Lord Xue Ying
1237 Entering Closed-Door Cultivation
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1237 Entering Closed-Door Cultivation

Being rejected by Xue Ying, Emperor Yan felt both disappointed and frustrated. On the contrary, Great Emperor Shamanic Wind revealed a joyous look. He knew that victory was almost in his grasp since Xue Ying agreed to stand on his side! Unless Emperor Yan decided for a life and death struggle.

"Why do you help him instead of me?" Emperor Yan's silver eyes stared coldly at Xue Ying. It was suppressing its anger, "I'll do my best to get you everything you want."

"Emperor Yan, it is best to stop struggling anymore." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind sneered, "Since Brother Flying Snow chose not to help you, you should not make things difficult for him either."

Xue Ying stood by the side with a calm look.

And Emperor Yan understood that it was impossible to change the mind of the other party.

"Have you made your decision?" At this moment, Great Emperor Shamanic Wind was feeling incredibly happy. Other than the excitement he had from the fact that he was about to get the treasure he sought, he was also revelling in the feeling of forcing Emperor Yan to lower its head! He had fought with Emperor Yan for far too long, and had been defeated so many times by the other party. Nonetheless, he could finally suppress Emperor Yan today! Forcing Emperor Yan to make a decision! That itself was making Great Emperor Shamanic Wind exuberant.

"Decision?" Emperor Yan folded its scaled wings, wrapping it around its body. Its silver eyes stared at Great Emperor Shamanic Wind.

"If you want to act, that's fine too!" The eyes of Great Emperor Shamanic Wind revealed signs of madness. He placed his hand by the scabbard on his waist, "I do want to see how many elders do you have left alive after this battle, Emperor Yan! I can at least ensure that all the elders that have been captured alive by me will die. And most likely your ranking within the 13 Emperors will droplet after this battle."

Emperor Yan became silent for a while. Only then did it ask: "How much do want?"

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind chuckled. His laughter was exceptionally bright: "Not much. Since I captured 22 elders, I only need 22 droplets!"

"Are you mad?" The expression of Emperor Yan shifted, "22 droplets? Do you know how long it takes for a droplet of 'Streaming Light Spiritual Milk' to condense?"

"I am not mad."

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind said, "Over the long years, Emperor Yan should be able to take out 22 droplets right? If you give them to me, we'll leave. We will also return all the captured elders back to you."

"Nine droplets at most!" Emperor Yan gritted, "At the worst, we'll just fight! We from the Death Destruction Clan can easily teleport on the sky-floating island. You can't chase up to us. By then, you can't even get a single droplet of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk!"

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind became cold: "Then half your elders will have to die! As for the Streaming Light Spiritual Milk, I'll simply destroy the spirit lake producing the spiritual milk as well as some other treasure grounds on this island! I'll simply wreck the whole place apart!"

Emperor Yan became even more frustrated.

"I'll take a step back. 20 droplets! There can not be a single droplet less!" Great Emperor Shamanic Wind deliberately took a step back. In reality, he was giving a way out for the other party without losing any much.

Emperor Yan's expression was ugly. It looked at Xue Ying by the side. It knew that the outcome would be dire if they truly fought. Emperor Yan looked at Xue Ying, murmuring: "Monarch Flying Snow, can you guarantee that you will not help Great Emperor Shamanic Wind anymore in snatching my treasures once I give fork out 20 droplets of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk this time?"

"Be rest assured. There is only the Streaming Light Spiritual Milk on your sky-floating island that I regard highly. I can guarantee that I'll not return here anymore." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind said. At the same time, he transmitted it to Xue Ying.

"Yes, I can guarantee that." Xue Ying nodded.

Emperor Yan nodded slightly.

Monarch Flying Snow and Great Emperor Shamanic Wind had extraordinary reputation. They would not easily go against the words they just said.

"Alright." Emperor Yan glanced at Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, "Shamanic Wind, I can only say that you are lucky for being able to employ the help of Monarch Flying Snow. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to obtain these 20 droplets of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk."

Previously, just for a droplet of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk, Emperor Yan underwent a trade with Great Emperor Shamanic Wind that squeezed almost all treasures of Great Emperor Shamanic Wind dry!

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind could not accept that at all!

One could not blame Emperor Yan for asking such exorbitant price. Amongst the strongest experts in the entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range, the Streaming Light Spiritual Milk was exceptionally miraculous to 'Great Emperor Shamanic Wind's Shamanic Wind Bloodline. It was less attractive to other Great Emperors. Of course, to most Emperors, it was still greatly helpful! The elders of Emperor Yan could earn a droplet of the spiritual milk whenever they contributed greatly.

"Sou sou sou…" Emperor Yan waved its claws, causing many bottles to fly out. A total of 20 bottles could be seen flying over, "Every bottle contains a droplet of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk."

The five elders from the forbidden ground standing behind Emperor Yan were slightly indignant when they saw that.

The five of them had only gotten two droplets since the beginning!

And now, their commander–the leader of the 13 Emperors, 'Emperor Yan', was actually forced to lower its head and hand over 20 droplets of Streaming Light Spiritual Milk. This was an absolute humiliation to them!

"I've finally gotten it." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind waved his hand, causing the 20 bottles to arrive before him. He immediately uncorked them and checked through them. As he examined the items, his eyes were twinkling! He had been looking forward to this for far too long!

"Haha, Emperor Yan, I am truly happy for what I have gotten today. I am not a stingy person either." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind guffawed. He immediately released the captured 22 elders.

"It is time for you to leave now that you have gotten the Streaming Light Spiritual Milk." Emperor Yan looked at him coldly.

"Go go go! It seems Emperor Yan isn't feeling too happy now so it's best that we don't stay here." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind grinned from ear to ear, "Brother Flying Snow, let us set off."


The group of seven was immediately wrapped by a lump of wind which left the place.

Emperor Yan watched silently. The five elders from the forbidden ground and the 22 newly-released elders were silent too.

This time, they had been disgraced!

Of the entire Death Destruction Clan, Emperor Yan's status was second only to the three Great Supremes! Yet he was actually forced to lower his head and hand over the treasures.

"Ancestor Yan, you could simply teleport and leave this place without heeding to their threats. But because of us…"

"If not for Ancestor Yan, we would have been killed by Great Emperor Shamanic Wind."

These elders were saying as a way of expressing their gratitude. At the same time, they were flattering Emperor Yan too.

After all, the reason why they had been loyal to Emperor Yan, and even call him 'Ancestor Yan' was primarily because of the 'bloodline' of Emperor Yan which was helpful to most of them. That was why they were so loyal.

"There is no need to say much. I'm afraid that Shamanic Wind would most likely spread news of this disgraceful event out not too long from now, and the entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range will soon know about it." Emperor Yan coldly said, "But I wasn't defeated in the hands of Shamanic Wind. Instead, I lost in the hands of Monarch Flying Snow!"

Saying that, Emperor Yan teleported away.

The remaining five elders from the forbidden ground and 22 elders exchanged glances. They knew Emperor Yan was not feeling well. Hence, they all obediently left the place.

Nonetheless, they did not have any signs of 'taking revenge'! Because that Monarch Flying Snow was truly frightening! Those who were weaker amongst them would simply fall asleep before the other party! And those that were stronger would become greatly weakened, be trampled on easily before being captured alive.


Shamanic Wind World.

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind returned with great excitement. He even passed a lot of treasures to Xue Ying to express his gratitude and to maintain good relation between them! Because an expert in the Dao of Soul who could greatly cause their strength to diminish, would be someone who could influence the overall outcome of battles.

"This is the Seven Bell Pagoda."

Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, Xue Ying and the eight god generals before the pagoda.

Each pagoda floor of the Seven Bell Pagoda was ordinary. And hanging by the side of the pagoda were seven bells that did not make it seem any special.

"Brother Flying Snow, after you enter, simply control your energy to push one of the bells. The seven bells would ring one after another, and that would guide Brother Flying Snow into a special cultivation state." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind explained, "You can only send an avatar in."

"I know. Many thanks, Great Emperor." Xue Ying could no longer wait.

"Haha, it is I who should thank Brother Flying Snow for your help." Great Emperor Shamanic Wind chuckled.


One could see Xue Ying immediately forming an avatar that walked into the Seven Bell Pagoda. The soul strength of this avatar was even increasing! It kept increasing until it reached a peak perfection state. Nonetheless, at the same time, many other avatars that Xue Ying brought along became weaker in their souls. This was due to the restriction from the unseen laws.

Currently, in Realm Heart Great Land, of the many avatars Xue Ying had, the avatar that was protecting Flying Snow City, the one cultivating underneath the Burning Heart God Tree, and this new avatar that was proceeding into the Seven Bell Pagoda had their souls maintained at the perfect peak.

The other avatars that were fighting outside only had a soul strength that reached 70% at the highest! This was sufficient. Due to the fusion with the core blood of Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother, Xue Ying's soul was exceptionally powerful. Even if it was at 70% of his maximum soul strength, the Mirage and Illusory Realm killing technique could be easily executed. He even had the strength to use other moves.


Within the pagoda.

Xue Ying immediately discovered how special it was after entering. The internal structure seemed incredibly mysterious. Every single square beam was constructed in a diverse manner. Just as he sat down, Xue Ying immediately began relaxing his mind. It seemed as if the restriction of the fleshy body on his soul had reduced.

'Seven Bell Pagoda is also called the 'number one supreme treasure for meditation and cultivation'. Let's see how mysterious it is.' With a thought, Xue Ying controlled the void to push one of the hanging little bells.

"Ding ding dang dang~" A beautiful ringing sound could be heard.


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