes, a handsome young man with a crown on his hand sat casually on his throne. To his side stood an enchanting girl in black muslin dress pouring wine for the man.

Beneath the man sat two guests who were similarly served by a beautify servant each.

One of the guests was a short black-robed old man. He was none other than the city master of the most infamous gathering place for devils across the Realm Heart Great Land, 'Sacred Fire City'. Being a final realm expert, the reason why Sacred Fire City was publicly recognized as the top gathering place for devils had been because of his life-long brother–'Iron Eagle Palace Master', an unparalleled existence.

Across the entire Realm Heart Great Land, other than the unparalleled existences leading the six great ancient nations and Undying Underworld Emperor, there were two other unparalleled existences.

Not all unparalleled existences chose to build an ancient nation.

Iron Eagle Palace Master was one of them. He was known for being the most low-profile unparalleled existence. He did not spread any religion, and neither did he command a huge superpower. Instead, he chose to cultivate in his Iron Eagle Palace without meddling with other affairs. It was because of this life-long brother in addition to Sacred Fire City Master being a final realm expert personally made 'Sacred Fire City' the number one gathering place for devils.

The other was a humanoid flying insect. He was covered in black scales and had a pair of crystalline wings on his back. There were also two soft feelers protruding from his head. He was Insect Ancestor, an even more mysterious unparalleled existence.

"Mn, what is it today for guests to have arrived?" The handsome young man chuckled from his throne.

Light began condensing within the palace hall, forming a male covered in a black cape with golden patterns on it. He had a white tender face and cold eyes. He was one of the two famous unparalleled existences governing the Primogenitor Ancient Nation, 'Eternal Night Primogenitor'.

"You are here, Eternal Night." The golden-robed handsome young man chuckled. He lightly waved his hand before causing another table to appear at the frontmost location before him, "Come, I am currently receiving both Sacred Fire City Master and Insect Ancestor. You came at the right time. Come and have a taste at the food I prepared."

Eternal Night Primogenitor swept his gaze across.

Sacred Fire City Master? Insect Ancestor?

There were merely final realm experts who did not own any supreme-graded secret treasures.

"Underworld Emperor." Eternal Night Primogenitor indifferently stated, "The transaction which we agreed on previously has to be altered."

"Alter? What is there to be altered?" Undying Underworld Emperor remained laying back on the beauty by his side. He smiled, looking downwards at the primogenitor.

"It was originally possible for me to nurture out the three 'final realm' Resentment Spirits which you require initially after spending some time. But now, that Heaven's Will Daoist is simply too mad. Whenever any huge massacres happen in the Realm Heart Great Land, he'll act and kill all devils mercilessly. This way, it'll be very difficult to complete the request you have, Underworld Emperor." Eternal Night Primogenitor mentioned, "I feel that one 'final realm' Resentment Spirit should be sufficient."

Resentment Spirit.

That was a soul filled with endless resentment and hatred, so much so that the soul would have been transformed in certain ways. 'Final realm' Resentment Spirit represented a legend. Such Resentment Spirits were filled with endless hatred and killing intent that it could kill wipe out ordinary Primal Chaos experts just from the aura.

But that was also the limit.

An even stronger Resentment Spirit could never defeat a Cosmos God! Hence, 'Resentment Spirits' were simply a small Dao not worth mentioning.

But since 'Undying Underworld Emperor' required them, Eternal Night Primogenitor had once agreed on it during a past transaction. He was after all the leader of an ancient nation. It would be much easier for him to conduct such matters as compared to Undying Underworld Emperor who had left Realm Heart Great Land for far too long.

"You are one of the two Great Primogenitors in the Primogenitor Ancient Nation. Can't you even complete such a minor task?" Undying Underworld Emperor shook his head.

"Even if I arranged for such matters to be done in my ancient nation, that Heaven's Will Daoist will similarly hinder it." Eternal Night Primogenitor shook his head, "Nurturing a final realm Resentment Spirit requires a voluminous amount of souls."

Undying Underworld Emperor looked downward at Eternal Night Primogenitor before giving a soft chuckle.

Eternal Night Primogenitor felt his expression changed slightly.

He could feel that the satire filled in the laughter of Undying Underworld Emperor.

Given how proud Eternal Night Primogenitor was, who would dare show disdain for him in this Realm Heart Great Land?

"Eternal Night, we have both agreed in the past, and sworn our oaths. I have also given you 10% of the stuff we agreed on." Undying Underworld Emperor's handsome face started becoming cold. His eyes were filled with frost, "Why, are you saying that you can't complete the transaction now? That you want to alter it? Do you find me someone who is easy to talk to?"

An unseen aura of death started forming in the entire palace hall.

Both Insect Ancestor and Sacred Fire City Master felt their expressions changing from this.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

And Eternal Night Primogenitor who was the main target of that terrifying death aura, felt his heart tightening. He even felt a feeling of threat that came as one entered the higher dimension.

'This Undying Underworld Emperor once suppressed everyone in the past to acquire the opportunity of becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Over the long years, he is finally back. It seems he has failed, though it is certain that he has become much stronger.' Eternal Night Primogenitor felt frustrated in his heart, yet he could only endure.

A very long time ago, Eternal Night Primogenitor was clear that Undying Underworld Emperor was the strongest expert in Realm Heart Great Land. It should most likely be comparable to the current Emperor Summer.

As for now?

Eternal Night Primogenitor was unsure. He felt that Undying Underworld Emperor would have become more powerful, and his techniques more profound.

"Underworld Emperor, I dare to bully others, but how would I dare bully you? You should know that Heaven's Will Daoist is very hard to deal with. He doesn't seem strong, just that killing him is very difficult. Furthermore, he is determined to hinder my affairs. Hence, it is very difficult to gather the three final realm Resentment Spirits within this timeframe." Eternal Night Primogenitor answered.

"Even if it is difficult, you should still do it. That had been agreed on by you in the past, so you should complete what you promised. If you were to go against the oath, it is fine too as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of doing so." Undying Underworld Emperor sneered.

Eternal Night Primogenitor became silent for a breath of time. Only then did he mumbled: "Alright."

Following that, his figure dissipated.

"Hmph hmph."

Undying Underworld Emperor snorted coldly a few times.

As for Insect Ancestor and Sacred Fire City Master, they merely looked at each other without speaking. Even though they were not afraid of unparalleled existences, it was better for them not to put themselves in the businesses between unparalleled existences.


"Damn!" Eternal Night Primogenitor was genuinely angry at this moment.

It had been so long since someone dared to show disdain on him!

But Eternal Night Primogenitor understood that since Emperor Summer could injure him in a short period, this 'Undying Underworld Emperor' who was even more unfathomable, could possibly be stronger than Emperor Summer. That was also the reason why Eternal Night Primogenitor felt cautious towards the Underworld Emperor.


When Eternal Night Primogenitor chose to work together with Extreme Night Primogenitor, they dared to fight with the three unparalleled existences from Summer Wind Ancient Nation! Hence, if they truly became enemies, he was confident of dealing against Undying Underworld Emperor by working with Extreme Night. It was just that he had sworn an oath in the past! And he had been the one who requested for it in fear of Undying Underworld Emperor going against his words.

Now that the oath had been fixed, Undying Underworld Emperor was unwilling to alter it. If he chose to go against it, it would affect his heart realm tremendously, making it even more hopeless for him to jump out of the cage.

'I shall wait a little longer.' Eternal Night Primogenitor thought.

'Isn't it just final realm Resentment Spirits? This time, I shall personally watch. Heaven's Will Daoist? Hmph hmph, since you dare to intrude in my business, I shall uncover who you truly are.'


Eternal Night Primogenitor started moving.

He sent all Cosmos God subordinates who had avatars out to begin collecting souls. He did not choose to do what he did previously, which was to nurture Resentment Spirits in 19 cities openly and allowing nature take its course. Even though its effects were good, it would easily be intervened by the 'Heaven's Will Daoist'. Hence, it would be better for him to collect all souls before slowly using other methods. Even though it might require more souls, at least it would not affect the overall balance of the Realm Heart Great Land. That 'Yuan' did not care about battles between the ants within the cage.

Large amounts of souls were being collected.

Eternal Night Primogenitor was especially paying close notice to it.

In the blink of an eye, this collection had continued silently for more than 100 million years without capturing the attention of Heaven's Will Daoist while ensuring that things were kept within the boundaries of the balance of the world.

Even though Eternal Night Primogenitor had plans of dealing with Heaven's Will Daoist, it would naturally be better if Heaven's Will Daoist did not discover it.

"Harming countless sentient beings? Damn, all of you should die!"

In the night sky, a white-robed male appeared above a vast city. His face was filled with fury and his voice boomed across the world. Waving his hand, a terrifying spatial crack was torn across the sky. It immediately blasted out on one of the Cosmos Gods, directly turning him into pieces! This was merely an ordinary Cosmos God Eternal Night Primogenitor chosen with avatars.

Even Black Sovereign King had died from the hands of the Heaven's Will Daoist, so Eternal Night Primogenitor would naturally not be willing to take the risk. Neither would Eternal Night Primogenitor be willing to dispatch some of the more important subordinates of his.


Within this vast city, on the peak of a mountain, Eternal Night Primogenitor who was covered in a black cape with golden patterns was currently looking at the distant white-robed male. Xue Ying acted too quickly. The moment he descended, an ultra-long distance killing move came with it, killing the Cosmos God in one fell swoop! Eternal Night Primogenitor did not even have sufficient time to obstruct him. But since this was merely an avatar, it was fine for it to die.

'In the end, you are still here to intervene in my affair. I have been very careful, doing things covertly. I did not provoke you yet you chose to provoke me?' At that moment, Eternal Night Primogenitor's fury charged up into the sky.


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