Lord Xue Ying
1193 The Indignant Undying Underworld Emperor
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1193 The Indignant Undying Underworld Emperor

Many apex experts in Realm Heart Great Land were using various methods to watch the confrontation between Undying Underworld Emperor and Heaven's Will Daoist.

At this moment, the expression of Heaven's Will Daoist became ugly! Undying Underworld Emperor was grinning in delight…

"It seems that Undying Underworld Emperor has genuinely unraveled the identity of Heaven's Will Daoist."

"Hurry up and publicise it!"

"Make it public!"

"It seems both of them are discussing through voice transmissions. This Undying Underworld Emperor doesn't seem to be publicising it!"

"Why would Undying Underworld Emperor do so? The moment he reveals the identity of Heaven's Will Daoist, Heaven's Will Daoist will certainly go mad and not leave any room for negotiation. He would simply choose to destroy that array. Without the control of the huge array, how would it be possible to control all souls in a total of 15 nations when the law suppression of Realm Heart Great Land is so heavy?"

"I've waited for far too long just to find out who Heaven's Will Daoist is. But this Undying Underworld Emperor doesn't seem to be making it public!"

Various parties were paying close notice to this.

And the devils were all anxious and excited.

There were some reclusive and aloof cultivators who wanted to know who Heaven's Will Daoist purely to satisfy their curiosity.

Naturally, there were many zealous admirers of 'Heaven's Will Daoist' in the world. Some were experts that grew from the group saved by Heaven's Will Daoist. Some purely admired Heaven's Will Daoist because of his conduct. This batch of experts did not wish for the identity of Heaven's Will Daoist to be revealed since this was a pillar that suppressed all devils! And it must not fall!


"Grand-disciple?" Xue Ying transmitted over, "Teacher, this Undying Underworld Emperor is my grand-teacher?"

He had never heard of that relationship existing between Southern Cloud King and Undying Underworld Emperor before.

"He has really discovered your identity? Ai, Xue Ying, the matter of Undying Underworld Emperor becoming my teacher happened after you took me as your teacher! That time, for the sake of acquiring the 'Twin Realm Blade', I was forced to swear and oath–to take the owner of the blade, 'Undying Underworld Emperor', as my teacher and to serve him from henceforth." Southern Cloud King transmitted, "I originally thought that he was dead. Who would have guessed that he actually returned after so long! Xue Ying, I urge you to just tolerate it. He has already discovered your identity, so all the more you should endure it. This Undying Underworld Emperor is a madman. Legend has spoken about how he was synonymous with death. That's because of his habit to kill. If you were to become an enemy with him… he'll definitely not let you go!"

Xue Ying was enlightened.

Saying which, his teacher Southern Cloud King was really pitiful since he was restricted by an oath.

"Hurry up and retreat." Undying Underworld Emperor looked at Xue Ying with a smile. He transmitted, "You are my grand-disciple, so you shouldn't be taking unfair advantage of your teacher and your grand-teacher."

"I like my freedom when choosing teachers." Xue Ying transmitted over, "So Underworld Emperor, I think you should still give up. Currently, if you choose to keep the materials used in arranging the array, you can still lower your losses to a minimum. But the moment I act, your losses would be greater."

Undying Underworld Emperor's expression sunk: "Ying Shan Xue Ying? Are you genuinely thinking of becoming enemies with me?"

"If you don't massacre the population, I'll definitely not become enemies with you. Underworld Emperor… you have been continuing with your vicious slaughters. Even after such a long time, you still aren't a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Why can't you just think it true if this is the wrong path?" Xue Ying transmitted over, "Once you walked down a path until the end and could no longer have a breakthrough, perhaps there might be another world with greener pasture. Right now if you gave up on killing and many of your past ideas, and instead choose to cherish all living things, you might be able to gain another set of comprehensions that could entail a progression towards becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform."

Why not turn back and take another path if the current path led to a deadend?

"I've tried it before a very long time ago. It is futile. Anyway, you aren't qualified to talk to me on matters regarding cultivation!" The face of Undying Underworld Emperor sunk, "If you choose to return now, I'll still treat you as my grand-disciple. In the future if you require any help, I would still help you. Otherwise if you offended me, don't blame me for being ruthless. Your entire Ying Shan Clan will be wiped out by me. And there's also the Southern Cloud Nation! The Southern Cloud Nation will also have to pay the price because of you!"

Undying Underworld Emperor was merely saying it.

He would not hesitate to wipe out Ying Shan Clan.

But to wipe out the Southern Cloud Nation?

Southern Cloud Nation was itself close to the strength of 15 tier-three nations. Furthermore, 'Southern Cloud King' would also turn mad. A Southern Cloud King with countless avatars turning mad was a destructive force not any weaker than Xue Ying.


As he was threatening Xue Ying, Undying Underworld Emperor was also transmitting messages over to Southern Cloud King: "Hurry up and persuade this disciple of yours not to continue with his foolish actions! If he chooses to disrupt my affair, not only will I ensure his Ying Shan Clan is wiped out, even your Southern Cloud Nation will not have a good ending."

"What? Teacher, your meaning is that Heaven's Will Daoist is Ying Shan Xue Ying?"

"You actually did not know of this?"

"Such secret will definitely be kept completely confidential. I doubt he will let any other person know about it. Even I do not know about this." Southern Cloud King replied.

"Hmph." Undying Underworld Emperor agreed that such matter would be kept absolutely confidential, "That disciple of yours, Ying Shan Xue Ying, is Heaven's Will Daoist. He currently has plans to obstruct with my affair. Hurry up and persuade him not to do so."

"Yes, I'll do so right now." Southern Cloud King answered.


Xue Ying stood in midair. His expression kept transforming as he stared at Undying Underworld Emperor. He transmitted: "Underworld Emperor, it is pointless to find someone to persuade me against my action. You should know that I have reincarnated into this world… I disdained from accepting Ancestor Fan as my teacher in the past and rather choose to become a disciple of Southern Cloud King. Why was that? It's precisely because my freedom will not be as restricted if I chose to take Southern Cloud King as my teacher. I do not care about the scriptures within Southern Cloud, and neither do I care about the treasures. Do you think that it is possible to persuade me otherwise?"

The expression of Undying Underworld Emperor became uglier from this moment on.

Madness! This is absolute madness!

This Xue Ying should have been reincarnated into this world. He did not care about Southern Cloud King, and even his relationship with the Ying Shan Clan is limited!

"It is useless. I have tried to persuade him, but even though I took him in as my disciple, I did not teach him anything at all. Currently, he is even stronger than me so I can't control him at all." Southern Cloud King anxiously transmitted over, "What to do, Teacher, what should I do now?"

"You trash!" Undying Underworld Emperor roared with immense fury. During ordinary times, he would still maintain some decorum when speaking to Southern Cloud King, but now, he was genuinely furious.

"I am also at my wit's end, Teacher!" Southern Cloud King anxiously answered.

He was doing this to deliberately draw a clear dividing line.

That was agreed upon by Xue Ying and Southern Cloud King to prevent any spilling over of conflict with Undying Underworld Emperor when he became mad unto the entire Southern Cloud Nation.


"Underworld Emperor, stop delaying for more time. Are you retreating or not?" Xue Ying roared through voice transmissions.

"Retreat, why would I retreat? I have already burned the final realm Resentment Spirits and constructed everything for the sake of this sacrificial ritual. How could I retreat then?" Undying Underworld Emperor stared at Xue Ying, roaring out, "The moment I chose to do so, the final realm Resentment Spirits would all be wasted. The failure of this sacrificial ritual would also mean a failure in the ignition of spirituality, causing the life force in the corpse to wither away before dying in ashes. I have forked out my Devouring Realm Spiritual Liquid and other treasures. Everything would be gone, everything that I have paid for this ritual would be wasted. How could I ever retreat then?"

He had paid too much price.

The moment he failed, only the corpse of the Chaotic Origin Lifeform would remain fine. Everything else would be wasted.

He did not know when he could gather sufficient treasures for another ritual!

Furthermore, this Xue Ying was a madman. Since he came to stop his sacrifice this time, he would similarly do so again in the future!

"Ying Shan Xue Ying, you should walk down your path, and I will walk down mine. Don't force my hand." The surface of Undying Underworld Emperor's body started burning with gold flames.

"I do not wish to force you, but it's you who is forcing these sentient beings to a deadend." Xue Ying pointed out to the floating souls. Those souls were also staring at his direction. All of them were filled with hope, "The path you take will cause the extermination of countless souls. This vicious path of yours must be snuffed."

"Since you do not plan on retreating, I can only act in accordance to it." Xue Ying roared out in public for the first time.

"You dare!"

Undying Underworld Emperor also roared back in fury.

His body was filled with endless darkness. His aura seemed to have engulfed the world. Both his palms were imbued with dazzling golden flames that were sent in the direction of Xue Ying.

At this moment, the surroundings seemed to have been pulled into a dark world of death.

In this world of death, there was a terrifying golden flames burning… everything seemed to be related to death.

"So frightening. What a frightening energy." Xue Ying felt it. This Undying Underworld Emperor was clearly stronger by an entire level than Eternal Night Primogenitor.

This time, a maelstrom appeared over the surface of Xue Ying's body. He planned on ripping apart a pitch-black hole. This was also the defensive fleeing maneuver Xue Ying had created in his –'Myriad Realms Movement Technique'!

But it was a failure this time!

Under the engulf of the golden flames and suppression of the dark world, the maelstrom that appeared over Xue Ying's body completely crumbled. His body failed to rush out when it was corroded by endless energy. Even though he struggled and tried retaliating, just after two moves and his body was completely burned into ashes.


It was useless!

Xue Ying did not dare to take the risk when facing Undying Underworld Emperor. He did not even bring along his Void Fire Lotus Flower! Much less the Chaotic Origin Weapon 'Azure River Spear'! He merely sent a great avatar over. Without the aid from any secret treasures, his avatar merely had the power of a final realm cultivator. He was still lacking by a level when compared to the true final realm cultivators in terms of survivability and fleeing aspects.

Undying Underworld Emperor only became serious this time, easily killing that avatar.

"Mn?" The expression of Undying Underworld Emperor changed.

He killed a final realm cultivator so easily?

And why were there no secret treasures left behind?


At this moment.

Many white-robed male appeared within the region where the 15 nations were. Within an instance, a total of more than hundred avatars appeared scattered across the various locations.

"No!" Undying Underworld Emperor was alarmed and incredibly furious. He hurriedly transmitted, "Ying Shan Xue Ying, as long as you do not disrupt my affair, everything can be discussed."

"As long as you do not continue with your sacrificial ritual, to me, everything can also be discussed." The more than a hundred avatars acknowledged in reply.

"It is you who is not giving my a path to walk!" Undying Underworld Emperor was mad.

"Hong! Hong! Hong!"…

Of those avatars, some were strong and some were weak. The strong ones had reached the final realm in strength. When they exerted their full strength, even the void was torn apart. Some of the constructed array bases were shattered, and in an instant, the core sections of the array located across a dozen regions were destroyed. That huge black array which originally engulfed the sky above the 15 nations started trembling. Following as Xue Ying continued destroying more core sections, that enormous black array eventually dissipated away.

The sky had finally regained its normalcy.

The bright sky seemed beautiful and calm as always.

And the innumerable souls across the 15 nations had broken away from that restriction force. They regained their freedom.

"Go back. Hurry back now." The souls immediately flew in accordance to their perception where their own fleshy bodies were.

"No, no–"

Undying Underworld Emperor was doing his best to stop Xue Ying from disrupting his array.

But it was to no avail. Xue Ying had too many avatars!

"Ying Shan Xue YIng!" Undying Underworld Emperor let out an indignant roar into the sky.

This roar.

It shook across half a trillion kilometers. Nonetheless, its effect had spread and shook the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

Only at this moment did the apex cultivators in Realm Heart Great Land find out that Heaven's Will Daoist… is Southern Cloud Nation's Monarch Flying Snow, 'Ying Shan Xue Ying'!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


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