Lord Xue Ying
1197 Confronting Undying Underworld Emperor!
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1197 Confronting Undying Underworld Emperor!


Southern Cloud King, Emperor Summer, Ancestor Fan, Emperor Cang, Limitless City Master, Realm Beast King, World Extermination God-Emperor, Moonflower King, Eternal Night Primogenitor, and other apex experts who were observing this battle were all stunned at the scene! They could see how powerful that palm of Undying Underworld Emperor was. It represented an absolute peak in Realm Heart Great Land! Even Emperor Summer was most likely weaker by a level.

When this palm descended, the Flying Snow City should have turned into ashes.

But in the end? It survived!

"This, this, how can it be real?" Old Mother Ying Shan was originally looking upwards and prepared for the impending death. Nonetheless, she watched as that white-robed young man, 'Xue Ying', took that palm with his spear head-on without losing out! Strictly speaking, it was Undying Underworld Emperor's hand that had suffered from injuries.

"I knew it. I knew that Xue Ying must have something to rely on, which was why he dared to go against Underworld Emperor." Swordmaster revealed a look of excitement when he saw that, "I'd guessed that as soon as Xue Ying chose to face against Undying Underworld Emperor's threat, saving sentient beings in the 15 nations without backing down! It's just that I couldn't think of what he relied on temporarily! Who would have guessed that his strength could rise to such tremendous level when he is in his Flying Snow City!"

"He could become this strong just by relying on the arrays of the Flying Snow City?" Emperor Summer was slightly startled too.

"If even Undying Underworld Emperor can't deal with him, he is truly unparalleled within the Flying Snow City." Ancestor Fan sighed.


Actually, it was normal for Xue Ying to be drastically more powerful when he relied on the arrays in his territory.

But usually, this increase in strength by relying on arrays was limited. Like Southern Cloud King for instance, he consumed an incredibly enormous sum of wealth to consolidate his Southern Cloud Capital! That was how he was qualified to fight against unparalleled existences at the capital!

As for Emperor Summer, Ancestor Fan, and Emperor Cang…

They were originally powerful.

If they were located in their own cities–Emperor Summer would become much more powerful in the 'Summer Wind Capital'. Undying Underworld Emperor would be seeking death if he chose to attack Emperor Summer there!

"How can this be?" Undying Underworld Emperor gritted his teeth as he stared downwards: "Even if there are arrays augmenting his strength in his territory, it is fine for him to reach a level comparable to ordinary unparalleled existences. But how could he block my attack?"

"Just be exterminated!"

Undying Underworld Emperor did not believe. He roared out furiously. That bizarre metallic heart of his ignited two droplets of golden blood consecutively.

He was clearly infuriated.

No matter what! He had to make Xue Ying pay the price!


A pair of terrifying golden palm descended once again, albeit this time, the two palms came down at the same time. The power of the palms made Swordmaster, Insect Ancestor, and others paled. They did not dare to take on this attack directly. And Starlight World Master who had rushed over was not in a rush to act: "Who would have thought that this Monarch Flying Snow can break that attack. He seems to be more powerful than me as long as he remains within his territory, Flying Snow City?"


Wielding the spear, the arrays of the entire Flying Snow City circulated, pouring their energy onto Xue Ying. Xue Ying relied on the Chaotic Origin Weapon, 'Azure River Spear', to guide the void in the surrounding world.

For a moment, the entire Flying Snow City became dark. Amidst the darkness, Chaotic Origin Energy surged in and suppressed against that Undying Underworld Emperor!

It had been 300 billion years since Xue Ying refined his Chaotic Origin Weapon. Naturally, he had been training with this weapon and could exhibit a greater strength with it! If he planned on perfectly fusing the arrays of 'Flying Snow City' with this spear… he had to alter and perfect many of his techniques further.


The surging domain filled with Chaotic Origin Energy was pervasive. It pressed down on Undying Underworld Emperor and suppressed that pair of golden palms.

Undying Underworld Emperor's expression changed.

Only after that did Xue Ying once again display his spear technique. One could see the spear technique jabbing out simply, yet it caused bubbles to appear, crumbling and exploding out. The power of those explosive bubbles eventually clashed against the pair of incoming golden palms.

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Booming sounds continued incessantly.

Yet Undying Underworld Emperor had a savage look. His palms forced their way through without stopping.

"Chaotic Origin, Myriad Realms Movement Technique." Xue Ying pierced out his spear, forming a maelstrom of Chaotic Origin to surround his weapon.

At the same time, he invited the golden palms with that spear.

Layer upon layer of frightening impact was being shaved away by the maelstrom of Chaotic Origin Energy. In the end, everything was diverted away, and no force reached Xue Ying.

The palms of Undying Underworld Emperor dimmed once again.

"What?" Undying Underworld Emperor became genuinely anxious. He looked at Xue Ying with disbelief because he finally understood at this moment, that the two of them were comparable even after he ignited the precious blood within his heart.


Undying Underworld Emperor gritted his teeth.

He tried to force his way into the Flying Snow City. He no longer thought of defeating this Monarch Flying Snow. Instead, he planned on entering the Flying Snow City before wrecking havoc within.

Nonetheless, the entire Flying Snow City was within the region of Xue Ying's domain. Undying Underworld Emperor had just barely pierced through a quagmire formed by layers of world and entered the Flying Snow City when a terrifying spatial ripple engulfed and teleported him away!

He saw everything flash before his eyes.

Before finding out that he was back outside the Flying Snow City.

In terms of domain control, even though he cultivated the 'Dao of Death' and 'Dao of Flames' to the final realm, he was still weaker than a Dao of Void expert. Xue Ying cultivated a supreme secret impartation, had his strength augmented by arrays, and was equipped with a Chaotic Origin Weapon. In other words, he had absolute control over every inch of the void within Flying Snow City!

"Chi chi chi."


Undying Underworld Emperor continued to execute various techniques.

He would either force his way in by teleporting, stealthily enter, or even siege the city. Nonetheless, it was to no avail and he would be moved out every single time.


It was to the extent that before the terrifying spear of Xue Ying, Undying Underworld Emperor who wasn't willing to ignite any more blood in his heart, had been forced into dire situations. His body was filled with wounds!

"You, how could you control so much Chaotic Origin Energy?" Undying Underworld Emperor was filled with disbelief. The way Xue Ying controlled the Chaotic Origin Energy with every motion of his was too terrifying. Even unparalleled existences could not control that much Chaotic Origin Energy by relying on supreme-graded secret treasures and their grasp of the laws.

But Xue Ying could honestly control a frighteningly tremendous amount of Chaotic Origin Energy!

Xue Ying even gave off the manner of practically being close to a true Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

"Unless–" Undying Underworld Emperor turned towards the spear in the hands of Xue Ying, "The weapon in your hands is a Chaotic Origin Weapon?"

Xue Ying was slightly stunned.

The other party actually guessed that?

"That's right, it must be! You wouldn't be that strong even after being augmented by the arrays. It must be because of your Chaotic Origin Weapon. Chaotic Origin Weapon… specializes in controlling Chaotic Origin Energy." Undying Underworld Emperor looked at the white-robed young man before him. Other than hatred and killing intent, his eyes were filled with envy!

He truly envied the other party.

Because he found out as he was charging through the path of advancement into a Chaotic Origin Lifeform, that some absolute geniuses with impressive comprehension abilities and talents were favored highly by Chaotic Origin Lifeforms! Those Chaotic Origin Lifeforms would laboriously prepare a 'simplified' Chaotic Origin Weapon for these talents since Cosmos Gods could not use true Chaotic Origin Weapons.

But what Undying Underworld Emperor did not know was that the weapon, other than being simplified, it must be refined by the Cosmos Gods themselves before they could even use them.

"Who favors your talent? Is it Yuan?" Undying Underworld Emperor thought, "But so what if you are more talented? Few could actually succeed in the journey to advance onto becoming Chaotic Origin Lifeforms!"

"Ying Shan Xue Ying!"

Undying Underworld Emperor looked at the white-robed young man who stood above Flying Snow City in the distance: "Very good. No wonder you dared to disrupt my affairs. But you are only this powerful within the Flying Snow City. In the future when you leave Flying Snow City, I'll definitely exterminate you the moment I discover you."

Finishing his words, Undying Underworld Emperor turned around and left. He disappeared from the void.

Everything regained its peace.

Xue Ying also let out a sigh of relief: "As expected."

Without owning the Chaotic Origin Weapon, 'Azure River Spear', Xue Ying could only be comparable to unparalleled existences by relying on the arrays constructed in Flying Snow City.

And the Azure River Spear made controlling Chaotic Origin Energy more easy. If Xue Ying exerted his strength with his fists, he would be able to exert one part of strength. With the Azure River Spear, he could control an immense amount of Chaotic Origin Energy, allowing him to exert ten parts of strength! This greatly boosted in strength, so much so that he could even fight against Undying Underworld Emperor head-on!

"But Undying Underworld Emperor is genuinely powerful! If I did not have the arrays supporting me, I am absolutely not his opponent!" Xue Ying understood this point in his heart.

Naturally, he would only be approximately 30% of Eternal Night Primogenitor if he wielded the Chaotic Origin Weapon in the outside world!

Only by staying within his territory could he fight against Undying Underworld Emperor directly!


As Xue Ying pondered and reflected over this battle, the various top organizations in Realm Heart Great Land were stunned!

Undying Underworld Emperor was truly frightening! He had promoted to becoming the number one strongest expert across Realm Heart Great Land!

But within Flying Snow City, Monarch Flying Snow was able to resist against Undying Underworld Emperor. He even forced Undying Underworld Emperor into retreating helplessly. That was simply shocking!


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