Lord Xue Ying
1205 Working Together
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1205 Working Together

The male with short red hair had a powerful aura. He stood in midair looking down at Xue Ying and the others. Within the three, the aura from the huge humanoid insect, Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen, was the strangest. It was typical of a final realm insect–vicious and overbearing, and should not be trifled with! Swordmaster who had pushed the Dao of Destruction to the final realm gave off a sharp aura. Instead, it was Xue Ying who did not disguise his aura that seemed clearly the weakest.

"Your Majesty, judging from the aura, two out of the three cultivators seem to be at the final realm." The male with red short hair transmitted back, "How should I handle it?"

"There are two seemingly final realm cultivators?"

"Are there any unparalleled existences from the Realm Heart Great Land?"

At that moment, a few transmissions came one after another.

"The most famous few unparalleled existences from Realm Heart Great Land are not amongst them." The male with red short hair transmitted back.

"Our intelligence is very out-dated. Who knows if there might be new final realm experts in the Realm Heart Great Land, or who might have gotten a supreme-graded secret treasure! In my opinion, we can ally with these three cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land and turn them into our support!"

"It is still better to be careful! Some cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land are very vicious, especially that Realm Beast King and Extreme Night Primogenitor whom apparently devoured countless souls!"

"We have already degenerated until this stage. If we were to continue on this way, our Blood Flame Clan' might just face extinction! This time, we have to get the 'Night Fruit' and allow His Majesty to reach the next stage in strength. Only when His Majesty reaches the next level could we snatch our world back. Only then could our Blood Flame Clan continue surviving! The Night Fruit contains miraculous effects to us, but it is not useful to the cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land. Hence, they would not compete for it with us."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Alright! Let us befriend them and turn them into our assistance, Ying Yi, go and make contact with them."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Very soon, they made their decision.

Saying it was slow, but in reality, the exchange of transmissions happened quickly.

A figure arced through the sky. This was a beautiful silver-haired girl wearing a silver armor. Her armor contained a red design.

"They are cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land and aren't our enemies. There is no need for Big Brother to be anxious." The silver-haired girl exchanged a few words with the red-haired male before descending down. She landed at a position relatively close to Xue Ying and others. The silver-haired girl giggled, "I am called Ying Yi. This time, our team is entering the sky-floating island in search of treasures. The sky-floating island is filled with dangers especially so with the Death Disaster Clan. If we were to work together in dealing against the Death Disaster Clan, it is definitely possible for us to venture deeper into the sky-floating island, increasing the possibility of attaining better treasures. What does the three of you think?"

Xue Ying, Swordmaster, and Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen exchanged glances. They began their discussion.

Within the Broken Teeth Mountain Range World.

The Death Disaster Clan and natives were the two great clans. Even though they were huge, the natives were very similar to the cultivators in the outer world–they had high intelligence. Even though they were vigilant against existences in the outer world, it was possible for them to work together! The biggest difference the natives had with cultivators in the outer world… was that their bodies contained a strand of bloodline from Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

"Alright. I believe that your understanding of the sky-floating island is definitely beyond ours. It is a good thing for us to work together." Swordmaster took the initiative to speak.

"Our Majesty is not too far away from here. Please." The silver-haired girl smiled before guiding them over.


Very soon.

The two parties converged. Even though Xue Ying was prepared to come here and refine himself, what the Broken Teeth Mountain Range lacked the least were dangers! It was definitely a good thing that they could work together with the natives. In reality, some natives were quite xenophobic against cultivators in the Realm Heart Great Land.

Both parties met before briefly exchanging a few words.

Xue Ying and the others understood that the leader of this team was called 'Blood Flame Ji'. Others also called him His Majesty!

"The Death Disaster Clan has their own territory across the place." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji was a relatively handsome tall and big young man who was currently wearing a green robe. He introduced with a smile, "The moment we invade their territories, we will suffer from their attack. Of course, if we are powerful enough, there is no need to fear them. Our objective is to continue venturing deeper towards the core of the sky-floating island. If you guys feel that it is too dangerous, you guys can leave any time."

"Since we came here, we aren't afraid of dangers. At the most, we would just lose a fleshy body." Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen said with a hoarse voice.


His Majesty Blood Flame Ji immediately applauded at that moment. His subordinates looked at Xue Ying and the other two with a much more amicable look.

"It is definitely delightful to hear that. We envy cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land for you guys are able to have many avatars, giving you the courage to charge forward despite the danger." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji sighed.

"There are very few in our Realm Heart Great Land who owns avatars." Xue Ying stated.

"But it is much better than us. We want to refine avatars but it is impossible." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji felt complex. If only they had avatars, they would not have degenerate until this stage.

Swordmaster said: "Can we leave now?"

"Let's go. Shall we lead the way?" His Majesty Blood Flame Ji said.


Swordmaster, Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen, and Xue Ying did not reject.

Both parties moved together. The team of His Majesty Blood Flame Ji–16 of them–moved in front and led the way. Xue Ying and the other two followed behind. Both parties were moving cautiously; they were primarily on a look out for the Death Disaster Clan.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed.

Xue Ying remained the 'illusory realm' while evading the 16 natives so as to prevent any misunderstandings and conflicts from happening. During these two hours or so, Xue Ying discovered that there were many more Death Disaster clansmen watching them from the sides.

"The three of you should be careful. We have fought with the Death Disaster clansmen before, and they know we shouldn't be trifled with! But the three of you are newcomers… hence, any new wave of attacks could possibly be done against you all." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji turned around and reminded Xue Ying and the others.

"Many thanks, Your Majesty. We will definitely be careful." Swordmaster acknowledged with a smile.

Just as he finished speaking–

Six figures suddenly emerged from underground. They directly went on to attack Xue Ying, Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen, and Swordmaster.

It came too suddenly! When the illusory realm sensed the attacks, the Death Disaster clansmen had arrived.


Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen abruptly roared out. His mouth enlarged strangely. With a roar, a bizarre ripple spread out and caused the six incoming figures to tremble. Furthermore, the black gown on Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen's body separated, turning into many insects that struck against the six figures.

Every figure suffered from the attacks of many insects. Each of those figures were black-skinned beasts that gave off a dark aura of death.

Final realm insects had many strange and unpredictable methods. Ever since Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen traded with Undying Underworld Emperor, his strength had increased tremendously.

"Hua~ Hua~ Hua~"

The six figures understood that things were amiss. They immediately transformed into black fog and dissipate amidst the void.

"The robe could transform into so many insects? And just by relying on those insects, he is able to force the six Death Disaster clansmen away?" The 16 natives were startled. The methods of Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen seemed very different from the ordinary techniques cultivators had. This gave them a new understanding of the slightly ugly-looking 'Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen'–that he should not be belittled.

This was not someone to be trifled with!

'In the past, Ba Tuo Chen was able to resist against the attack of Undying Underworld Emperor with his gown.' Xue Ying thought, 'That gown seems perfectly undamaged. Is it a secret treasure that is formed from many insects?'

After all, he was the first 'final realm insect' fusion existence in the history of Realm Heart Great Land. Even Xue Ying and Swordmaster understood little about Ba Tuo Chen.

"Haha, Insect Ancestor's strength is extraordinary." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji chuckled, "But this is merely a probe to determine your strength. The Death Disaster Clan is sending those who are weaker. The true experts haven't moved yet."

Following that, the team continued forward.

They traveled across the vast sky-floating island. Of course, the natives understood the ambient dangers of this island more than Xue Ying and the rest; they easily evaded those dangers.


An ugly face formed from a lump of black fog appeared before them. It looked at this team while letting out a ear-piercing laughter. His laughter seemed to pound against the soul directly. That laughter was filled with malice and killing intent!

"It is here."

Xue Ying, Insect Ancestor Ba Tuo Chen, and Swordmaster felt a tremendous threat coming off from the black face hanging in midair.

"Hua hua hua hua hua hua…"

Within an instance, a dozen figures emerged from the ground. More than 80% of them headed towards the 16 natives, with just five remaining ones–three humanoid Death Disaster clansmen and two beast-like Death Disaster clansmen attacking Xue Ying and the other two.


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