Lord Xue Ying
1202 Invitation from Swordmaster
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1202 Invitation from Swordmaster

It was a cooling night.

Within an underground palace that was originally huge, the insides had been enlarged to an even wider space using void arrays.

The palace had a total of six levels.

The top three levels were where the palace master and his disciples stayed.

The bottom three levels were places for experiments.

Currently at the lowest level, it was a dark place. The ground glowed in crimson color, and a bloody aura permeated the place.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"The experimental materials have all been gathered." The eyes of the black-robed palace master were filled with excitement. He took out a jade bottle. Following that, he uncorked it, causing many human figures to fly out. Many cultivators were brought out of the bottle, and they were currently looking around them restlessly.

The dark place, the crimson floor and the bloody atmosphere.

Those factors made them even more disturbed.

"I must hurry! Otherwise, there would be some unforeseen circumstances."

"Damn that Great Paragon Flying Snow! Why must he meddle in other people's business and care about the lives of these ants?" The black-robed palace master thought, "I am forced to conduct my experiments with great care and caution. I don't even dare to experiment with too much materials! But this is a crucial one that I have to gather sufficient experimental bodies! I can't care less anymore. I should hurry up with it."

The black-robed palace master felt sullen.

His path of cultivation relied on experimenting the fleshy bodies and souls of cultivators.

Ever since the appearance of 'Heaven's Will Daoist', he immediately went on high alert. The materials he used for each experiment became much less. For instance, it was common for small-scaled slaughters to occur on the Realm Heart Great Land. Some grudges in the Realm Heart Great Land would easily involve the death of more than 10,000 sentient beings. Xue Ying did not even have the capacity to care about such affairs! He would only meddle in large massacres.

Nonetheless, he required an incredible amount of materials for some experiments.

"The materials I have collected are sufficient for only one experiment. I must succeed it in one try."

"Time to gamble."

The black-robed palace master suddenly appeared in midair within this level of space. His enormous illusory figure brought fear to the innumerable sentient beings below. The cold eyes of that huge figure were actually a form of terrorizing technique that made these sentient beings more terrified and panicked, "I only require 10 helpers. Those who can't survive would simply die!"

The moment he finished speaking, the black-robed palace master began pouring down endless violet sparkles.

As the violet sparkles were falling, a white-robed young man suddenly appeared within the space. He looked at that black-robed palace master coldly.

"Great Paragon Flying Snow!" The black-robed palace master was so frightened that he felt his legs softening.

He had been afraid of this. But no matter what, he was still discovered by Great Paragon Flying Snow in the end!

The black-robed palace master roared: "You can't kill me! I am only doing this for cultivation."


Xue Ying waved his hand, forcing the endless violet sparkles to dissipate along with the void ripples.

"For cultivation?" Xue Ying coldly uttered.

"I am a body cultivator, and am researching on souls. I have to do more experiments!" The black-robed palace master roared, "I am not a devil. I am only doing this for the sake of my experiments."

Xue Ying swept beneath him with his gaze: "A total of 380 billion cultivators are used just for a single experiment of yours? And you still deny that you are a devil?"

"I am merely using some ants for my experiment. Can this be wrong too?" The black-robed palace master roared.

"Ants? Then in my eyes, you are are also an ant!" Xue Ying waved his hand. The location where the black-robed palace master stood became suppressed into an art. Following that, this art dissipated, and the black-robed palace master turned into nothingness.

Following that, the expression of Xue Ying shifted: "Not good."


The entire palace abruptly exploded.

Xue Ying had to control the void during the eleventh hour to protect those innocent sentient beings. He even protected the original disciples of that black-robed palace master and subordinates with 'less grievances'. As for those with a terrifying grievances covering their bodies, they accompanied the explosion and departed this world.


Following that, those sentient beings were teleported into the wilderness nearby.

"He actually left behind a trap that would cause the entire cavern-dwelling to explode once he dies?" Xue Ying coldly snorted. This self-destruction mechanism might be threatening to the most ordinary Cosmos Gods. But to him, his domain could easily protect any sentient beings he wanted to.

"This is quite a huge disturbance, eh?"

A voice sounded by the side.

Xue Ying's expression changed. In the vast wilderness, those sentient beings who had been saved felt excited. Some of the subordinates of the black-robed palace master felt uneasy. But all of a sudden, a terrifying darkness descended. This darkness swept across everything, wiping out all those sentient beings. Xue Ying was also forced backwards from the force. He spat out fresh blood before stopping in midair.

"This is quite a huge disturbance, eh?" That frivolous voice was still echoing by his ears.

Xue Ying stared afar.

A figure appeared in midair. He was none other than a handsome young man who wore a golden robe and had a crown on his head, 'Undying Underworld Emperor'. He looked at Xue Ying with a bizarre look: "How does it feel for the billions of sentient beings to be wiped out after being saved by you?"

Xue Ying turned ashen gray.

He was of course indignant!

So many innocent sentient beings were wiped out just like that.

"Hahaha…" Undying Underworld Emperor accompanied with a casual laugh, "I already said before. As long as you dare to leave the Flying Snow City, I'll wipe you out every time I discover you! And those ants you want to save? I'll simply wipe them out as well. Haha, if you do not do anything, some of them might still be able to survive. But if you do, none would be alive."

"This time, it is my carelessness. I'll definitely bring everyone with me back to the Flying Snow City next time." Xue Ying coldly stated.

"Haha, bring them back to Flying Snow City? Very simple, I'll simply cause more scenes of massacres." Undying Underworld Emperor laughed.

"You should be careful, Yuan might act and kill you once you kill too many." Xue Ying coldly answered.

"Haha, rest assured. I'll not do it personally. I'll let my subordinates act." Undying Underworld Emperor grinned.

"Then I'll kill all your subordinates!" Xue Ying said.

"Oh? Rest assure, I specialize in inciting wars and massacres." Undying Underworld Emperor looked at Xue Ying, "By then when you see batches of sentient beings dying, would you feel your heart aching? And frustrated?"

He did not care about those who treated the weaker ones as ants.

He did not care about those who were extremely selfish either.

Undying Underworld Emperor was doing these primarily to target Xue Ying's personality. After all, Undying Underworld Emperor was still filled with fury! His losses the previous time during the sacrificial ritual were too big.

"When I was weak, even though there were Blood Sacrifices and massacres in the Realm Heart Great Land, I treated them nonchalantly." Xue Ying said, "I will definitely do all I can to save the innocent. But for those I couldn't save? I had no choice either. I've done my best and have no regrets."

Saying that, Xue Ying turned around and left.

"Planning to leave?"

Undying Underworld Emperor immediately sent a palm over. It was filled with endless darkness.

Xue Ying simply sneered before taking the initiative to dissipate this avatar of his. He had many avatars, and it was a simple matter for him to refine another out. He did not care about the loss of an avatar.


Undying Underworld Emperor did not lie.

He had inciting many confusion and disputes, leading to some huge massacres. Even though he did not act personally, he had been the one fanning the fire behind the scenes.

Fortunately, those who had some background and strength knew how intimidating 'Great Paragon Flying Snow' was! None of them dared to carry out large-scale massacres.



"It seems this Undying Underworld Emperor hates me a lot." Xue Ying felt increasingly frustrated in the Flying Snow City.


A figure appeared.

"Swordmaster." Xue Ying looked upwards. Swordmaster descended from midair before landing before Xue Ying. He began picking up the Xue Ying's flask of wine with great familiarity and started pouring wine for himself. After drinking a cup, he smiled: "Undying Underworld Emperor has incited some conflicts. He even caused some large-scale massacres to happen. Those are done against you right?"

"Yes." Xue Ying nodded and said with a cold voice, "This Undying Underworld Emperor is doing these things to vent his anger."

"That is because he feels his losses are too great. Furthermore, it was a humiliation to him to lose everything in your hands." Swordmaster answered, "If you are sufficiently strong and could threaten him, he might be more careful."

Xue Ying nodded.

The moment he left Flying Snow City, he would be stepped on by Undying Underworld Emperor completely!

That explained the wilful behavior of the other party!

"And Xue Ying, even though there is still a period before our hometown enters Great Apocalypse." Swordmaster said, "It is better for you to reach the final realm as soon as possible! Even though I have reached the final realm, I do not know how to execute the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique. You have to reach the final realm before bringing others away with it."

"Mn." Xue YIng nodded. He had never relaxed before in his cultivation.

"Instead of cultivating here and getting stuck at a bottleneck, I think it is more suitable for you to go out and experience some life and death battles." Swordmaster said, "I plan on going to the Broken Teeth Mountain Range. Come with me. There is also Insect Ancestor, he can come with us if he is willing."

"Broken Teeth Mountain Range?" Xue Ying's eyes brightened.

The Broken Teeth Mountain Range was indeed dangerous. Some unparalleled existences could fall within.

But since he had many avatars, Xue Ying was not afraid of falling there.

"Mn, I have just broken through to the final realm and plans on having a look there. Furthermore, I have a destination in mind." Swordmaster laughed, "Summer Wind Ancient Nation has a deeper understanding of the Broken Teeth Mountain Range than the Southern Cloud Nation."

"You have a destination?" Xue Ying nodded, "Alright. I am definitely willing to come with you. As for Ba Tuo Chen, let me ask him first."


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