Lord Xue Ying
1196 Apocalyptic Palm
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1196 Apocalyptic Palm

Swordmaster, Insect Ancestor, and the mysterious Starlight World Master were currently above Flying Snow City. They were standing before Undying Underworld Emperor.

This scene brought relief to many cultivators in Realm Heart Great Land who were once concerned and worried over 'Xue Ying'.

"With three great experts helping, coupled with that World Master from Broken Teeth Mountain Range who is unfathomable." Southern Cloud King's heart had always been burning with anxiety. At this moment, he could relax it a little, "With their help, Xue Ying should be able to survive through this calamity."

"Who is that mysterious 'Starlight World Master' from the Broken Teeth Mountain Range? He seems to make Undying Underworld Emperor feel some fear?" Within Flying Snow City, Old Mother Ying Shan was also paying notice to this. After all, this affair involved the survival of her entire Ying Shan Clan. The moment the Flying Snow City was sieged successfully, the Ying Shan Clan could not retaliate before Undying Underworld Emperor.


"Gratitude? Monarch Flying Snow has done a favor for you?" Undying Underworld Emperor furiously shouted out, "You are a World Master from the Broken Teeth Mountain Range and you should be stronger than he yet he has done a favor for you?"

"He saved my daughter." The starlight-robed male chuckled, "Underworld Emperor, Monarch Flying Snow has numerous avatars and you can't kill him at all. Why the need to continue down this path? It's better for you to retreat!"

"Very good."

Undying Underworld Emperor swept his gaze across the experts–Swordmaster, Insect Ancestor, before finally at the starlight-robed male, "You are merely one of the World Masters in Broken Teeth Mountain Range. Now that you are out of your own world, I do want to see how strong you are! As for Paragon Master Bewitching Sword and Insect Ancestor, it is better for the two of you to scram now! All of you will soon find out that obstructing me is futile!"

The moment he finished speaking.

Undying Underworld Emperor's palms covered the world. Each palm held a world filled with dark flames. Anyone looking at it would feel their hearts trembling with thoughts of despair inundating their minds!

The two enormous palms slapped out.

One palm swept across both Insect Ancestor and Swordmaster.

And the other palm swept towards the starlight-robed male.

The palm was too big. It covered the world, making it impossible to dodge!


In retaliation, Swordmaster unsheathed his sword, causing a sword light to fly out. It tore through the world and was filled with immense power.

"Hmph hmph hmph." As for Insect Ancestor, he snorted. The black robe which was originally garbed over his body abruptly transformed into a black pole. This was also his most suitable form of weapon. One could see Insect Ancestor holding on to the black pole smacking upwards before him! His arms elongated. Likewise, the black pole expanded. It felt like a sky pillar piercing into the world burning in dark flames.

"Hu–" It was like rotten wood being slapped, under the powerful palm of Undying Underworld Emperor, Swordmaster's sword light shattered. Even Insect Ancestor's black pole was smacked apart, causing it to turn back into insects.

As Swordmaster flew backwards from the impact, he was also displaying his sword techniques to try and divert away the force.

And Insect Ancestor simply fluttered his wings, tearing through layers of spatial obstacles in a retreat.


Even though Undying Underworld Emperor occupied the upper hand, he still let out a sudden cry of pain!

Because the pike in Starlight World Master's hand had pierced through the other enormous palm of Undying Underworld Emperor. It even penetrated through the world filled with dark flames, causing the world to crumble apart. Undying Underworld Emperor's palm had as a result, forced back into its original appearance with a hole pierced out on it.

"What a Starlight World Master! If you were still in your world, I would give it to you. But now that we are in the Realm Heart Great Land? Just scram!" Undying Underworld Emperor shouted out in a frenzy. At this moment, in that bizarre metallic heart of his, a droplet of gold blood became ignited. A special golden energy surged into his left hand.

His left hand became gold in color. It seemed noble. Undying Underworld Emperor waved his left hand, hooking against Starlight World Master once again.

"This is?" The expression of Starlight World Master paled. He felt a threatening feeling from that enormous golden palm! If he was in his own world, he would definitely not be afraid. But now that he was in the Realm Heart Great Land, he was much weaker by a whole level.


The pike in his hand whirled faintly before moving forward to meet the golden palm.


Under the slap of that enormous golden palm, time stagnated and space shattered. It was impossible to dodge. Starlight World Master felt the pike in his hand tremble from the impact. Blood started spurting on his hands as he held tight to his pike. In the end, he was forced backwards from the impact, turning into a stream of light.

As for Insect Ancestor and Swordmaster, 'Undying Underworld Emperor' easily suppressed the two without having to bring out his killing move.

Swordmaster was still at close to 80% that of 'Eternal Night Primogenitor's strength and could be considered at an unparalleled level. As for 'Insect Ancestor', he was comparatively weaker. He did not know any supreme secret impartation, and his strength was merely higher than ordinary final realm cultivators. Xue Ying was not any weaker than Insect Ancestor when he sent multiple avatars.

But Insect Ancestor was relatively formidable in his survivability skills!


"What!" Within the Summer Wind Ancient Nation royal palace, Emperor Summer had always been paying close notice to the battle. At this moment, his expression changed, "Undying Underworld Emperor actually knows such a technique?"

He was was staring blankly at that enormous palm filled with golden light!

If one mentioned that the techniques Undying Underworld Emperor unleashed were comparable to Emperor Summer's! Then at this moment, the golden palm unleashed a power far surpassing that of Emperor Summer.

"Indeed, his power is stronger than mine." Emperor Summer thought, "But even when his sacrificial ritual has been disrupted by Ying Shan Xue Ying, he did not unleash such power. Only after being forced to desperate traits by Starlight World Master did he reveal it. Perhaps there might be some price for using it?"

If this was a commonly-used technique, why the need to hide it until now?

"So powerful."


"The power of Undying Underworld Emperor is indeed beyond that of Emperor Summer."

"In the entire Realm Heart Great Land, Undying Underworld Emperor is still the most powerful unparalleled existence!"

"Undying Underworld Emperor… is the number one expert on Realm Heart Great Land."

Various unparalleled existences deduced it after watching the battle.


Undying Underworld Emperor stood in midair. He emanated a world-shaking aura that engulfed the place. With a palm imbued a world of dark flames, he easily suppressed Swordmaster and Insect Ancestor, forcing the two into a retreat. As for his other palm, it was covered in a grand dazzling gold, and had easily forced Starlight World Master back. Following that, he sent another palm out.

That palm blasted out a spatial passage that struck out in the direction Starlight World Master was moving.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying, I have mentioned it before, nobody can save you!" Undying Underworld Emperor then turned his gaze towards Xue Ying who stood above the Flying Snow City. His eyes were filled with frightening killing intent.

He took back his enormous golden palm before slapping it downwards on the Flying Snow City.


The golden palm was filled with a heaven-defying power. This palm was the full-powered move by the number one expert in Realm Heart Great Land! It was an incomparably terrifying technique!

And this moment, various parties were anxious.

Those who had been saved by Xue Ying before were incredibly anxious.

Those who admired Xue Ying were anxious too.

Southern Cloud King even revealed a look of nervousness and despair: "I have said it before that he should endure it a little longer!"

"This… is this the end of my Ying Shan Clan?" Old Mother Ying Shan stood within the Flying Snow City looking upwards as that golden palm fell in her direction.

At this moment–

Swordmaster and Insect Ancestor were forced backwards. They were immensely anxious!

"Ying Shan Xue Ying." Insect Ancestor, Ba Tuo Chen, really wanted to help his benefactor.

"Xue Ying!" Swordmaster was wrecked by anxiety.

But it was futile…

They were helpless. Even Starlight World Master was forced backwards. Even if they tried to hurry back, it was still too late!

This palm could be called the Apocalyptic Palm!

Even though the laws of Realm Heart Great Land were stringent, this palm could easily wipe away the existence of Flying Snow City.

"Azure River!"

Xue Ying extended his hand, causing a smooth black spear to appear in his hand.

He suddenly raised this spear with both his hands.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Hong long long~" All the arrays located in Flying Snow City became activated. Countless inscriptions were lit. Many strands of light shone and condensed on the body of Xue Ying. At this moment, Xue Ying who had with him the core array plate had become the core of all arrays inscripted in the Flying Snow City!

"Chaotic Origin, Heaven and Earth, Great Cleaving!"

Xue Ying's eyes were bloodshot. He waved the spear in his hand and hacked downwards before him!

One could see many cracks appearing in the surrounding void. Chaotic Origin Energy started surging in from those black cracks before condensing into this spear. Following that, Xue Ying sent the spear down with both his hands!

"Ka la–"

The world cracked apart!

It truly cracked into two–the entire Origin World had been cracked open. A black crack had seemingly divided the world into two, causing a line of black crack to form on that enormous golden palm! "Chi chi chi". At the next moment, the brightly-shining golden light on the palm became dimmed, and that palm soon divided into two. Furthermore, under the power of this strike, it even corroded and destroyed part of the palm, though the palm was rapidly recovering and healing.

But what was spectacular had been the look of disbelief on Undying Underworld Emperor. His absolute move had been blocked?


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