Lord Xue Ying
1260 Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm Second Killing Technique
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1260 Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm Second Killing Technique

"I do like such a world too." Xue Ying stood at the peak of the mountain looking at this vast world. At the same time, a smile appeared on his face.

He once had a goal to alter an entire world, ensuring that devils could no longer act as they wished. He felt that this was a lofty goal and many others did not find his ambition doable. At that time, the experts in Realm Heart Great Land were already used to this order. They were used to 'final realm experts' being free and unfettered, and nobody could threaten them.

Nonetheless, everything changed!

"But do you see the inherent danger?" Emperor Summer said.

"The inherent danger?" Xue Ying was stunned.

"Population." Emperor Summer explained, "Even though the speed of reproduction for cultivators is slow–most are only safe when they live within the cities, and the space within cities is limited, 200 billion years has ultimately gone by. Currently, there are more and more cities constructed, and the number of cultivators is also increasing constantly. The burden this has on the Realm Heart Great Land would also become heavier. According to my understanding, the Realm Heart Great Land is different from other Origin Worlds. Other Origin Worlds would enter a Great Apocalypse, causing the entire world to start from ground zero. But the Realm Heart Great Land is created by 'Yuan'. It is eternal. It will not enter any Great Apocalypse, so its population will only increase until a point where the Realm Heart Great Land could no longer withstand it."

Xue Ying nodded slightly: "That's true too."

"Even though this increase of population in the past 200 billion years is still within limits of what the Realm Heart Great Land could withstand, if this continues on, there'll be a day that the Realm Heart Great Land suffers from grave consequences." Emperor Summer said, "Or perhaps 'Yuan' might impose a new law. Regardless, he'll definitely suppress the population living in Realm Heart Great Land."

"Haha, the law that Yuan sets wouldn't include slaughtering the cultivators mindlessly." Xue Ying replied. For instance, the Realm Heart God Palace that was left behind was prepared for final realm cultivators–like the supreme-graded secret treasures for instance. Clearly, 'Yuan' still left behind many opportunities for the weaker cultivators.

Emperor Summer nodded too.

The two of them no longer spoke any further. Because they would not know what 'Yuan' might do.

He could be slightly benevolent, for instance altering the law and increasing the difficulty of cultivators reproducing! This would naturally limit the expansion of population.

He could possibly be cruel–with the strong feasting on the weak…

Everything was possible.

"Let's go."

The two of them disappeared from the vicinity.


In the Fan Clan Magic Mountain.

"Teacher, I've read through the scriptures within the clan, finding out that our Fan Clan owns the 'Burning Heart God Tree' which is tremendously helpful to cultivators cultivating the Dao of Sou. Currently, I am just one step away from breaking through to the Cosmos God Realm. Is it possible for me to cultivate under the Burning Heart God Tree?" A young man asked another black-robed old man.

"The Burning Heart God Tree?" The black-robed old man stared back, "My Fan Clan is currently basking in the light of that Monarch Flying Snow. He has left a lot of treasures and opportunities for us. How about this, I'll send you to the 'Fantasy Devil Palace' instead. As for the Burning Heart God Tree, it is best for you not to think about that."

The young man questioned back: "Why not? I've read through the scriptures, and they stated that our Ancestor has created the after cultivating under the Burning Heart God Tree. Furthermore, he rarely cultivates under the Burning Heart God Tree too. It should be possible for disciples in the clan to exchange for a chance to cultivate there. However, it seems that I can't find this item on the scroll of exchange."

"It is right that you can't find it!" The black-robed old man transmitted back, "Currently, that Monarch Flying Snow is still cultivating under the Burning Heart God Tree!"

"Monarch Flying Snow?" The young man widened his eyes.

Monarch Flying Snow.

Currently, his influence in the Realm Heart Great Land was too big. He was publicly recognized as the strongest expert in Realm Heart Great Land! That was someone who could kill the previous strongest expert in Realm Heart Great Land, 'Undying Underworld Emperor', stunning many other unparalleled existences and ordinary final realm cultivators. Many other cultivators even worshipped this 'Monarch Flying Snow'.

It was due to a good relationship the Summer Wind Ancient Nation had with Monarch Flying Snow, that was why they were given quite a lot of benefits. Currently, their reputation was stronger by an entire level as compared to the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation.

"Now you know why? I'll send you to the Fantasy Devil Palace. It is best for you to stop thinking about the Burning Heart God Tree temporarily. Wait until that Monarch Flying Snow leaves. By then, you will have your chance." The black-robed old man advised him.

"Teacher, did you just say that Monarch Flying Snow is cultivating in our Fan Clan Magic Mountain? I, I, I have been living here for so long yet I do not know about that!" The young man was incredibly excited, "Teacher, can I visit him?"

When he was young, he had grown up hearing stories of this Monarch Flying Snow.

"Visit him? Monarch Flying Snow is still cultivating, how can you disturb him?" The black-robed old man snorted, "The Old Ancestor has already given the orders not to disturb him."

"Oh." The young man felt crestfallen when he heard that.

"Teacher, could you tell me which direction is the Burning Heart God Tree in?" The young man asked.

The black-robed old man shook his head with a smile. He pointed out to a direction: "Over there."

That young man looked in that direction. His eyes were filled with excitement and expectations.

In that direction…

Right on the Fan Clan Magic Mountain, the number one expert in Realm Heart Great Land, 'Monarch Flying Snow', was cultivating there!


In reality, many Cosmos Gods knew that 'Monarch Flying Snow' was closer with the Summer Wind Ancient Nation.

For instance, 'Monarch Flying Snow' would frequently discuss the Dao with Emperor Summer. Both of them would frequently drink and appear at a particular location in Realm Heart Great Land sparring! The two of them were both final realm experts in the 'Dao of Void'. Both of them had gotten a supreme secret impartation too! Hence, it would be greatly helpful for the two to fight with one another.

And the relationship between 'Monarch Flying Snow' and 'Ancestor Fan' was also spread.

Ancestor Fan deliberately released this news. He wanted to let all Cosmos Gods in the world know that Monarch Flying Snow had an avatar cultivating for long periods in the Fan Clan Magic Mountain! This brought envy and jealousy to many other Cosmos Gods because they desired to interact with this Monarch Flying Snow. Other than being powerful, 'Monarch Flying Snow's influence in the Broken Tooth Mountain Range was huge too! And he had many treasures and opportunities.

Did they not see that Emperor Summer, Ancestor Fan, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, and Emperor Cang were thus benefited from this relationship?

Did they not see that Southern Cloud King could walk unhindered all over the world?

Did they not see that Old Mother Ying Shan had broken through to the Cosmos God Realm?


Under the Burning Heart God Tree, the white-robed Xue Ying sat cross-legged. The violet leaves fell with the wind. As Xue Ying opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with a strand of regret.

"I have yet to succeed." Xue Ying muttered to himself, "It's too bad that I merely got a fleeting moment to examine that Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. If I could have more time thoroughly comprehending it, I might be able to create the third killing technique of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm now."

Over the long years…

Xue Ying had already swept through all the mysterious eyes on the sky-floating islands within Broken Tooth Mountain Range. He had also memorized the illusory realm structures within those mysterious eyes. At that time, he created the first killing technique using the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm according to the structure of the gray eyes–the Resplendent Illusory Realm! And after examining all the structures of the golden eyes, approximately 80 billion years since he killed Undying Underworld Emperor, Xue Ying created the second killing technique using the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm–the Slaughter Illusory Realm!

"It is as I expected, these two great killing techniques can't be used on a single enemy at the same time." Xue Ying shook his head.

The Resplendent Illusory Realm was used to entice the enemy and bewilder him.

The Slaughter Illusory Realm was instead used to wipe out the soul of the enemy. If it could not kill the enemy, it would injure the enemy instead!

Both were entirely different illusory realms.

And the soul of the enemy could only enter one illusory realm at a single time.

"Unless my illusory realm encompasses both the 'Resplendent' and 'Slaughter' at the same time. But that is too difficult." Xue Ying really wished to have another look at the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet because the internal structure of the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet was a vast thousand-eyed world.

"Great Emperor North River!"

When Xue Ying thought about this, he felt slightly unwilling.

If only he had the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, he might be able to create the third killing technique. The third killing technique was a perfect fusion of the first two great killing techniques. Naturally, it would be qualitatively different. Perhaps Xue Ying might be able to reach the 'final realm' in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm by relying on it! But it was just a pipe dream since reaching the final realm was not that easy. Xue Ying had to experience many more obstacles before achieving it. But if he could create that killing technique, his understanding of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm might reach a deeper level.

Nonetheless, everything was broken apart.

'This Great Emperor North River seems to enter the Snake Tooth Corridor without planning to return.' Xue Ying thought, 'Is he afraid of me taking revenge on him? So he plans on staying inside forever? But he has to come out once the energy in the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is consumed. Otherwise, he would stay within for eternity.'

Even if the other party came out, it would be because the energy within the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet had been consumed, causing it to dissipate!

"The Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet." Over these years, Xue Ying had visited many other sky-floating islands, yet he had never once encountered any Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet or Snake-Tooth Bead! It was very difficult to acquire any of these two great supreme treasures according to history. Usually, only the five Great Supremes had a chance of getting them. For instance, the 'Black Leaf Lake' previously created a suppression on the soul without any other ambient dangers. It was fortunate that Xue Ying could acquire a Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet. Ever since then, he had never seen another one.

"Seems like I am fated not to get another Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet? Whatever. Even if I do not have the droplet, I could still create the third killing technique. Perhaps, my understanding and accumulation in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm might reach a deeper level." Xue Ying was consoling himself. He then calmed his heart down before continuing with his cultivation while attempting to fuse the two great killing techniques of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm again.


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