Lord Xue Ying
1199 Great Paragon Flying Snow
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1199 Great Paragon Flying Snow

In the past, Xue Ying had saved Ba Tuo Chen merely because he saw how uneven the path was for the other party. As he was afraid that Ba Tuo Chen might suffer from some revenge attacks, Xue Ying sent him over to a place with excellent social order in hopes that he could find a good teacher in a religion in the biggest city of Realm Heart Great Land, 'Summer Wind Capital'. After that, Xue Ying sensed that 'Ba Tuo Chen' had met some issues via karmic sensing, which was why he chose to save the other party from the prison in Summer Wind Capital.

To Xue Ying, even if he did not know that person, he would still do his best to save that person should that person encounter some danger!

Like matters of huge massacres, Xue Ying relied on the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion intelligence network to procure news on them before resolving them the moment such things happened.

"Ba Tuo Chen? You are Insect Ancestor?" Xue Ying did not dare believe it.

He cultivated at quite a fast speed. Even though Swordmaster cultivated for a longer period than he did, Swordmaster still reached the final realm at a rapid pace that it was heaven-defying.

But Ba Tuo Chen was at the Unity Realm in the past! In just a short 100 billion years, he had reached the final realm? Compared to him, other cultivators should feel ashamed!

And 'Insect Ancestor' should be a subordinate of that supposed legendary unparalleled existence 'Devouring Realm Great Emperor' who had fallen.

"Who is Ba Tuo Chen?" Swordmaster asked from the side, "Xue Ying, it seems you know Insect Ancestor?"

Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen softly mentioned: "Ba Tuo Chen is an ordinary man. It was luck that allow him to reach this stage."

"Luck?" Xue Ying was even more puzzled.

Cultivation depended on strength!

Even if the cultivator had World Flowers and supreme secret impartation aiding him, he had to have sufficient comprehension ability.

Without sufficient comprehension ability, how much could one comprehend when the World Flower blossom? Without sufficient comprehension ability, how much could one comprehend even if a supreme secret impartation was placed before him?

"If Monarch Flying Snow is fine, can I call you Big Brother Flying Snow?" Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen laughed.

"This is my honor." Xue Ying reacted, "I'm afraid this relates to some secret. Ba Tuo Chen, there is no need for you to share with us too."

"It's nothing much."

Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen continued, "If I had not reached the final realm, I would still have to be careful. But now that I have reached the final realm, there isn't nothing much for me to be afraid of. Talking about that, I still have to thank Big Brother Flying Snow for saving me from Thistle Flower Nation and sending me over to Summer Wind Capital. That time, I joined a religion in the Summer Wind Capital and thought of focusing on cultivating!"

"It's just that cultivation isn't something simple. As I was searching for some cultivation materials in the Treasured Goods Market, I discovered a black insect sculpture calling to me. As a result, I decided to purchase it."

"Who would have thought that the sculpture is actually the inheritance left behind by the fallen Devouring Realm Great Emperor."

"Devouring Realm Great Emperor?"

"It's him?"

Xue Ying and Swordmaster were enlightened.

Devouring Realm Great Emperor was an unparalleled existence. He created an absolute art meant for nurturing insects called the . There were still many worshippers of Devouring Realm Great Emperor amongst those who researched into insects. In the vast Realm Heart Great Land, there were still legends circulating about him. Many experts sought to search for the inheritance left behind by Devouring Realm Great Emperor!

"You guys should know." Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen said, "Even though Devouring Realm Great Emperor nurtures insects, those insects do not have any great intelligence and lack in the knowledge of utilizing the laws. Hence, Devouring Realm Great Emperor researched a method to fuse his 'poisonous insects' with his 'subordinates'! When a weaker subordinate fuses with an insect, he will become a powerful expert."

Xue Ying and Swordmaster nodded. They understood that! It was because of this that Devouring Realm Great Emperor formed a powerful force by himself.

"Given the level of mastery Devouring Realm Great Emperor had in nurturing insects, he could nurture insects at the final realm!" Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen said, "Of which Devouring Realm Great Emperor researched a way to fuse a final realm insect with a cultivator! It's only because of the harsh demand it had on one's soul that prevented Devouring Realm Great Emperor from finding an appropriate cultivator to fuse it with. Eventually, he suffered from an ambush."

"He tried his best to escape continuously."

"Unparalleled existences had many places they could escape to. Their battlefield actually spanned across many places in the Realm Heart Great Land. Devouring Realm Great Emperor chose to hide his most precious inheritance and left behind a set of original copy of his deliberately! It isn't that easy to advance in the Dao of Insect after all!"

"The reason why I acquired his inheritance is because my soul coincidentally could fuse with that final realm insect!" Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen smiled, "But I was too weak at that time. If I were to hastily fuse with the insect then, I would be seeking death. I can only strengthen my fleshy body and soul first! Before gradually fusing with the insect. Over time as I fused together more and more with the insect, my strength grew before eventually, I reached the final realm!"

Xue Ying and Swordmaster were both shaken as they listened.

They knew of the subordinates Devouring Realm Great Emperor had, and also knew that the great emperor had fused his poisonous insects with his subordinates to power them up significantly. It was fine that they could reach the level-two Cosmos God Realm through this method.

Who would have guessed that it could even allow one to reach the final realm!

But thinking about it…

The subordinates Eternal Night Primogenitor had, the strongest amongst the 'Nine Eternal Night Walkers' was at the Paragon Master level of strength. Perhaps it was not as perfect as Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen, yet in reality, Paragon Masters had part of the might which a final realm expert could unleash.

"I am different from the two of you." Ba Tuo Chen shook his head, "The path of my progress is practically severed. I can only follow along the guidance marked by Devouring Realm Great Emperor and think of ways to perfect. If I want to advance further? I would have to reach the final realm in the Dao of Insect! I would then be able to nurture a final realm insect and let it grow. That was something Devouring Realm Great Emperor could not achieve in the past."

"As for realm, my personal realm is incredibly crude. My comprehension of the law hasn't reached that of the Cosmos God Realm!"

"It is only on the reliance on the final realm insect which enabled me to grasp many techniques." Ba Tuo Chen said.

He was willing to make this information public had been because of Xue Ying.

The extermination of his clan…

Ba Tuo Chen was left lonely in this world. Deep in his heart, he did not have any relatives or loved ones anymore. He felt that Xue Ying was the closest person to him.

"Paragon Sword, I hope you could keep this matter regarding Ba Tuo Chen a secret." Xue Ying turned to Swordmaster.

"Naturally! Why would I spread this secret out when Ba Tuo Chen is willing to share it with me as well?" Swordmaster answered. He was incredibly proud. Since Ba Tuo Chen was willing to share it with him, he would naturally not break that trust!

Even though Ba Tuo Chen was powerful enough to disregard any publicizing of such information–which was why he dared to trade with Undying Underworld Emperor–not spreading this secret would always be better!

Because many more unparalleled existences would have vile intention towards Ba Tuo Chen once the cat was let out of the bag!

"I admire Paragon Master Bewitching Sword for lending a helping hand for Big Brother Flying Snow as well." Ba Tuo Chen turned to Swordmaster with a smile.

"Actually, the relationship of Xue Ying and I are different from others." Swordmaster explained, "The two of us came from the same Origin World. Both of us have reincarnated into this world. In the other Origin World, we are from the same religion."

"Ah." Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen was startled. What a coincidence?

"Seeing that your religion could give birth to two ultra-strong expert, it seems your Origin World should be very powerful." Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen was startled.

Xue Ying and Swordmaster both chuckled. They did not elaborate further.

"But I can't compare with Bewitching Sword. He has reached the final realm already." Xue Ying added humbly.

"You haven't reached the final realm, yet you could still withstand against Undying Underworld Emperor." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword uttered.

Insect Ancestor was astonished by what was shared. He asked: "You haven't reached the final realm? But your strength…"

"That's right. The two of us have acquired a supreme secret impartation each. But what did you rely on, Monarch Flying Snow, to become this strong?" Paragon Master Bewitching Sword asked.

Everyone was willing to be candid.

Furthermore, reaching their current strength, they naturally did not mind sharing their secrets.

"Because of it." Xue Ying extended his hand, causing a black spear to appear, "This spear is called 'Azure River'. It is also a Chaotic Origin Weapon."

"Chaotic Origin Weapon?" Paragon Master Bewitching Sword and Insect Ancestor were both puzzled.

"A Chaotic Origin Weapon is a weapon rarer than supreme-graded secret treasures." Xue Ying explained, "Without it, I could only fight against ordinary unparalleled existences in my Flying Snow City. But with it, even Undying Underworld Emperor can't deal against me."


At the same time when Xue Ying shared the information on Chaotic Origin Weapon with Paragon Master Bewitching Sword and Insect Ancestor.

There was a piece of news spreading rapidly in Realm Heart Great Land regarding the 'Chaotic Origin Weapon'–

"Ying Shan Xue Ying owns a Chaotic Origin Weapon. A Chaotic Origin Weapon is a weapon rarer than supreme-graded secret treasures! This weapon significantly boosts his control of the Chaotic Origin Energy! The reason why he could fight against me at the level-two Cosmos God Realm in his Flying Snow City is because of his reliance on the Chaotic Origin Weapon. The Chaotic Origin Weapon is incredibly mysterious. A level-two Cosmos God would have his strength greatly boosted by using it. If a final realm expert is able to get his hand on one, it would be more helpful than even supreme-graded secret treasures! No matter what Dao path the cultivator is on, a final realm expert can easily control the Chaotic Origin Energy as long as he lands his hands on a Chaotic Origin Weapon!"

This news was spreading madly across the Realm Heart Great Land amongst the experts.

Everyone could discern that Undying Underworld Emperor had sinister ideas when he chose to spread this news!

Nonetheless, it sufficed to move the hearts of various parties.

"A Chaotic Origin Weapon could power up a level-two Cosmos God to this extent?"

"This Chaotic Origin Weapon is too powerful already!"

Various parties exclaimed in admiration. It even gave rise to greed in many experts.

Even Emperor Summer and the others were enlightened.

"As I said before, how could he be this powerful just with the augmentation from the arrays in Flying Snow City. So it seems he wields a Chaotic Origin Weapon." Emperor Summer sighed, "And it seems that a Chaotic Origin Weapon is more precious than a supreme-graded secret treasure?" At this moment, Emperor Summer thought back to when Xue Ying purchased a huge amount of Chaotic Origin Sand from him.

"This is the first time I have heard of the Chaotic Origin Weapon." Ancestor Fan's eyes were emitting light too.


Only after Undying Underworld Emperor let out this piece of news did it enlighten many of the unparalleled existences and final realm experts about the 'Chaotic Origin Weapon'.

And an absolute majority of Cosmos Gods were too weak. They dared not think of snatching the Chaotic Origin Weapon away.

They could only exclaim in admiration!

"Monarch Flying Snow is actually still at the level-two Cosmos God Realm?"

"Previously, Drifter from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation mentioned that Monarch Flying Snow was a level-two Cosmos God. I did not believe it. Now it seems he is really at that realm!"

"A level-two Cosmos God could be this powerful?"

"That is truly unfathomable."

A level-two Cosmos God could suppress all devils in the Realm Heart Great Land?

He was truly unparalleled within the Flying Snow City?


"That is too formidable."


No matter if the cultivators were envious, jealous or greedy about it, everyone in Realm Heart Great Land still had to admit that this 'Monarch Flying Snow' was the strongest Paragon Master in the entire history of Realm Heart Great Land! He was much stronger than Great Paragon Fuyi, Jarosa, and others! And many cultivators eventually called Xue Ying as the 'Great Paragon Flying Snow'!

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