Lord Xue Ying
1209 The Killing Trump Card, Dong Bo Xue Ying
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1209 The Killing Trump Card, Dong Bo Xue Ying

Various parties were fighting on the battlefield. They were also paying notice to the overall situation.

The black-robed girl King Fu Suo could fight directly against His Majesty Blood Flame Ji without losing! She was someone who left the clans-ground only after failing to get promoted during the elder's ranking match, and was unquestionably strong.

Being recognized as just a level-two Cosmos God–a cultivator with the least threat, he could actually fight on equal grounds with King Fu Suo? This startled everyone.

"Let us get closer to the clans-ground as we battle." His Majesty Blood Flame Ji was in great joy when he saw that. At the same time, he transmitted out to everyone.

"Good, let us head closer to the core area." Swordmaster was still having a relatively easy time. Even though he could not defeat the two elders, he could still rely on his sword to handle the two frighteningly strong elders, preventing them from dealing against the rest.

"His strength?" The black-robed girl King Fu Suo furiously sent out techniques. Every move of hers was filled with an aura of death. They were extremely powerful too. But Xue Ying was having an easy time since the other party was merely strong, yet her techniques were too crude. Hence, Xue Ying still held the upper hand.

"Chaotic Origin Ocean!"

Xue Ying was also casting the Chaotic Origin Ocean simultaneously.

"Hong long long~"

At that moment, a fierce domain came pressing down on everyone. Accompanied by the 'World Energy' from the Void Fire Lotus Flower, this was the strongest technique the current Xue Ying could execute. It was fine if those two elders could resist it, but the other 'Kings' from the Death Disaster Clan felt a heavy restriction holding their bodies down now. Every movement they made were affected! Their strength had greatly diminished!

Even though the Chaotic Origin Ocean did not span over a huge region on the sky-floating island, it could still wrap around the entire battlefield.

It was easy for those from the Death Disaster Clan to escape out of the domain region, but they came this time to kill these invaders! Flee? How could they hold those intruders back then?

"How is he weak?" At this moment, including the elders, all the Kings were cursing inwardly.

This white-robed cultivator was making all of them feel uneasy.

It was much easier to deal with the techniques of the Majesty Blood Flame Ji from the natives. But the techniques from this white-robed young man were much more profound, and he could still handle against the black-robed girl King Fu Suo despite maintaining the domain.

"We can't hold these natives back."

"With this domain, we aren't able to unleash our full strength."

The 10 Kings who were attacking the natives felt anxious.

This team of natives were much stronger than illustrated in the intelligence report! 'His Majesty Blood Flame Ji' primarily did so to beguile the enemies and to temper his own clansmen. Now that the Death Disaster Clan had came out from their nest, His Majesty Blood Flame Ji naturally brought out the other four great experts hidden in his Eden Treasure. With those four great experts as cores, they formed four great combat formations.

And these four great combat formations with the Majesty Blood Flame Ji working together were much stronger than reported.

Even still, the natives were on the disadvantaged end. They could only survive and do their best to advance forward.

But now that the 'Chaotic Origin Ocean' came out, both parties were equalized!

The speed the natives could advance forward had greatly boosted!

"Awaken the Grand Elder!" The incomparably towering Second Elder directly transmitted.

"Awaken the Grand Elder."

"Awaken the Grand Elder."

Because they were quite close to the clans-ground, after two transmissions, the message had reached the ears of King Qi Du who remained back at the clans-ground.

King Qi Du did not dare to tarry. He immediately went to awaken the Grand Elder.


At a place where three smaller lakes surrounded a huge lake, in one of the smaller lakes, the Grand Elder was here sleeping.

"Grand Elder, Grand Elder." King Qi Du called out anxiously. The ripples from his voice was continuously transmitted into the body of the Grand Elder.

The Grand Elder gradually opened his eyes.

Following that, his body dissipated like fog before condensing before King Qi Du.

The Grand Elder stared at King Qi Du coldly.

"Grand Elder." King Fu Suo transmitted anxiously, informing him about the intelligence report, "The current situation with the enemy is as such: Second Elder and Third Elder are currently leading 11 Kings including King Fu Suo to deal with the intruders. But currently, they ordered for me to wake Grand Elder up. There might be some unforeseen circumstances and this one isn't sure if this one should awaken the Emperor too?"

"There's no need. If the enemy is truly powerful, there is no need for the elders to order you just to wake me up. Without reaching the final moment, there is no need to wake the Emperor. Otherwise, we might infuriate the Emperor."

"Yes, this one understands." King Qi Du acknowledged.

The Grand Elder glanced at King Qi Du coldly before disappearing like fog.

Only then did King Qi Du let out a sigh of relief.

The Grand Elder…

If one mentioned that the Second Elder and Third Elder were both peak Kings, then Grand Elder had already broken through the King realm to reach a higher level!

The Grand Elder's strength was most likely more terrifying than the addition of the other 10 Kings.


The natives and 10 Kings fought without having a victor. As they fought, they were rushing over to the clans-ground as well. They were already very close to it.

"Soon, we are reaching soon!"

The natives were all incomparably excited. This came this time to gamble their lives. If they failed, it would be incredibly hard for them to flip the board–their entire Blood Flame Clan would most likely be extinguished! Fortunately, they met a team of cultivators while they were training their clansmen at the outer perimeters! The cultivators were sufficiently powerful even.


Swordmaster, Xue Ying, and Insect Ancestor had an even easier time.

Swordmaster was too powerful; his techniques were incredibly profound. With a sword, he was able to resist against the two elders. At the same time, he would occasionally strike against King Fu Suo, frustrating her very much now as she was already having a tough time dealing against the white-robed young man on top of the scarlet fire lotus flower.

"Hmph." Suddenly, a cold snort sounded. The surrounding temperature started reducing drastically; a layer of frost even started forming on the ground. Xue Ying and the others felt their hearts trembling as a cold deathly aura began permeating into their bodies.

A figure appeared in midair.

He was a black-robed old man who had his hands folded. With his hair swaying with the wind, he stared coldly at the group of intruders, opening his mouth before spurting out black clouds from it.

The world transformed enormously.

It suddenly became dark. Xue Ying's Chaotic Origin Ocean was even shattered against the endless darkness.

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Since the start of the battle, this was the first time Swordmaster used his full strength. A ray of dazzling sword light cut its way through the endless darkness, causing a line to appear. Along with a few successive sword lights, the dark world eventually collapsed.

At the moment when the darkness dissipated, dark shackles were revealed. These shackles began wrapping around Swordmaster frantically.

"I'll delay him." Swordmaster felt the pressure too. He had a feeling that he was currently facing against Emperor Summer or Undying Underworld Emperor. Fortunately, even though this Grand Elder was powerful, his techniques were too crude. Swordmaster could still barely hold his ground. If it was an expert like 'Emperor Summer' or 'Undying Underworld Emperor'–with sufficiently powerful strength and profound realms that were overwhelming, Swordmaster would not be able to hold this expert back.

Even when facing Grand Elder, Swordmaster could only restrict him back!

"The Grand Elder is so powerful?" Insect Ancestor was shocked.

"Hmph." Second Elder, Third Elder and the other 11 Kings were in great joy. At the same time they felt their confidence rising.

"Forget about these two cultivators. Let us congregate our strength and deal against the natives first." Second Elder and Third Elder gave the orders.


Second Elder, Third Elder, and King Fu Suo changed targets at the same time. They headed towards that group of natives, combining strength with the other 11 Kings.

Xue Ying and Insect Ancestor felt anxious.

Insect Ancestor was helpless. Even though his survivability skills were amazing and his techniques were quite bizarre, he was still weak in his overall combat strength!

And that group of natives were currently holding back 11 Kings. The moment they died, the Kings would change targets back to the cultivators, and Xue Ying understood that he could not survive against that!

"Xue Ying, protect them." Swordmaster was doing his utmost to hold back the Grand Elder. At the same time, he was anxiously transmitting a message.

"Big Brother Flying Snow, we can only see you killing trump card now." Insect Ancestor transmitted too.


He had no other choices now.

The eyes of Xue Ying standing on the Void Fire Lotus Flower flashed with a cold light.


A frightening ripple abruptly engulfed the entire place.

It surrounded the natives, the two Elders, and the 11 Kings, causing their bodies to tremble. At the same time, a total of eight Kings fell from the sky–they had lost their consciousness.

As for the remaining two Elders and three Kings, they all revealed looks of agony and terror; they were currently barely keeping awake, causing them to immediately teleport and escape.

Within an instance.

There was just the Grand Elder left behind! He who was originally filled with a powerful aura, currently revealed a look of indignance. Even though his strength was weakened, it fell to just half of what he had at peak. As for Swordmaster and Insect Ancestor, they both stared at Xue Ying with disbelief. The effects of his killing trump card was so good?

It had practically wiped out all enemies in one fell swoop!


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