Lord Xue Ying
1280 Mountaintop Battle Platform
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1280 Mountaintop Battle Platform

Not only did Xue Ying recognize Bat Mountain Master, he also recognized the other expert seated opposite of Bat Mountain Master, 'God Monarch Jian Yin'. Bat Mountain Master was one of the few Cultivation Tutors in High Mountain Imperial Wind Clan. Both his status and Bat Mountain Master's are very unique. Because both of them are publicly acknowledged as one of the ten strongest existences across the entire High Mountain City!

One had to know that even though it was tough to reach the peak stage God Monarch realm, there were still more than 20 of such experts in High Mountain City! Nonetheless, there were only a few who could be ranked in the top––the City Master, the Young Master 'Imperial Wind Lei', Housekeeper Tong, Xing Pavilion Master, God Monarch Jian Yin, and Bat Mountain Master. The other God Monarchs were relatively similar in strength. It was hard to determine the true top ten unless a true life and death battle happened.

Publicly acknowledgment represented these six who were clearly stronger than the others!


"God Monarch Flying Snow is out!"

"He actually came out so soon? I thought he would stay within the Scripture Library for at least one or two years."

Scattered across the place, quite a few people brightened up when they saw Xue Ying come out. This included Bat Mountain Master and God Monarch Jian Yin.

The natives of the Divine Realm were born with an eternal life. To them, 'three to five years' were incredibly short! It was normal for the length of perusing a scripture within the Scripture Library to last one or two years.

"Hahaha…" The laughter of Bat Mountain Master was ear-piercing, echoing in the surroundings.

"What is so funny, Bat Mountain Master?" Xue Ying asked, cutting off the laughter by Bat Mountain Master.

Only then did Bat Mountain Master stand. He grinned at Xue Ying: "I've heard that another Ascendant has come to our High Mountain City once again. Today after meeting God Monarch Flying Snow, you are indeed extraordinary."

"He is very extraordinary." The white-robed middle-aged male chuckled by his side, "How could any ordinary expert eliminate three of your chaps so easily?"

The expression of Bat Mountain Master became slightly rigid.

Xue Ying turned to the other middle-aged male: "God Monarch Jian Yin?"

"God Monarch Flying Snow actually recognized me?" The white-robed middle-aged male gave a strange laughter, "It seems God Monarch Flying Snow has a pretty good source of information."

"How could I not know of the famous God Monarch Jian Yin?" Xue Ying laughed.

"God Monarch Flying Snow." The ugly triangular-headed old man 'Bat Mountain Master' said with a hoarse voice, "Three of my subordinates have gone over previously to ask for your advice. I wonder if they are still alive?"

At this moment, the entire place became silent.

The others did not dare to intervene. Even God Monarch Jian Yin was watching by the side.

"They came to kill me, and I am here standing all well and alive. Do you think they are alive?" Xue Ying looked at Bat Mountain Master.

Bat Mountain Master frowned slightly. He replied with a hoarse voice: "Oh, then I do want to see how strong God Monarch Flying Snow is. What do you think about sparring?"


Xue Ying nodded.

Many observers revealed looks of excitement. They naturally looked forward to a battle between two great experts. Didn't they all rush over to see this spectacle? One was publicly acknowledged as ranking in the top ten within High Mountain City, while the other was an Ascendant whose strength was mysterious yet could kill three God Monarchs easily.

'It seems this Bat Mountain Master is incredibly wary.' Xue Ying thought, 'Previously, he did not dare to deal against me after I killed his subordinates. Instead, he came over to the Imperial Wind Clan to ask if I wanted to spar with him.'

The other three God Monarchs assassinated him, and were hence killed by him.

If Bat Mountain Master acted in the past! And Xue Ying retaliated, it would be normal for one party to fall.

But doing it within the Imperial Wind Clan ensured no deaths. Even 'sparring' was done on a specially-arranged battle platform. By sparring, they were only competing to see who was stronger, and reaping the life of the other party was forbidden.

'This Bat Mountain Master should be skeptical about his strength. That was why he chose to arrange a spar with me within the Imperial Wind Clan. If the verdict after the battle is that he is confident of killing me, he would most likely do so in the dark after I left the Imperial Wind Clan?' Xue Ying sneered. He did not place this Bat Mountain Master in his eyes. He came to this world primarily for cultivation.

By cultivating in different civilizations, he would also be tempering himself and gaining new experiences so as to grasp the Eternal Dao, jump out of the cage and become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform!


The entire Imperial Wind Clan started moving.

"Hurry up! Bat Mountain Master is about to begin fighting with God Monarch Flying Snow over at the battle platform on Lighting Mountain Peak."

"Let's hurry over!"

"Bat Mountain Master has suffered from a huge loss previously. He is finally moving after all these while."

Many disciples of Imperial Wind Clan immediately rushed over to the 'Lightning Mountain Peak Battle Platform' meant for sparring by the Imperial Wind Clan.

And at this moment, at a certain garden of the Imperial Wind Clan.

A young man with white tender skin walked side by side with a girl in emerald gown. That girl in emerald gown was none other than 'Imperial Wind Qing Yin'.

"Little Sister." The young man muttered, "Are you still angry?"

"Haven't I said before that I'll hear everything that Father, Big Brother and Second Brother said?" Imperial Wind Qing Yin answered.

The young man softly nodded: "It is indeed the incapability of our Imperial Wind Clan that we are forced to marry you with that Ninth Prince from the Eastern Wood City."

"Let's not talk about this anymore. I do not blame Father. Neither do I blame Big Brother or Second Brother." Imperial Wind Qing Yin turned to her second brother, "Actually, watching the internal struggle within High Mountain City and after venturing into the Great Wilderness, I know that the strong feasts on the weak. Currently, we are weak when faced with that Devil Heart Cult Master. Let's not talk about these, Second Brother, when are you leaving for Eastern Wood City?"

"I am still preparing." Imperial Wind Jin said, "I have to get ready many gifts and think of ways to ensure that this matter will go smoothly. Ai, even though we have agreed to let you, little sister, get married to that Ninth Prince, whether Eastern Wood City will agree is another matter."

Imperial Wind Qing Yin nodded softly. She smiled: "That's right. It is another matter if they agree or not."

Even if she took the initiative of wanting to get married to the other party, the other party might not accept!

"Mn?" Imperial Wind Jin suddenly revealed a look of astonishment. He said, "Little Sister, I just got the news that the Ascendant you saved, God Monarch Flying Snow, is heading to the Lightning Mountain Peak Battle Platform with Bat Mountain Master. Apparently, they are about to spar."

"Oh? God Monarch Flying Snow? Bat Mountain Master?" A strand of curiosity appeared on Imperial Wind Qing Yin.

"Go go go, let us go and have a look." Imperial Wind Jin said.

Getting married to the remote Eastern Wood City was a matter he had to inform Imperial Wind Qing Yin and get her willingness to participate.

Imperial Wind Qing Yin might seem to comply with them, but these few days, her mood was clearly gloomy! Imperial Wind Jin wanted to bring his little sister over to watch the 'spar between God Monarch Flying Snow and Bat Mountain Master' so as to drive away her moodiness.


Lightning Mountain was located at the north-west corner of the Imperial Wind Clan territory.

There was a battle platform situated on the peak of Lightning Mountain. This platform was used specially for sparring.

When Imperial Wind Jin brought his little sister 'Imperial Wind Qing Yin' over to the Lightning Mountain Peak, there was already a great number of spectators gathered––more than 10,000 in number. Fortunately, they were within the Imperial Wind Clan and not anyone is qualified to enter their grounds! If this was a public battle in the city, the number of spectators would most likely be at least 10,000 more!

"Third Sister."

After Imperial Wind Jin and Imperial Wind Qing Yin arrived, they heard a familiar voice. Glancing over, they saw a huge and muscular Imperial Wind Lei seated not too far away.

"Big Brother."

"Big Brother." The two of them rushed over.

"Have a seat." Imperial Wind Lei loved his little sister dearly. He felt slightly guilty in his heart. Being a proud person, he was forced to rely on his little sister to get his entire clan out of their current predicament. He felt humiliated because of this.

"Who would have thought that so many people have come to watch the spar. This spar was actually agreed spontaneously, and quite a few experts within High Mountain City are still in closed-door cultivation and haven't heard of this news." Imperial Wind Jin swept across lamenting about it, "Even so, there are so many people here already."

Imperial Wind Qing Yin looked distantly at that battle platform.

There were currently two figures facing each other on the platform.

'I wonder how strong is this God Monarch Flying Snow.' Bat Mountain Master squinted at Xue Ying, scheming in his heart, 'If his strength is terrifyingly strength, at least I would only lose my reputation if I lost the battle here. I wouldn't lose my life! But if he is much weaker than me, hmph hmph hmph! He will get a taste of what he did to my subordinates in a few days."

Bat Mountain Master was a cunning person. He was also incredibly careful.

"God Monarch Flying Snow, defeat Bat Mountain Master!" A clear distinct voice was heard.

Xue Ying looked over with astonishment. He saw Imperial Wind Qing Yin currently shouting out from afar. At the same time, she was also smiling, seemingly looking forward to the battle.

"Third Lady seems to be looking forward to the battle?" Xue Ying laughed. How would he know that Imperial Wind Qing Yin was shouting out just so to vent the oppression in her heart.


Bat Mountain Master frowned when he heard this shout. He merely endured once he noticed the words shouted by Third Lady.

"God Monarch Flying Snow, it seems Third Lady regards you quite favorably? I do want to see how strong you are." Bat Mountain Master's hoarse voice sounded. Even as his voice was still reverberating in the arena, he had executed his move silently.


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