Lord Xue Ying
1256 The Pride of Old Mother Ying Shan
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1256 The Pride of Old Mother Ying Shan

An absolute majority of experts felt that this battle had ended. Only an extreme few hoped for 'a miracle'. They truly desired for Undying Underworld Emperor to die!

As for Emperor Summer, Drifter, and Limitless City Master, the three of them could sense an issue.

"This Void Domain has covered the royal palace already. Drifter is still at the Myriad Realm Ancient Nation and is very far away from my Summer Wind Ancient Nation. It is almost impossible for him to reach my place! Hence, the only person who could extend his Void Domain here is Monarch Flying Snow." Emperor Summer watched from afar, "The place where he fought with Underworld Emperor is incredibly far from my Summer Wind Ancient Nation too, yet his Void Domain could reach my place? Or could it be that he relied on many avatars?"

In reality.

Even if one relied on avatars, the domain region would still be very lacking.

Xue Ying's strongest avatar could only cover twice the region covered by Summer Wind Ancient Nation by relying on his supreme secret impartation. And he could maintain nine peak avatars simultaneously. But the Realm Heart Great Land was too big! There were still many vast oceans, and ancient nations like 'Icy Snow Ancient Nation' which was so frighteningly big.


At a more desolate region by the boundary of Realm Heart Great Land.

"Hong long long~"

At the end of the land was a surging storm. Beyond the storm was the membrane of the Origin World.

"I've already reached the limit of the land." Undying Underworld Emperor stood by the boundary of the storm. He did not care about it at all. Instead, he was slightly nervous, "This should be sufficiently far away from the field which we fought earlier–more than half the entire Realm Heart Great Land! I haven't heard of anyone who could cover such a huge region by relying on his domain."

"There are many boundary zones too. I'd casually chosen this place. Even if it was coincidentally discovered by an avatar of Monarch Flying Snow–the possibility is low–I can simply escape even if I was discovered! As long as I enter a region outside his domain, he would no longer be able to find me."

"Unless he can trace me down."


"Given my realm and my soul control, I can prevent all traces of my aura from leaking. Only Limitless City Master could trace me, but the Dao of Limitless City Master ensures his unwillingness to join in any huge affairs that would tie him down with huge karma." Undying Underworld Emperor nodded.

He felt that the possibility of Monarch Flying Snow finding him was very low.

"Underworld Emperor, where are you prepared to flee to?" A voice sounded.

Undying Underworld Emperor felt his body shaking. He turned around, only to see a white-robed young man holding a spear. That man had crossed through the void and arrived where he was. That man was Monarch Flying Snow, who accompanied him all the way here. Xue Ying did not show any mercy. He struck out with his spear techniques, forcing Undying Underworld Emperor to ignite his Heart Blood to try to defend against it. Underworld Emperor tore apart another passage in a bid to escape once again.

"I was discovered? Unless he had an avatar which was coincidentally located in the region where I arrived at?"


"Stop running anymore!"

Undying Underworld Emperor just appeared by another boundary of the Realm Heart Great Land in a forest when another spear closely struck out on him. The body of Undying Underworld Emperor was torn apart, though his body rapidly condensed back after turning into darkness. He fled again.


Escape, escape, escape!

Undying Underworld Emperor consecutively fled for ten over times, and gradually, he felt his heart turning cold!

Even if Xue Ying's avatars were maintaining their domains, how could it be so coincidental for the position he chose to be right smack within where the Void Domains cover?

"Unless he can trace me? Or is Limitless helping him?" Undying Underworld Emperor stopped. He stood at the boundary of the world above an ocean. Turning around, he saw as Xue Ying came once again. At this moment, the eyes of Undying Underworld Emperor were filled with resolution. As he defended against Xue Ying's killing technique, he was also transmitting over anxiously: "Monarch Flying Snow, you want me to die? Then I shall let many others get buried along with me!"

Xue Ying stopped. He did not continue striking. Instead, he stood there watching Underworld Emperor: "Get buried with you?"

"I really admire you. You can trace me? Or have you persuaded Limitless City Master?" The eyes of Undying Underworld Emperor were filled with madness. His soul was shaking–this shudder came from a madness brimming before his death, "Even though you are stronger than me, I can always bury many other beings alongside my death."

"How long can you survive given your current injuries?" Xue Ying coldly retorted.

"You can give it a try. Aren't you concerned over those ants? Why, either you let me go or I'll let everyone die with me!" Undying Underworld Emperor growled.

Xue Ying examined Undying Underworld Emperor.

This Underworld Emperor was making him feel a strand of terror.

Because he was a madman that had no concerns and burdens! Furthermore, he was strong–only second to him. It was impossible for Xue Ying to hide the Ying Shan Clan and all the people whom he cared for in Flying Snow City. But the moment they left, if Undying Underworld Emperor chose to go against his words, that would be another case of slaughter.

"I feel that if I were to let you live, it'll be a greater threat to the world. Furthermore, I do not believe that you can kill many more cultivators in front of me." Following that, the eyes of Xue Ying became sharp. He struck the spear in his hand out once again.


"Monarch Flying Snow!" Undying Underworld Emperor's mad howl filled the world.


As Undying Underworld Emperor continued escaping with Xue Ying chasing behind, the two of them battled all over the Realm Heart Great Land. The disturbance created by their exchange was huge. The moment they resumed fighting, all experts in Realm Heart Great Land could easily perceive it and continue observing what was happening.

They also saw the conversation between Xue Ying and Undying Underworld Emperor.

Undying Underworld Emperor threatened to 'bury the innocent with him', yet Monarch Flying Snow still continued striking back!


Many experts shouted in approval when they saw Xue Ying's act of continuation.

Inclusive of Emperor Summer, many other experts were sighing over what they saw! They were startled that Xue Ying could still continue his chase after 'Undying Underworld Emperor' regardless of how the other party escaped! They were also sighing over the fact that a giant who trampled above many cultivators, 'Undying Underworld Emperor', would most likely be dying soon.

"Beautiful." Within Southern Cloud Capital, Southern Cloud King who remained quiet all the while, said his first word. He was fixated at the Heaven Observation Mirror.

He was afraid that Xue Ying could not trace down Undying Underworld Emperor when the other party escaped.

But the moment he saw Xue Ying continue his pursue after Underworld Emperor, he felt exuberant.

And when Undying Underworld Emperor threatened to bury the masses with him, Southern Cloud King felt worried that his disciple would soften his stance.

"Finally, am I going to be absolved of my worries? Is this madman going to die soon?" Southern Cloud King watched excitedly.

"Amazing. He is incredibly amazing. I actually have such a junior disciple brother. The strongest expert in Realm Heart Great Land is actually my junior disciple brother." Monarch Greedy Peng sighed.

"He is so powerful that it feels terrifying. And I am actually his senior disciple sister." Empress Ghost Li was also praising from the side.

"Even Undying Underworld Emperor is about to get killed by Xue Ying?" Old Mother Ying Shan felt that this was like a dream.

She could still clearly remember.

In the past, there was a talented brat from Monarch Ying Shan Lie Hu's lineage that was given birth as a Void God. His genius brat rose incredibly quickly. That time, this brat still wanted to get the spearhead of that 'Scarlet Cloud God Spear', and it was she, Old Mother Ying Shan, who bought it for him! After that, when the 'Ardent Fire City Blood Sacrifice' event occured, it was this little prince Ying Shan Xue Ying that erupted with a frightening combat power that shocked the world. Ever since then, his name spread across the Black Devil Four Nations and the Black Devil Great Lake.

A Tenth Level Primal Chaos cultivator then became an Upper Honored Guest of the Fan Clan.

After he became a Cosmos God, he went on an expedition to 'Realm Heart God Palace'. In the end, he was killed by Eternal Night Primogenitor. And that was when he became low-profiled.

This hibernation…

Actually did not last for he acted under the identity as the 'Heaven's Will Daoist' and single handedly intimidated all devils in the world.

"And now, he is about to get Undying Underworld Emperor killed." Old Mother Ying Shan mumbled to herself, "Such an absolute expert actually originated from my Ying Shan Clan."

At this moment, Old Mother Ying Shan was filled with happiness and pride.


At the moment when Undying Underworld Emperor was constantly being pursued without being able to get rid of Xue Ying, and the fact that Xue Ying disregarded his threat, the experts in Realm Heart Great Land determined that Undying Underworld Emperor would be dying soon. Many were even cheering in joy!


Xue Ying felt distressed. Because he had to pay a corresponding price in his bid to kill Undying Underworld Emperor!

"Die, everyone, just die!" Whenever Undying Underworld Emperor fled to a huge city, he would take the initiative to attack the city below.


A turbulent Void Ocean rippled and tried to resist against the attack by Undying Underworld Emperor. Xue Ying then charged over. Even though he specialized in domain suppression and was doing his utmost and fastest speed to reach the Underworld Emperor, many living beings were still killed! Many living beings did not even have the time to react before they were wiped out from the world! This infuriated Xue Ying. No matter the price, he would have to eliminate this devil!

"It seems that he can no longer hold on for long." Xue Ying could ascertain that the injuries of Undying Underworld Emperor were getting serious. The other party should only be left with just 20% of his life force.

"I can no longer hold on any further!"

Undying Underworld Emperor was clearer about his own situation than Xue Ying.

Because every time they battled, he would have to ignite his Heart Blood. And after igniting his Heart Blood, he would only have 30% to 40% of Xue Ying's strength! If he did not ignite his Heart Blood, he would most likely be 10% to 20% of Xue Ying's strength, and he would die even faster.

"My Heart Blood is running out."

Currently, there were just three pitiful drops of blood left in his Metallic Flame Heart Blood.

Undying Underworld Emperor was in despair.


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