Lord Xue Ying
1298 Teacher Moving In
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1298 Teacher Moving In

Each of the five God Emperors led along 20 God Monarchs. This was also the biggest advantage the Devil Heart Cult had against the Imperial Wind Clan! The Imperial Wind Clan merely had one Early Stage God Emperor, 'Imperial Wind High Mountain'. Furthermore, other than the commander, Devil Heart Cult had a total of five Early Stage God Emperors! And once they brought along a group of God Monarchs in combat formations, they were simply invincible.

Even if the Imperial Wind Clan had help from their arrays, the gap between God Monarchs and 'God Emperors' was too distinct. This was a qualitative difference between a major level.

Not everyone could fight against those on a higher level like Ascendants.

"Eliminate the children of Imperial Wind High Mountain first."

"His eldest son Imperial Wind Lei is quite powerful. Currently, he has also formed a combat formation with a group of experts. I'll go over and eliminate him."

"Let me handle his other son and daughter, that one called Imperial Wind Jin and Imperial Wind Qing Yin. Haha, I'll eliminate them at this instance."

"Sou sou sou sou sou!"

The five teams went separately, leaving behind 200 God Monarchs. These 200 God Monarchs were prepared and had moved into several formations. They began their siege as well!


If the Devil Heart Cult formed one single formation and the Imperial Wind Clan formed one single formation, the Imperial Wind Clan might be able to resist back by relying on the arrays.

But once the Devil Heart Cult separated into different teams, the experts from the Devil Heart Cult were able to exhibit their advantages. Those five God Emperors immediately led along their teams––they were like five sharp fangs!

"Face the enemies!" An Elder from the Imperial Wind Clan roared out furiously.

"Kill!" The experts from the Imperial Wind Clan were roaring out too.

They all harbored the thought of dying in the battle and were frenzied.

"What? They are planning on dealing against us right from the start?" Imperial Wind Jin and Imperial Wind Qing Yin looked upwards. They could see a cold male leading 20 God Monarchs in a formation rushing over in their direction! That cold male was currently looking in the direction of the two siblings. Clearly, his target was the two of them.

"I wanted to witness my Imperial Wind Clan kill more enemies. Who would have guessed that there are God Emperors coming to deal with us right at the first moment." Imperial Wind Jin looked at his little sister by the side.

"We shall be making our moves first." Imperial Wind Qing Yin remained calm as she faced death. She looked around her. There were so many familiar people––her father, her two brothers, some of her sisters in the clan, and finally her teacher! Imperial Wind Qing Yin looked at Xue Ying, transmitting over: "Teacher, protect yourself well."

Xue Ying looked at this lass and could not help but laugh.

Imperial Wind Qing Yin was stunned. Her teacher was laughing?

"Imperial Wind High Mountain, haha, these should be your children!" That cold male even took the initiative in announcing it.

In the distance, Imperial Wind High Mountain was being beaten around by Devil Heart Cultist Master. Even as if relied on the strength of the arrays, he could barely survive. Imperial Wind High Mountain noticed his children who stood by the entrance of the palace hall. Seeing what was happening, he could not help but feel pain in his heart: "Jin'er, Qing Yin, the two of you shall first make your moves. Father will be following behind shortly." But following that, Imperial Wind High Mountain was stunned.

Because there was a member arranged in the combat formation standing by the entrance of the palace hall––a white-robed Xue Ying––who did not care about the formation. Instead, he looked upwards at the team led by the God Emperor rushing downwards.


Xue Ying took a step, moving up onto the void.

This step onto the void actually produced a terrifying void storm. It was like a powerful wave crashing on the incoming team, directly blasting out a shockwave on the cold male and his team of 20 God Monarchs! Even though they had formed a combat formation, how exquisite was the laws and profound mysteries that Xue Ying comprehended? Furthermore, the of the past could break a formation, and now, it was perfected and more powerful.

"Be careful." The expression of that cold male changed slightly. Even though he was astonished, he still had ample confidence over the combat formation formed by him and his 20 God Monarchs.

But once the void wave landed on their formation, it produced an outcome that forced all of them to a stop! This wave was too fierce!

Furthermore, at the moment when the wave crashed into them, there was a strange wave that ignored the protection from the enemy's combat formation. It simply permeated into the bodies of that God Emperor and 20 God Monarchs.


The cold male felt a strange energy erupting in his body. But being a God Emperor, he cultivated on his bloodline energy and could naturally suppress that violent energy down.

But the other 20 God Monarchs were forced backwards. Quite a few spurt out blood as they flew backwards. Some even had half their bodies blasting apart! These God Monarchs were trying their best to recover their fleshy bodies!

"What!" The cold male was shocked.

His subordinates were heavily injured and forced backwards? Leaving just him, a God Emperor alone?

And that took just a step.

When Xue Ying took a step, he no longer concealed his aura. The aura from his powerful Chaotic Origin Refined Body rushed up into the sky! If not because he wanted to help his disciple, he might be willing to live his life with a low-profile under seclusion.

Following that, Xue Ying took another step, causing his body to turn blurred. Those who were present including Devil Heart Cultist Master could not see the figure of Xue Ying clearly! Even if this image was slowed by a million times, Xue Ying's figure would still be blurred. Because what he executed was a movement technique from the . Given his realm, he had easily grasped this movement technique.

With a blurred figure that was frighteningly fast, Xue Ying arrived before the cold male in a single instance.

"Who, who is he!" The cold male felt alarmed. This white-robed young man before him was terrifying him intensely. But being a God Emperor expert, he was confident of himself. With a distortion of his figure, he turned himself into a thousand-legged bug. This thousand-legged bug was approximately 100 meters long. It meandered before leaping at Xue Ying. That bloodied mouth of it was hollowed and attempted to devour Xue Ying.

This action itself created a powerful swallowing force that sucked Xue Ying over.


At that moment, a spear appeared in the right hand of Xue Ying. This spear was entirely black in color. It seemed ordinary, yet in reality, it was the Golden Fire Divine Spear concealed.

With a spear in his hand, Xue Ying first executed a piercing motion!

The thousand-legged bug continued moving. Even though its mouth was wide-opened and was trying to devour Xue Ying, it was able to hurl its tail immediately and clawed out at Xue Ying all done simultaneously. And Xue Ying's spearhead clashed against one of those claws.

"Fighting head-on with me?" The thousand-legged bug sneered in its heart. Its black carapace was most formidable. Destroying it was hard.


Nonetheless, when the spear clashed against its claw, an endless wave was sent permeating into its body. Furthermore, this wave was also oscillating within its body, eventually turning into three waves of energy. These waves were also superposing on one another, causing them to become more and more terrifying. The thousand-legged bug began twisting. It wanted to suppress the frightening superposed wave, yet with an eventual 'boom', its body exploded into three sections. Large amounts of its scale went flying all over.

"No, no." The thousand-legged bug which was left in three sections tried its best to merge its bodies back. Nonetheless, it was slower by a lot.

It did not dare to turn back into its human form since it was weaker and harder for it to escape.


Another spear was sent out.

How fast was Xue Ying's spear? This spear pierced out on the thousand-legged insect that had just condensed. Even though the insect tried escaping, how could it ever be faster than Xue YIng? Xue Ying's blurred figure was like a shadow. With a pierce, that thousand-legged insect exploded into pieces once again, albeit with a more serious injury.

"Be gone!" Xue Ying pierced out once again.

And this time, an enormous void bubble appeared. This void bubble engulfed every single piece of flesh the thousand-legged insect had. Following that, the bubble collapsed until it became one black point. At this moment, the spear pierced out and create an explosion on the bubble.

The thousand-legged insect was wiped out!

It left behind just some remnant items.

The entire battlefield became quiet. Those four teams that were similarly led by other God Emperors and that 'Devil Heart Cultist Master' who had been completely suppressed Imperial Wind High Mountain, as well as Bat Mountain Master and the other experts in the city who did not wish to join the funeral were all stunned!

Saying it was slow, but in reality, everything happened incredibly quickly.

Xue Ying took a step, and all enemy God Monarchs flew back! His powerful aura also erupted!

He took another step and three consecutive pierces, and an Early Stage God Emperor was killed!

"This, this is my teacher? Standing by the side of her brother, Imperial Wind Qing Yin watched in a daze. Her mind was completely in a mess.


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