Lord Xue Ying
1186 Forcing Sacred Master to flee
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1186 Forcing Sacred Master to flee

Ancestor Mother World.

Ancestor Mother was prostrating with fear. She carefully looked at Xue Ying who stood in the distance.

"How is this Dong Bo Xue Ying so powerful?" Ancestor Mother felt uneasy.


Two rays of green swordlight stealthily entered the body of Ancestor Mother. Her huge body trembled before it silently crumbled apart. Only at this moment did the two Swordmasters appear by the side looking coldly at everything. For the sake of ensuring the kill, he acted with both his bodies! Swordmaster cultivated a supreme secret impartation. Even if he did not own any supreme-graded secret treasure or Chaotic Origin Weapon, he was still approximately 30% as strong as Eternal Night Primogenitor.

Killing a level-two Cosmos God?

All it took was just one technique.

"Ancestor Mother is dead just like this?" Xue Ying was relatively startled.

He still remembered the 'Ancestor Mother Religion' invading into the cosmos he was born in, bringing about a catastrophe.

And currently, the 'origin' of the Ancestor Mother Religion across the whole Origin World–Ancestor Mother–died just like this! She had lived in seclusion for a very long period, and would have many more hidden techniques. In the end, everything was futile before absolute power! Even the final realm Emperor Jun could not defend himself against Swordmaster, so how could Ancestor Mother?

"Go." Swordmaster transmitted over, "Let's continue to the Ancient Sacred World."

"And chase away Sacred Master." Xue Ying quite looked forward to it. He dared not tarry in fear of alerting Sacred Master to what they planned on doing.


Ancient Sacred World.

As the battle started by Emperor Jun had ended, Xue Ying who had been standing guard at this place left as well.

"How could this be?" Sacred Master sat on his black stone bed wearing his black muslin cloth felt complex.

Emperor Jun failed to bring about an apocalypse, thus losing the chance of getting rewarded by the Supreme Law. Sacred Master was naturally happy to see this.

But he felt distressed over the power of Swordmaster and Xue Ying.

"They are maturing too quickly!" Sacred Master did not dare believe it, "It is fine that Swordmaster has reached this realm since he cultivated for a relatively longer period. But how long did that Dong Bo Xue Ying cultivate? And now he has reached the final realm? When was it this easy to have a breakthrough to the final realm? Or is his talent really that heaven-defying?"

Sacred Master had a feeling.

That even if he entered the next era, or the subsequent eras, his chance of grasping the Supreme Law when competing with Swordmaster and Xue Ying would not be high at all.

"With them obstructing me, the difficulty of me spreading my religion will be much harder in the next era." Sacred Master thought, "That Dong Bo Xue Ying even specializes in the Mirage and Illusory Realm. His control of the soul isn't any weaker than mine."

But he did not know that currently, Xue Ying had reached the level-two Cosmos God Realm in the Mirage and Illusory Realm.

"It is time for me to give up on this path to spread religion!"

"I should just comprehend other Daos and try to control as many Cosmic Origin Source as possible. Perhaps by relying on this, I might be able to breakthrough using force?" Sacred Master plotted. Even though he felt the intense pressure, he did not plan on giving up. He was clear how difficult it was to jump out of the cage, "I don't believe that Swordmaster and Dong Bo Xue Ying would be able to jump out of the cage that easily. It is still hard to determine who the final winner is!"


Sacred Master felt a strand of fluctuation, "What is going on? Unless they are still chasing after Emperor Jun? Did Emperor Jun not escape already?"

Sacred Master immediately extended his senses in the direction where the fluctuation came. He immediately discovered the Ancestor Mother World, and the death of 'Ancestor Mother'!

He did not have time to be startled by it.

"Sou sou."

When two sinister green rays of sword light pierced through the body of Sacred Master. The sword lights came too abruptly, that Sacred Master failed to dodge it in spite of his current strength.


His body was forced to dissipate.

"Hong long long~" Xue Ying soon appeared above the vast Ancient Sacred World. He began executing the killing move from his , the 'Chaotic Origin Ocean'!

During this period, the dissipating black light from Sacred Master's body condensed at another location. Being a Destruction Devil, his survivability skills were not any weaker than Emperor Jun's.

He watched with alarm and anger at the distant Swordmaster and Xue Ying who began releasing his domain.


Fury coursed through Sacred Master.

He knew.

Swordmaster and Xue Ying had come to deal against him after handling Emperor Jun! His 'Ancient Sacred Incarnation' had been consumed fully after that battle with Old Monster Stone. Currently, the accumulated energy remained low, and it was pointless to use it in dealing against Swordmaster.


Sacred Master had instinctually chose this path.

After all, the battle started by Emperor Jun proved one point! He remained helpless against 'Swordmaster'. The more they fought, the worse his injuries would become.

"Sou sou!"

The Ancient Sacred Incarnation and Sacred Master's body immediately fused into one. Furthermore, he immediately roared out with lightning, tearing out a maelstrom passage before tunneling through it.

"Continue chasing!"

Xue Ying and Swordmaster planned on using the same strategy as they did with Emperor Jun.

A weaker avatar of Xue Ying brought the two Swordmasters along as they teleported on towards chasing after Sacred Master!


As they chased after Sacred Master, three powerful avatars of Xue Ying were left behind in the Ancient Sacred World.


A vast illusory realm descended. This illusory realm occupied an area much smaller than Xue Ying's Void Domain. After all, a powerful avatar releasing a Void Domain could occupy the entire Ancient Sacred World easily! As for the illusory realm, the three great avatars had to work together before they could barely cover the same area.

"I have to make full use of the time and save them." Xue Ying's three great avatars began acting.

Every single sentient being within the Ancient Sacred World–from weak humans to even the most powerful lightning Cosmos God–fell into the illusion. That strongest being was merely a level-two Cosmos God, and currently, Xue Ying had fused four branches of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm together! He was just one gap away from reaching the final realm. Hence, his illusory realm was frighteningly strong.


"That strand of energy."

After falling into the illusion, all sentient beings within the Ancient Sacred World did not retaliate. Their souls remained passive and were obediently controlled by Xue Ying.

Xue Ying then carefully unraveled the energy branded on their souls.

"It might be somewhat troublesome to resolve this brand mark with that lightning Cosmos God."

"Mn, at least I succeeded."

"Isolate all of them."

He first isolated the brand marks before destroying them.

By isolating it, Xue Ying was preventing the Sacred Master from relying on the brand to wipe out these believers.


It was not just happening in the Ancient Sacred World. Xue Ying also dispatched many avatars over to big places where the Ancient Sacred Religion were active like Nine Cloud Great Land. Those places were much smaller than the Ancient Sacred World. The number of believers in the Ancient Sacred World occupied up to 90% of what Sacred Master had! It was because the Ancient Sacred World was too big.


Sacred Master felt his heart filled with indignance as he was chased by Xue Ying and Swordmaster. He did not even have the time to think about killing all his believers. Instinctively, he still recognized those believers as an energy spring for his Ancient Sacred Incarnation Body, so why would he wipe them out when he had a hard time surviving?

"How could they, how dare they!"

Sacred Master was incredibly furious.

It had been too long.

Over the long years, even across many eras in the past.

Sacred Master was used to being a supreme status. He was used to being revered by many experts. This habit persisted across several eras! Yet at this moment when he was pushed down from his throne and pursued after like a stray dog, Swordmaster felt great humiliation. Yet it was futile even if he was angrier! That Swordmaster completely suppressed him. And Xue Ying's Dao of Void prevented him from escaping at all.

"Sacred Master, it is impossible for you to escape." When the three bodies appeared once again, the sword lights had already flitted through his body.

The body of Sacred Master once again exploded violently.

"I am still being chased after no matter where I ran off to." Yet Sacred Master did not know Xue Ying had dispatched three great avatars over from the Myriad Ancient Sacred World and Ancestor Mother World to the Ancient Sacred World.

Nonetheless, as Sacred Master was busily escaping, he would naturally tunnel to the more desolate areas, and would definitely not take the initiative to visit the few big sacred worlds.



The sword lights were whistling.

He was being struck time after time, causing his life force to rapidly reduce. In just that short amount of time, he was struck five consecutive times, causing him to be left with just 30% of original his life force. After all, both bodies of Swordmaster were acting at the same time.

"I can't let things continue this way. I can only return to the Lost World Corridor." Enraged, Sacred Master knew he had to take the same path as Emperor Jun did.


A terrifying lightning tore a passage out. Sacred Master went along this passage into the Lost World Corridor.

Lost World Corridor.

That was the birthplace for the Destruction Devils, and was also an ultra-huge maze! The space there was unpredictable and strange.

"Sou sou sou!"

The three figures of Xue Ying chased into this place.

"Lost World Corridor." Xue Ying frowned slightly. Other than feeling the suppression in the surroundings, space here was in constant turbulence. Furthermore, there were even ruptures in the space next to them! Hence, Xue Ying could only observe a small region around him! The ruptures broke his domain. With the numerous ruptures and constant turbulence, this place turned into a huge maze.

It was hard even for Cosmos Gods to find traces of Destruction Devils. It was also a protection the Supreme Law laid down for the devils.

"We can't find him at all. Even if we spend a little more time searching for Sacred Master, he could simply tunnel away, causing us to waste our effort. Let's go. He could only hide in this place. We are able to chase him down in other places after all." Xue Ying uttered.

"Mn, let him hide here for eternity then." Swordmaster nodded with a smile.


In a sealed space within the Lost World Corridor.

Sacred Master stood here by himself.

The surrounding was a piece of snowy white emptiness. Looking at it, Sacred Master felt sorrowful.

He was actually forced into such an outcome.

Being pursued until he no longer had a path to take. In the end, he could only escape into the Lost World Corridor! And this Lost World Corridor was actually suppressing him too! Only the Destruction Devils nurtured during this era were given the mission of destruction, and thus would not be suppressed.

"I ended up just like this?" Sacred Master stood there blankly.


"My believers!" Sacred Master suddenly felt it.

Several avatars of Xue Ying had isolated all the brand marks using the Illusory Realm, breaking all connection Sacred Master had with his believers. Even though it was not all believers, at least 99% of the believers had their brand marks isolated.

"How could he break my soul brand?" Sacred Master did not dare believe it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He was forced to hide here.

And even his believers were plundered away?

What does he have left?

Even in the subsequent eras of this Origin World, with the huge enemies–Swordmaster and Xue Ying present, his days would definitely be spent in bitterness.

At this moment, Sacred Master felt slightly cold in his heart!

"I am not willing!" The previously calm expression of Sacred Master started distorting. It revealed the look he had as a Destruction Devil. Black fog even started rolling out from his body as he growled, "I am not willing!"

His roar reverberated in this lonely space.


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