Lord Xue Ying
1181 Devastation by Emperor Jun
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1181 Devastation by Emperor Jun

Over at the hometown Primal Chaos Void.

It was much more peaceful and quiet here than Realm Heart Great Land. Nonetheless, this was the calm before the storm!

The number one expert of the entire Primal Chaos Void, 'Sacred Master', was concentrated on meditating and absorbing the belief energy from all civilians living within the Ancient Sacred World. He was relying on his Ancient Sacred Incarnation to convert the belief energy into Origin Source Energy. Likewise, many believers of the Sacred Master were contributing this belief energy as well in other sacred worlds and primal chaos lands. 'Sacred Master' was currently accumulating energy. He was preparing himself for the eventual 'charge' once the Great Apocalypse arrived to see if he could control the 'Supreme Law' of this era, allowing him to advance and become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. If he failed, he would wait for the next era before trying again.

Other Cosmos Gods like Xue Ying were also focusing on their cultivation.

Without reaching the final realm, they would not be able to survive the Great Apocalypse.


And over at the Lost World Corridor.

In a sealed space, a black flower was floating. Currently, the petals of the flower were folded up.

Only after a very long time did the black flower started blossoming, revealing a thin evil male who sat cross-legged within. He had a long scaled tail protruding from his back. He was also a Destruction Devil, and the current commander of all Destruction Devils in the Lost World Corridor–Emperor Jun.

Emperor Jun slowly opened his eyes that were filled with a slight bizarre tint.

"Final realm. I have finally reached it!" Emperor Jun could hardly conceal his excitement. Looking at the space before him, he could sense strands of energy pervading every single location. At this moment, these laws were under his control.

"After reaching the final realm, I could at least survive against the Great Apocalypse of this Origin World and continue living in the next era." Emperor Jun squinted his eyes and contemplated, "According to senior, there are two final realm experts in this Origin World–Old Monster Stone and Sacred Master. Sacred Master was also a Destruction Devil from a very long time ago. Nevertheless, there could only be one existence to grasp the Supreme Law in the end. They are all my opponents."

After Emperor Jun reached the final realm, he had begun planning on how to jump out of the cage and advance onward to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

And the most common way of becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform would be to control an Origin World, consuming a large amount of energy before allowing one to progress to the next level of life.

As for the other method, it would be to use strength and force one's way through! By cultivating oneself, it would be entirely possible for the cultivator to force his way out of the cage. By then, it would be easy to grasp control of an Origin World.

"Old Monster Stone and Sacred Master have reached the final realm a long time ago. Their foundation is much deeper than mine."

"I must grasp hold of this opportunity. Currently, I have been formed by the initiative of the Supreme Law in this era. I am born to destroy. The more I destroy, the more benefits I would get from the Supreme Law." Emperor Jun thought, "And the moment I act, I must not leave any opportunity for Sacred Master or Old Monster Stone to retaliate. I have to destroy this Origin World as soon as possible and allow it to enter the Great Apocalypse."

The moment the Origin World entered Great Apocalypse, those who had not reached the final realm would die. Even those Destruction Devils would be extinguished.

Emperor Jun did not care.

What he cared more was how much benefits would he get from the Supreme Law! By destroying, he would be seizing the opportunity of the Supreme Law.

But to Xue Ying and many other cultivators, it was impossible for them to be willing to destroy the world. Living beings were born to seek survival. They would naturally do their utmost to maintain this era.

"I shall consolidate my strength first."

"And it'll be the moment for me to act." Emperor Jun grinned, "Even though Sacred Master and others aren't any weaker than me, they can't threaten me or stop me at all."


Several tens of thousands of years later, Emperor Jun was prepared.

"Time to move out."

Emperor Jun chuckled.

"Si la~" The surrounding void distorted to form a black hole. Emperor Jun took a step in before disappearing from the place.

When he appeared, he was in the Myriad Ancient Sacred World.

"Myriad Ancient Sacred World."

Emperor Jun came out from the black hole. He looked downwards, watching at the different tribes scattered in the vast wilderness. Many people were living within each tribe. Further away from him, there was even a huge city.

"Hmph hmph hmph."

Emperor Jun sneered. He hurled his long scaled tail outwards.

And then releasing out a palm that was covered in scales.

"Si la~"

The void ahead of him became distorted. Accompanying it, the land was also completely destroyed. It was to the extent that even deep underground had been run through, causing one to see the other side of the Primal Chaos Void. This distortion began spreading out in all directions, and those tribes simply turned into ashes. The city in the distance was affected by the void distortion and was destroyed along as well.

The city contained many people. There was even a Primal Chaos Realm City Master guarding it!

But it was useless. They had no way of retaliation. It was like wiping clean the drawing on an art–that city simply disappeared from existence.

Emperor Jun was too vicious. He did not plan on starting a massacre. Instead, his plan was to exterminate the entire Myriad Ancient Sacred World! The Myriad Ancient Sacred World was a place where Ancestor Sorcerer and World Ancestor constructed after a very long period. Even a final realm expert had to spend some time to destroy it entirely.


On the Ancient Sacred World.

Being a final realm expert, 'Sacred Master's senses were incredibly acute. That unbridled full-powered move of Emperor Jun had been easily perceived by Sacred Master at the moment it was executed.

This man who wore a black muslin robe looked to the distance. With a glance, he saw everything that was happening in Myriad Ancient Sacred World.

"He has reached the final realm?" Sacred Master was slightly startled. His expression changed.

Even though both of them were Destruction Devils, Sacred Master did not feel joy. Instead, he felt resentful!

"He plans on destroying the world so as to maximize the bestowment by the Supreme Law? So that he would have a greater chance of grasping the Supreme Law in the future?" The eyes of Sacred Master flashed with coldness. He disappeared from the place. Just like Old Monster Stone who initially planned on paving his own path using his determination, during crucial moments, he would still pull Sacred Master back! Because the day Sacred Master grasped the Supreme Law would be the day that the fate of Old Monster Stone became controlled by Sacred Master.

Furthermore, it was highly probable for Emperor Jun to choose other paths instead of the hardest one–'using strength to break through to a higher level'.

Old Monster Stone had no choice. As a body cultivator, he could only rely on using strength to progress!


Emperor Jun would become a greater opponent for Sacred Master in the future.



Even though Old Monster Stone was sleeping in the Primitive Sun Star, he was still alert to the things happening out in the world.

When a frightening force erupted that felt entirely different from what Sacred Master could exert, Old Monster Stone immediately woke.

His enormous body began floating above the Primitive Sun Star.

"A new final realm expert? Or is he a Destruction Devil?" The thin old man took a step before disappearing from the Primitive Sun Star. He similarly would not allow another final realm expert to gain the bestowment of the Supreme Law so easily.


"How could this be?"

"We can only ask our teacher for help." Both World Ancestor and Ancestor Sorcerer were the leaders of Myriad Ancient Sacred World. Naturally, they were able to perceive it at the first moment, albeit they felt their heads aching before the unbridled devastation of Emperor Jun.

In the past, Sacred Master did things wantonly for the sake of spreading his religion. He did not do so just because he wanted to destroy!

Emperor Jun was different.

Even as World Ancestor and Ancestor Sorcerer tried obstructing him, Emperor Jun would continue to execute techniques with a large area of effect. The two level-two Cosmos Gods could not protect the weak at all.

"Hold your hands." With a cold and angry roar, Sacred Master arrived.

"This Origin World is already getting close to the Great Apocalypse. Is there a need for you to continue killing?" The thin Old Monster Stone arrived as well.

The two of them acted at the same time.

"Sacred Master, you are a Great Devil of the Primal Chaos Void, yet you chose to save these sentient beings?" Emperor Jun chuckled. He simply teleported, moving across more than half the Myriad Ancient Sacred World before continuing his destruction at another location.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Old Monster Stone appeared by the side of Emperor Jun and smashed out with his punch.

Emperor Jun merely laughed. Countless lines began distorting by the side, causing the force of Old Monster Stone's punch to dissipate by half. The remaining force was easily evaded by Emperor Jun with a flash of his figure.

"Hong long long~" At the next moment, grayish lightning descended. Sacred Master held on to his pike and was doing his best to stop Emperor Jun from his destruction.


Emperor Jun continued laughing. Many lines of distortion appeared in the surroundings. After reducing the power of the incoming force, he could easily evade all those attacks.

After all, final realm experts were all formidable in survival. If he planned on evading and escaping, it was hard even for Old Monster Stone or Sacred Master to injure him.

"Si la~" Emperor Jun did not stop executing his techniques at all. With a palm, he brought about a distortion in the void that destroyed everything it touched. His offensive techniques were broader. Sacred Master had reached the final realm in the Dao of Lightning, and Old Monster Stone's body cultivation lineage was more specialized in close combat. Hence, for a moment, it was hard for the two of them to stop Emperor Jun from his wanton destruction.


A sword light abruptly appeared.

It simply pierced through the back of Emperor Jun before coming out from his chest.

Emperor Jun looked down at the sharpness of the sword protruding from his chest. Turning back, he saw a white-robed male.

"Swordmaster?" Emperor Jun stared at the white-haired male.

"Swordmaster?" Old Monster Stone and Sacred Master who could not handle Emperor Jun all along looked with shock at this scene. That silent and extremely terrifying sword had only been discovered by both Old Monster Stone and Sacred Master after it pierced through Emperor Jun. They felt an intense threat–one that was more intense than what Emperor Jun made them feel!


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