Lord Xue Ying
1292 The Benefits of Killing The Other Party
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1292 The Benefits of Killing The Other Party

In the midst of the night sky, Xue Ying silently proceeded forward through the void.


Suddenly, a terrifying disturbance exploded not too far ahead of him.

'They have begun.' Xue Ying silently appeared on top of a huge tree. He stood there watching at a meandering river not too far away. That meandering river had a width of 400 kilometers and cut across the entire River Origin City. There was currently someone standing on top of this river. At this moment, 'God Emperor Bu Ya's black robe had disappeared, revealing his scaly body. He was slightly hunch-backed, and his amber eyes were filled with viciousness. His sharp claws were even holding onto a lance.

Nonetheless, the most strangest part about God Emperor Bu Ya was a layer of black light covering his scale.

"Bu Ya, die!" With a flash of gold light, a huge hammer came crashing down. It was carried by a muscular male who currently was emitting gold light. That male had an aura which suppressed the world.

In view of this, God Emperor Bu Ya merely raised his lance and defended against the hammer smash. He was forced to fly backwards several kilometers away, causing a huge wave to form in the river.

"This Bu Ya seems to have become stronger." The muscular male who was bathed in gold light paled when he saw that. He was also the leader of the three Tyrant Blood Brothers. He cultivated out a tyrannical strength. In the past when he pursued after God Emperor Bu Ya, God Emperor Bu Ya did not dare to meet his attack head-on. Nonetheless, the other party was able to do so this time! And God Emperor Bu Ya had only retreated a few kilometers back! He was not injured at all.


A strange green light pierced onto the body of the retreating God Emperor Bu Ya, yet it was completely blocked by the black light covering the surface of God Emperor Bu Ya's body. And it was at this moment that the green light revealed what it was––a cold young man carrying a dagger on each of his hands.

This cold young man was absolutely aghast when he saw the outcome of his sneak attack: "I can't pierce through his defenses?"

"Hahaha, I am currently the controller of the Black Gold Pearl. I have even grasped the 'Black Gold Undying Body' by relying on it. It is impossible for the two of you to kill me. Haha." God Emperor Bu Ya guffawed. In the past, his scales were well-known for its defenses. But the Tyrant Blood Brothers were overwhelmingly powerful. The eldest of the three brothers wielded a tyrannical strength that could cause God Emperor Bu Ya to spurt out blood with every strike. And at the same time, the Third Brother would try to reap his life away with sneak attacks.

Ever since he perfected his cultivation technique, purchasing the 'Black Gold Pearl' and those three scriptures during the auction, he had finally relied on the energy of the Black Gold Pearl to reach a whole new level in his defenses. He called it the 'Black Gold Undying Body'.

"Impossible for us to kill you?"

"You have to die today!"

The Tyrant Blood Brothers were mad. They began using all trump card techniques they had.

"Hong hong hong~"

One party was tyrannical and the other unpredictable. The two of them coordinated perfectly well together, forcing God Emperor Bu Ya into a corner. Nonetheless, the 'black light' covering the body of God Emperor Bu Ya was simply too tough. Even if the two brothers could pierce through the black cover, the remaining force could not threaten the life of God Emperor Bu Ya at all.

"Third Brother, be careful!" The expression of that muscular male covered in gold light changed.

The cold young man wanted to send another attack out originally when his expression changed. Wind began blowing by the void, condensing into a blurred figure who charged at the cold young man.


In the blink of an eye, that blurred figure sent out more than 10,000 strikes. With so many wind blades coming at the same time, that cold young man could only rely on his two daggers to resist, causing a performance of green light to emerge.


All of a sudden, a blood light appeared from amidst the dense number of incoming wind blades.

"Ah!" The cold young man let out an agonizing shout.

"Third Brother." The muscular male knew that things were far from good. At least he had reached his Third Brother on time. He did his best, smashing down his hammer on that blurred figure along with the dramatic rise of wind blades.

That blurred figure immediately retreated. He did not dare take this hit directly. The eldest of the three Tyrant Blood Brothers was famous amongst all early stage God Emperors. There were not many who dared to take his strike directly, at least for him.

"Third Brother, Third Brother." The muscular male grabbed hold of his brother. The cold young man was currently trembling. His body emitted a blood-colored fog. That young man gritted his teeth and said in a shaky voice: "I wouldn't have thought that Bu Ya actually gave his 'Blood Shadow Venom Needle' to another person."

The Blood Shadow Venom Needle was refined by one of the top 20 experts in the whole Divine Realm, 'Blood Shadow Religion Master'. This 'Blood Shadow Venom' that was imbued on the needle could only be used once. The moment the needle was pierced through the body of the enemy, it would be consumed. But precisely because it was a one-time use item that made the power of this Blood Shadow Venom Needle incredibly huge! Blood Shadow Religion Master would usually bestow upon his subordinates with three to five Blood Shadow Venom Needles each.

And that God Emperor Bu Ya actually acquired several Blood Shadow Venom Needles fortuitously!

"Second Brother has been struck by the same venomous needle, causing his strength to suffer a decrease. Consequently, he was killed." The cold young man gritted out, "Who would have thought that I am similarly in the same situation."

"Wind Tiger, you dare to help God Emperor Bu Ya in dealing against us?" The muscular male roared out furiously.

That blurred figure revealed his true appearance. It was a thin male that looked just like a bag of bones. He chuckled: "Brother Bu Ya has given me a great deal of benefits. Naturally, I have to help him out. You brothers can't blame me for doing this."

"Good, good."

The muscular male swept his gaze over God Emperor Bu Ya who was currently covered in black light, "God Emperor Bu Ya, you actually passed the Blood Shadow Venom Needle to God Emperor Wind Tiger. Aren't you worried that God Emperor Wind Tiger might backstab you?"

God Emperor Bu Ya sneered.

Given his careful personality, why would he dare to pass such a terrifying assassination item like the 'Blood Shadow Venom Needle' to God Emperor Wind Tiger without being confident of surviving against it?

Even though the Blood Shadow Venom Needle was formidable, it had to pierce into the body of the target before any effects could be utilized! And now, he, God Emperor Bu Ya, had grasped the 'Black Gold Undying Body'. He was confident that God Emperor Wind Tiger could not pierce into his body. Since the other party could not injure him, why would he be afraid?

"Count yourself lucky this time, Bu Ya." The muscular male felt unwilling, yet he still kept his brother into his Eden Treasure without hesitation.


He turned into a stream of light before leaving the battlefield.

As for God Emperor Wind Tiger and God Emperor Bu Ya, they did not chase. They were clear how difficult it was to deal with the eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers––given his tyrannical strength! His body was so strong that it was not weaker than a middle stage God Emperor! This was also the reason why God Emperor Wind Tiger dealt with the Third Brother and not the eldest.

"These Tyrant Blood Brothers have finally left. I always felt uneasy after being pursued by them all the way." God Emperor Bu Ya heaved a sigh of relief.

"Brother Bu Ya, the Third Brother of the Tyrant Blood Brothers have been inflicted with the poison from the Blood Shadow Venom Needle. He must be thinking of ways to eliminate the poison. But it isn't such an easy task in curing the Blood Shadow Venom. Hence, it is likely that he wouldn't be coming to deal with you for a period of time. He might even fail to get rid of the Blood Shadow Venom, causing the death of the Third Brother in the end." God Emperor Wind Tiger laughed.

"Mn." God Emperor Bu Ya nodded.

He looked forward to that too.

But he understood that the Tyrant Blood Brothers would definitely ask other experts for help. Even though they would have to pay a price for doing so, it was still an achievable goal to get rid of the venom.

"Now that the Tyrant Blood Brothers are gone, I am left with a little bug." God Emperor Bu Ya swept his gaze across, "Come out, God Monarch Azure Cloud!"

"Come out!"

God Emperor Wind Tiger also waved his hand.

Far away across a huge swathe of land, a gale came blowing down over that tree where Xue Ying hid himself in. "Peng––" A figure rapidly left the tree. And that tree soon blasted into smithereens. The stream of light flew over to the river and turned into a black-robed young man. He was none other than Xue Ying.

"I wouldn't have thought that I am actually found out by you guys." Xue Ying looked at that God Emperor Wind Tiger with surprise. He understood that it was this God Emperor Wind Tiger who found him. Indeed, one could not belittle any God Emperor experts.

God Emperor Bu Ya did not place Xue Ying in his eyes. Instead, he surveyed his surroundings and said with a rolling voice: "I wonder which God Emperor are you. Why not show yourself? Why would you let your subordinate God Monarch send himself to death?"

"Fellow gentlemen, I do not have any other God Emperors behind my back." Xue Ying said in reply.

"No other God Emperors?" Both God Emperor Bu Ya and God Emperor Wind Tiger stared at Xue Ying with disbelief.

A God Monarch dared to follow them? Was he planning to send himself to death?

"Say, who is the one behind you? Tell us and I might let you die a simpler death." The scaly face of God Emperor Bu Ya was incredibly ugly. His amber eyes stared at Xue Ying with killing intent.

"Sinister and cunning. Selfish and ruthless." Xue Ying looked at God Emperor Bu Ya, "In the recent auction, I sincerely approached you to conduct a transaction. But after that, I discovered from the intelligence that you are a devil. It is best that I kill you instead! Giving you Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades is a waste. It was a pity that you had been hiding in the Heaven's Will Pavilion, preventing me from acting within the 10,000 years period. But now, you are finally out, and it is a good chance for me to eliminate you. Rest assured, I am genuinely thinking of killing you, and you shouldn't indulge in wild fantasy that I have other God Emperors supporting me."

"You wish to kill me?" God Emperor Bu Ya felt that this was such a joke!

He had succeeded in training the Black Gold Undying Body. Even the Tyrant Blood Brothers could not kill him, yet now, a God Monarch was proclaiming he could?

Even if it was an Ascendant God Monarch, the strongest God Monarch could only be comparable to 'early stage God Emperors'.

And a God Monarch declared that he would be killing a God Emperor?

This was simply the biggest joke!

"Hmph hmph, then you should simply die! I do want to see if a God Emperor would come from behind you." God Emperor Bu Ya was too lazy to use his weapon. His figure formed a shadow, leaving behind a vestige on the surface of the lake. In an instance, he appeared before Xue Ying slashing out with his claws.

And God Emperor Wind Tiger maintained vigilance on his surroundings. Even though he did not discover any other God Emperors, they merely treated that the other party had amazing concealing techniques.


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