Lord Xue Ying
1291 Oriole behind the Mantis
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1291 Oriole behind the Mantis

"I don't think there is a need for me to introduce this corpse belonging to a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Ladies and gentlemen, you can have a look at it. And now, let the auction begin! The starting bid is set at 12,000 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades with every minimum bid increment fixed at one Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade." The silver-robed old man, God Emperor Yan, announced. The total value of all other treasures added up could barely reach the value of this single corpse. This starting bid had also startled many experts present.

Xue Ying sighed when he heard that too.

12,000 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades?

According to his understanding, most 'middle stage God Emperors' could not afford so many Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades at all. One had to be a 'late stage God Emperor' before they could! And most late stage God Emperors could usually be ranked in the top 100 within the 'God Emperor Ranking List'!

"13,000 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades." A sweet-sounding voice was heard. Many experts present including Xue Ying felt their bodies turning weak. This slightly changed the expression of Xue Ying as the other party merely spoke. If she were to execute a real technique, Xue Ying felt that he might not be able to withstand it.

"13,500 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades." Another voice from an old man was heard.

The competition over this corpse of a Chaotic Origin Lifeform was primarily held between three experts. All of them had an extraordinary background.

The eventual price ended at '19,800 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades'. This price startled many experts. But still, an innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform was unique. If one missed out on this opportunity to acquire it, he would no longer be able to find another. It was normal for the final selling price to be sky-high too.

'It's just that this innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse is useless to me.' Xue Ying thought. This low-grade Chaotic Origin Lifeform contained the energy of fire and water. Almost the entirety of its body was manifested from the laws and profound mysteries of water and fire at the Chaotic Origin level. To him who cultivated the Dao of Void and Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm, the corpse was naturally not useful.


After the auction ended, Xue Ying continued staying in this Heaven's Will Pavilion.

'Ever since the auction ended, God Emperor Bu Ya has remained in closed-door cultivation within the Heaven's Will Pavilion.' Xue Ying was eating the specialties and wine at a pub along the street in River Origin City. By relying on his tracing technique, he naturally was able to find out that God Emperor Bu Ya was the one who bought the scriptures, 'This God Emperor Bu Ya doesn't seem to have a stellar reputation. According to the intelligence, he had assassinated two other God Emperors.'

God Emperor Bu Ya was an early stage God Emperor.

It was natural that the other God Emperors he assassinated were also at the same level––early stage God Emperor. In reality, across the entire Divine Realm, 'early stage God Emperors' occupied 99% of all existing God Emperors. Like the ruler of High Mountain City for instance, 'Imperial Wind High Mountain' was also an early stage God Emperor. Reaching this stage, every single progression was hard.

Of course, 'assassinating another emperor to snatch his treasure' was the fastest way of earning.

If one were to painstakingly hunt for Desolate Beasts within the Great Wilderness, firstly, without the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique, it would usually be hard to hunt down huge number of peak stage God Monarch Desolate Beasts since only one existed over a huge region. And moving from one region to another took an incredibly long amount of time. Secondly, peak stage God Monarch Desolate Beasts excelled in survival. Even early stage God Emperors had a hard time killing them. They could not sweep across every beast like Xue Ying who relied on his 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm'.

Hence, one had to spend a long time trying to hunt down desolate beasts.

As for assassinating other God Emperors?

Killing one would allow the assassin to reap a huge harvest! It would mean reaping almost the entire life savings of the targeted God Emperor!

There were quite a few experts in the Divine Realm who loved doing such things. After all, experts had to compete for resources on their journey, and this was a dangerous, albeit the fastest way of doing so.

'By forking a sufficient price, the Heaven's Will Pavilion can ensure the safety of its inhabitants for 10,000 years.' Xue Ying thought, 'And once 10,000 years elapses, the Heaven's Will Pavilion will no longer protect the inhabitant.'

It was normal.

The Heaven's Will Pavilion was scattered across almost all cities in the Divine Realm. Each pavilion was not that strong in each city. Instead, they relied on the clan behind their back, one of the three great royal clans, the 'Heaven's Will Clan'. No experts dared to challenge the rules set by the three great royal clans. But Heaven's Will Clan could not go overboard either. It was fine for them to protect an inhabitant for 10,000 years. If they were to 'protect someone for eternity', it might incite the wrath of certain powerful God Emperors!

And once this happened, even if the three great royal clans were powerful, if the Chaotic Origin Ancestral God did not come personally, they could not deal against some terrifying God Emperors either.

Hence, this short period of 10,000 years was something most experts were willing to respect the Heaven's Will Pavilion for.


In the blink of an eye, it had been 8,000 years or so since the auction.

At night.


God Emperor Bu Ya was wearing his black robe. He silently left the Heaven's Will Pavilion, traveling across the shadowed corners of the streets stealthily.

'Hmph, this God Emperor Bu Ya has finally left the Heaven's Will Pavilion. I thought he would still hide in it until the 10,000 years period is up.' Not too far away from the Heaven's Will Pavilion, two figures appeared in midair. Even though they could not see God Emperor Bu Ya who had concealed his tracks as he escaped, they could still sense his presence.

"We have left behind a soul curse on his body! No matter where he escaped to, he can't flee from our pursuit. For killing second brother, this vengeance is something we have to take his life for." A cold muscular male gritted his teeth. By his side was a cold young man: "We must avenge for second brother! Continue chasing after him!"


These two figures went along the direction pointed out by the soul curse.

At the same time, a figure also flew out from the Heaven's Will Pavilion. It was none other than Xue Ying.

'The ones closely following behind God Emperor Bu Ya should be the Tyrant Blood Brothers right?' Xue Ying thought. The three Tyrant Blood Brothers were life and death friends. They were willing to live and die for one another. Ever since their Second Brother had been assassinated by 'God Emperor Bu Ya' with his treasures taken away, the remaining two Tyrant Blood Brothers had constantly been chasing after God Emperor Bu Ya, forcing God Emperor Bu Ya into a predicament.

Xue Ying chuckled. He went after them as well.

Just a moment after Xue Ying left.

'Mn? Where is he?'

A figure condensed from wind looked at the direction where Tyrant Blood Brothers and Xue Ying went, 'Hearing from Bu Ya, other than the Tyrant Blood Brothers, there is another God Emperor behind God Monarch Azure Cloud who is targeting him. I have been watching in the dark for a very long time. That God Monarch Azure Cloud has appeared. But where is the God Emperor behind his back?'

This blurred figure condensed from wind felt puzzled. He could not believe that a God Monarch actually dared to chase after a God Emperor! Even if he was an Ascendant God Monarch, a peak stage God Monarch could only fight against ordinary native early stage God Emperors, and not the notorious 'God Emperor Bu Ya'!

But reality was as such!

'There should not be anything which could escape my senses. There are indeed no God Emperors by the side of God Monarch Azure Cloud. A God Emperor should not be hiding in the Eden Treasure of a God Monarch right?' The blurred figure mumbled to himself. God Emperors were indeed proud existences. They usually felt disdain for God Monarchs.

The gap from God General to God Monarch was huge.

Similarly, the gap from God Monarch to God Emperor was immense too!

"It is really hard to deal with the Tyrant Blood Brothers! Hurry up and support me." Following that, he received a voice transmission via his communication treasure. The blurred figure sneered. He immediately replied: "Bu Ya, rest assured. I'll come right now!"


His figure dissipated and turned back into the wind. He silently went in the same direction as the others.


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