Lord Xue Ying
1249 Backstab
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1249 Backstab

Xue Ying did not dare believe him. Currently, the desire Supreme Shi Fa had for the 'Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet' made him completely willing to team up and attack them. Hence, for the sake of his life, Great Emperor North River would definitely make a compromise. Nonetheless, when they were about to leave this Shi Fa Island, Great Emperor North River would most likely backstab him for the sake of theThousand-Eyed Water Droplet.

"Great Emperor North River, what Supreme Shi Fa said is right." Xue Ying transmitted, "I haven't reached the final realm. I am merely curious about the Snake Tooth Corridor, and do not have a strong desire to enter."

When Great Emperor North River heard that, his heart moved.

"But this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is slightly unique. I wish to take some time off comprehending it." Xue Ying continued, "How about this, let me do some research on the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet for a trillion years. After a trillion years, it'll be yours. How about that? If you are willing that I would take this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet and run away, how about this, I can leave this avatar that holds the droplet with you. It'll stay by your side and even in your Eden Treasure. Both of us can even swear an oath over it! I believe you should know how important an oath is to us cultivators!"

"Good good good." Great Emperor North River joyfully answered, "I do not know how I should repay Brother Flying Snow over such a great favor. I owe Brother Flying Snow greatly this time. Once the matter is over, Brother Flying Snow can tell me how you want me to repay you."

"How about we swear an oath now?" Xue Ying asked.

"Definitely. I'll swear an oath with Brother Flying Snow." Great Emperor North River hurried.

Both of them quietly agreed upon the conditions and also swore an oath.

Xue Ying did not have any better ideas.

Trust in 'Supreme Shi Fa'? He did not dare believe a Supreme from the Death Destruction Clan!

Then he could only place his trust in Great Emperor North River!

If he did not give the other party sufficient benefits, Xue Ying felt that given the personality of 'Great Emperor North River', he would immediately become hostile with Xue Ying once they were out of this island.

But he had no choice…

He was weak! He could only resort to this!

"Monarch Flying Snow, you should make your decision properly. Are you planning to trust me or him?" Supreme Shi Fa asked.

"Supreme, I apologize." Xue Ying answered.

"Good. I hope that you do not regret." The expression of Supreme Shi Fa became cold. He knew that the reputation of the three Supremes from the Death Destruction Clan was not stellar. Hence, it was normal for the other party to place his trust in Great Emperor North River.

Supreme Shi Fa turned to Great Emperor North River: "North River, you are really lucky. Do you want me to send you off?"

"There's no need." Great Emperor North River answered, "I do not need much time even if we fly out slowly!"


Great Emperor North River waved his hand and kept Xue Ying. He then began flying out of the island, transforming into a stream of light that shot across the sky-floating island.


Within the Eden Treasure.

Xue Ying's group of avatars were here.

'The Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet.' Xue Ying held onto the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, carefully perceiving it. He was completely engrossed in it. This droplet was a marvel!

The 'Illusory Realm' inherent within the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet was incredibly mysterious. Every single illusory realm structure that he memorized previously from the gold and gray eyes he saw had been fused into it. This droplet seemed to encompass everything without fail.

'The essence of a world is to be all-encompassing.'

'Everything could be encompassed within.'

'The Illusory Realm in this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is not perfect enough. After all, that Chaotic Origin Lifeform this droplet came from has died, causing the mysteriousness of the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet to deteriorate.' Xue Ying thought. But if the lifeform was still alive, how would he have the chance to thoroughly comprehend it?

Just as Xue Ying was in the process of comprehending the droplet.

Suddenly, a figure appeared by his side. It was the incarnation of Great Emperor North River.

"Great Emperor." Xue Ying turned to Great Emperor North River, "Why? Are we out of the sky-floating island already?"

"Very soon." Great Emperor North River nodded with a smile, "This time, I would have to thank Brother Flying Snow for your help. Because of Brother Flying Snow, I was able to collect quite a few Black Leaf Flower dewdrops. Furthermore, Brother Flying Snow even promised to give the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet to me after a trillion years. This favor is something that I do not know how to repay! Even though I could collect and gift one or two pieces of supreme-graded secret treasures to you, their value is still too far off as compared to this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. Hence, I am unable to repay this great favor of yours, and can only etch it in my heart."

'Etch in his heart?' Xue Ying was stunned. Did he not say he was planning to gift supreme-graded secret treasures to Xue Ying as repayment for the favor? Xue Ying immediately felt things were amiss.

"Also, the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is too precious. I honestly am not reassured to let Brother Flying Snow hold it for a trillion years. It is still better for me to keep it in my hands. That way, I would feel more assured." The smile on Great Emperor North River became even more vibrant.

Xue Ying's expression transformed: "North River, you plan to––"

"Right. You aren't that foolish." Great Emperor North River waved his hand. "Hong long long", streams of sword light surged over like waves. Great Emperor North River grinned at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying immediately tried executing his Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique. Nonetheless, as he was still within the sky-floating island, he could not teleport out.

"I am truly blind!" Xue Ying's eyes became cold.


His many avatars were powerless against the river of sword light from Great Emperor North River–they were all extinguished.

And only the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet was left behind.

Great Emperor North River immediately revealed a look of excitement. He extended his hand and grabbed onto that Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. His body was even trembling slightly: "The Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. I finally got it! What a fool. A trillion years? Even though you swore an oath, who knows if something might happen after a trillion years. I feel more assured by keeping it with me."

"Haha, my harvest this time is incredibly huge. I've collected sufficient flower dew and even got the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet."

"This Monarch Flying Snow is truly foolish. He actually believed in my oath? Hahaha…" Great Emperor North River sneered.

When he was weak, he once lived in the Realm Heart Great Land.

The cultivators of Realm Heart Great Land did not know that he was a native from the Broken Tooth Mountain Range. Hence, he relied on 'swearing oaths' to deceive quite a few cultivators!

"What you cultivators care about is something I don't!" Great Emperor North River sneered. Some members of the Natives were learning from the 'cultivators', and cared about cultivating their hearts. These natives were concerned over oaths. But some experts did not care about it! And Great Emperor North River was in this group!


Great Emperor North River acted right when he reached the boundary of the sky-floating island. By relying on the suppression from the sky-floating island, he was able to prevent Xue Ying from executing his Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique.

And at the moment he killed Xue Ying, he exited the sky-floating island.

"North River, you have indeed acted." A figure appeared not too far away. It was Supreme Shi Fa who teleported over.

"Hmph hmph." Great Emperor North River looked at Supreme Shi Fa, "What a pity. I am already out of the sky-floating island. You can't deal against me any longer."

Saying that, he teleported and disappeared from the vicinity.

Supreme Shi Fa watched. He lightly sneered: "What a pitiful Monarch Flying Snow. As I said before, you will definitely regret it! If you were to stand on my side, I might still give you some benefits. Standing on the side of North River would mean your treasures being taken. Ultimately, you are still too weak! You still have to rely on others on combat despite excelling in soul techniques."

"North River, it is expected that you would backstab Monarch Flying Snow."

"But you have become enemies with that Monarch Flying Snow over this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. His personal combat strength might be ordinary, but his threat is incredibly huge." Supreme Shi Fa's eyes were filled with coldness. The Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet which appeared before his eyes had fallen into the hands of Great Emperor North River. Supreme Shi Fa naturally could not let Great Emperor North River enjoy this satisfaction.


"He has indeed turned hostile against me."

"Both of us swore an oath, yet he still chose to backstab me?" Over at the Starlight World, an avatar of Xue Ying currently sat in a courtyard enjoying wine by himself. He revealed a look of fury.

Xue Ying knew that he would be in a dire situation no matter who he chose.

He had promised to give away the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, and only wanted to cultivate for a trillion years with it. Both parties sworn an oath, and in addition, Xue Ying's influence in the entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range meant that the future days of Great Emperor North River would not be good if the other party chose to backstab him! Nonetheless, it still happened in the end.


Xue Ying felt helpless.

He had no choice in this matter–he was too weak! Even if the Great Emperors and Supremes were to be weakened to just 10% of their strength, it was simple for them to pinch Xue Ying to death.

"Brother Flying Snow, you actually found a Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet at Shi Fa Island, yet it was snatched by North River?"

"Monarch Flying Snow, hearsay you helped North River, yet North River backstabbed you and took the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet away? He backstabbed you so emotionlessly despite your help. He mustn't be left alive! Monarch Flying Snow, let me help you. We should kill our way to the North River World and find that Great Emperor North River!"

"Brother Flying Snow! That North River is such a bully! We must not tolerate this behavior!"

Many responses came one after another at that moment.


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