Lord Xue Ying
1184 Domain Shroud
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1184 Domain Shroud

"Sou sou sou sou sou…"

At this moment.

Many white-robed Xue Yings began appearing across the vast Primal Chaos Void. Some appeared above Primal Chaos Lands, some by the side of a cosmos, while others amidst the turbulence of Primal Chaos Void. Even though the turbulence was dangerous, it was not a threat to the avatars.

Given his current attainments in the Dao of Void, Xue Ying had more than 10,000 avatars! Only four were required to protect the four great sacred worlds.

As for the remaining five major avatars of Xue Ying, they took the initiative to divide up their souls. Even though the Supreme Law of his hometown Origin World was weak, Xue Ying still suffered from its restrictions.

With more than 10,000 avatars, even though each avatar had a slightly weaker soul, their realms were equivalent.

Relying on the transcendental realms each avatar had, they could still unleash the power of a Cosmos God.


It was impossible for the avatars to execute the complex killing moves in the . They could only execute some of the domain techniques comprehended at an earlier realm.

A weak little white-robed Xue Ying stood amidst the Primal Chaos Void.

The surrounding essence of void–black fog spherical particles–were under the control of Xue Ying. He did not require a terrifying killing move like that 'Chaotic Origin Ocean'. Instead, he only needed a domain that covered a sufficiently large area! Every avatar poured in their strength to cast down a domain. Xue Ying cultivated both the 'Dao of Void' and 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm'. Even though the region covered by an illusory realm was bigger, the domain techniques cast using the Dao of Void were more formidable.

Furthermore, the law suppression in the 'Primal Chaos Void' was incredibly weak.

When Xue Ying was still at the True God Ruler Realm traveling in the Primal Chaos Void, he could already unleash an incredibly huge domain.

And now?


Even though these avatars were weak, they were still at the Cosmos God level.

Hence, the void domain they unleashed was similarly great.

One of them, two of them, three…

More than 10,000 avatars scattered across the Primal Chaos Void released their domains simultaneously.


And all avatars were linked via their souls. Their memories and thoughts were universal.

At this moment, Xue Ying had covered more than half the entire Primal Chaos Void by relying on all the domains released.

"Even though I have covered only about 70% of the entire Primal Chaos Void, many of the places are wilderness. The places I need to protect are just Cosmoses and Primal Chaos Land with sentient beings living on it." With a thought, some avatars began altering their positions. As Xue Ying's attainments in the Dao of Void had surpassed that of Monarch Nine Cloud and the rest, he could easily cover the entire Primal Chaos Void with a single teleport.

Primal Chaos Void.

Some regions were incredibly vast yet no cosmoses, lands, and sentient beings were present. They were simply pieces of dead regions.

And some regions were denser like the Cosmoses and Primal Chaos Lands.

Hence, Xue Ying gave up on those desolate places.

With his avatars covering about 70% of the entire Primal Chaos Void, after giving up many of the desolate regions, Xue Ying was able to easily cover almost all regions in the Primal Chaos Void where sentient beings lived!

"Everyone, just die!"

Emperor Jun appeared at a particular location in the Primal Chaos Void. Waving his hand, he covered a Cosmos with his technique.

If one mentioned how powerful the 'Chaotic Origin Ocean' was–one would easily perceive the domain when one entered it–then the domain unleashed by the avatars of Xue Ying using the black fog spherical particles were comparatively weaker! Yet the domain had a greater effect in terms of 'scouting'! Emperor Jun remained unaware of being enveloped by this domain.

"He is here."

"Sou sou sou!"

Three figures appeared in the distance. One was Xue Ying, and the other were the two bodies of Swordmaster. At the moment they appeared, Xue Ying acted to protect that cosmos.

"So quick?" Emperor Jun was astonished. He had just executed his technique and Swordmaster was here?

"Sou sou."

The two Swordmasters executed their techniques at the same time.


Emperor Jun fled once again.

"I found him. Continue chasing!" Xue Ying's current domain already covered 70% of the entire Primal Chaos Void. Hence, the moment Emperor Jun disappeared and appeared at another location, the entire process of void penetration–the changes of the black fog spherical particles could be 'clearly seen' by Xue Ying. Even though Emperor Jun had concealed his aura when he penetrated through the void, it's a pity that he remained within the domain region of Xue Ying all the while.

"Sou sou sou!"

Xue Ying's avatar brought along Swordmaster and went chasing after him.

"How could it be so coincidental the previous time? For them to appear right after I executed my technique? That's too fast!" Emperor Jun carefully penetrated through the void to another region. At the same time, he felt bewildered and unease. Normally, it would take some time for someone else to sense the fluctuations of a move before rushing over.

"Si la."

Two frightening sword lights appeared from the void and hacked down on the body of Emperor Jun. It immediately caused his body to turn into dark light before condensing at another location. He looked with terror as he watched Xue Ying and the two Swordmasters appear.

"How could this be?"


Emperor Jun suppressed the boiling blood in his body as he escaped in a flurry.

He just reached another location carefully without having sufficient time to let out a breath of relief when another sword lights descended!

"Si la."

His injuries continued worsening.

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Emperor Jun felt that no matter where he escaped to, he would immediately be struck by the sword lights! It was too fast! How would he know that Xue Ying had simply arranged an avatar to bring Swordmaster along in a 'teleport', and when Emperor Jun arrived at a location, Xue Ying and Swordmaster would be there too!

With a region coverage of 70%, if Emperor Jun continued escaping a few more times, he would discover that the 'desolate regions' were not within the domain.

But after being heavily struck successively, with every single time being attacked by the two Swordmasters simultaneously, Emperor Jun's injuries were worsening! He even felt death looming close.

"It must be that Dong Bo Xue Ying. He should be a Dao of Void final realm expert, and must have covered the entire Primal Chaos Void with his domain. Hence, no matter where I escaped to, I'll still be under his observation!" Emperor Jun guessed after being chased by the enemy successively.

Even though he misunderstood that Xue Ying was a final realm expert.

But it was not that excessive since Xue Ying's current strength was close to a final realm cultivator.

"How could this be? It is fine if a terrifying existence like Swordmaster appear, making me unable to retaliate. And now another Dong Bo Xue Ying appeared? And he even cultivates the Dao of Void?" Emperor Jun felt bitter.


This time, he simply teleported back to the Lost World Corridor.

The Lost World Corridor was also the lair that produced Destruction Devils. It was a place that completely suppressed cultivators. Xue Ying and the others would be heavily affected if they entered the Lost World Corridor, with their domain techniques and other moves being greatly weakened! That was why searching for 'lairs' were so difficult. Over here, Xue Ying could not cover a huge region at all with his domain.

Over here, the Supreme Law was partial towards the Destruction Devils.

"He has escaped to the Lost World Corridor."

Xue Ying looked at the two Swordmasters by the side before saying, "The Lost World Corridor is also the place where Destruction Devils are born. I can't cover a huge region with my domain over there. Furthermore, space is unpredictable in that region."

"He escaped to the Lost World Corridor?" Swordmaster grinned. Another avatar of his disappeared, "That's fine too. We have forced Emperor Jun back to his hole. Even though we can't kill him, and I am quite unwilling to let things by, we have at least resolved the issue regarding the Great Apocalypse."

Xue Ying nodded.

Swordmaster grinned at Xue Ying: "Xue Ying, you have hidden yourself really well. Heaven's Will Daoist? You are amazing to suppress all devils in the Realm Heart Great Land just by yourself."


At the same time when Xue Ying conversed with Swordmaster.

The other Cosmos Gods were nervously watching the battle. Forefather Tian Yu, Ancestor Sorcerer, World Ancestor, Devil Mountain Primogenitor, Jade Light Master, Great Emperor Cloud Serpent, Blade Emperor, Bone Ancestor, and others were all anxious! They had no choice. One single Emperor Jun might cause the entire Primal Chaos Void to enter the eventual Great Apocalypse prematurely. They who had not reached the final realm would all perish!

"Who would have thought that Xue Ying has reached the final realm as well. That is truly unfathomable." Blade Emperor exclaimed. Devil Mountain Primogenitor, Jade Light Master, Void Primogenitor, Forefather Tian Yu, World Ancestor, Ancestor Sorcerer, and others were by his side. They were currently watching a projection that showed the scenes happening in the four great sacred worlds. Each of the world contained a white-robed Xue Ying protecting it.

They had also seen the battle of Xue Ying fighting with Emperor Jun.

"No matter where Emperor Jun escaped to, he can't get out of the domain of Xue Ying! He has been pursued by both Xue Ying and Swordmaster. His injuries are worsening as well! Haha, in the end, he has escaped. It is most likely that he has run back to the Lost World Corridor! The entire Primal Chaos Void only has the Lost World Corridor where the Destruction Devils are heavily protected." Old Monster Stone also appeared here.

With the group of Cosmos Gods present, the words spoken by Old Monster Stone made them relax.

At least the danger of the Great Apocalypse had been resolved temporarily!

"Swordmaster has broken through to the final realm, and now, Xue Ying has too?" Void Primogenitor shook his head in a sigh. He remained in a shock.

"My Great Void Heaven Temple has two final realm cultivators now?" Forefather Tian Yu blinked his eyes a few times.

This was truly a beautiful misunderstanding.

Their wisdom was limited. They could only see from the surface that Xue Ying's strength was comparable to the final realm Destruction Devil, 'Emperor Jun'. Naturally, they thought Xue Ying had reached the final realm.


No matter what, the group of Cosmos Gods was delighted. After escaping from the close shave of death, they felt more relaxed and joyful.

And on another side.

Xue Ying chatted with Swordmaster

"Right. That time when I haven't joined the Great Void Heaven Temple, I actually acquired a Realm Heart Order! It's just that I am not too willing to reincarnate myself into another Origin World. In the end after I cultivated the Ancient Cultivation Technique, I was fortunate to refine another avatar. Hence, I no longer hesitate to let my avatar reincarnate into the Realm Heart Great Land." Swordmaster chuckled, "Hence, it seems I have always been in closed-door cultivation without going out to temper myself. In reality though, I have been doing so in the Realm Heart Great Land. Otherwise, how could it be possible for me to reach the Cosmos God Realm without sufficient refinement of myself? And how could I have reached the level-two Cosmos God or peak Cosmos God realm? Cultivation is never that easy!"

"But your speed of cultivation is already very fast." Xue Ying said, "To have reached the final realm in such a short period!"


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