Lord Xue Ying
1304 Great Emperor North River
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1304 Great Emperor North River

The God Emperor Ranking List recorded on the scroll was detailed. Extending his senses, Xue Ying was able to get a brief overview of all experts listed. If he wanted to acquire a more detailed intelligence on that expert, he would have to purchase it with an equivalent price!

"Oh, 268th?" Xue Ying nodded slightly. That was quite far.

In this world, there were more than 30 Grand Perfection God Emperors (Supremes), and Late Stage Ascendant God Emperors! Hidden Willow Valley Master was an example of someone at this level.

And those with Late Stage God Emperor combat power numbered more than 250! Of which there were about 30 or so Middle Stage Ascendant God Emperors!

Since he was ranked at 268th, there were still quite a few Late Stage God Emperors and Middle Stage Ascendant God Emperors that ranked behind Xue Ying.

'I reckon that it is because of my unstable aura when I had erupted with my strength that resulted in this ranking. Killing Devil Heart Cultist Master personally exemplified by killing power, which eventually ended up with my rank at the 268th position.' Xue Ying pondered. He then turned towards Xing Pavilion Master from Heaven's Will Pavilion, smiling, "Xing Pavilion Master, the Heaven's Will Pavilion has thought highly of me. They did not actually place me at the very last position of all Late Stage God Emperors and Middle Stage Ascendant God Emperors!"

"This is formulated by the higher-ups. I am not qualified to influence their decision." Xing Pavilion Master answered.


Xue Ying softly laughed, "I do not mind. I even find this ranking to be quite fair."

Xing Pavilion Master accompanied with a laugh.

"Alright, if there is nothing else, you may withdraw first." Xue Ying said.

"Yes, then I'll make my move." Xing Pavilion Master respectfully went back. He had no choice since he, Xing Pavilion Master, was merely a Peak Stage God Monarch. And this God Emperor Flying Snow was an absolute overlord in the entire Divine Realm. Xing Pavilion Master naturally had to treat him politely, and do things perfectly! After all, he was stationed at the Heaven's Will Pavilion in High Mountain City, and the one he could not offend the most is none other than this God Emperor Flying Snow.

Xue Ying looked at the scroll before him, lightly muttering: "268th… currently, my Chaotic Origin Refinement Body is unstable. Just by relying on the strength of my Dao of Void, this position is considered slightly high!"

As he harped on it, Xue Ying chuckled before keeping the scroll.

To him, this was merely an entertainment! The ranking was not too important at all. Improving his strength was core. After all, the primary reason he came to this world is to temper himself.


The God Emperor Ranking List was updated.

It incited the attention of many experts in this world on the Ascendant God Emperor who jumped straight to the 268th position. After all, the matter about Xue Ying killing Devil Heart Cultist Master, other than those who paid extra attention on the fall of experts in the Divine Realm, would only be noted by the Heaven's Will Pavilion. It was the 'God Emperor Ranking List' that many others paid attention to by the God Emperors and practically all God Monarchs across the Divine Realm.


Located in a tiny remote city, a green-robed male was currently enjoying wine in a pub. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly.

He just received the new information given to him by Heaven's Will Pavilion!

"God Emperor Ranking List?" The green-robed male muttered to himself, "God Emperor Flying Snow? Ascendant?"

He immediately sent a transmission to the Heaven's Will Pavilion for a request to purchase a more detailed information regarding God Emperor Flying Snow.

After a slight moment.

"God Monarch." An attendant from the Heaven's Will Pavilion in this tiny remote city rushed specially to this pub and passed a set of scroll to the green-robed male, "The information cost three pieces of Lightning Rock."

"Here you go." The green-robed male threw over three pieces of Lightning Rock.

"Yes." The attendant received it before leaving.

That green-robed male immediately turned his attention to the scroll.

This report recorded everything that had been compiled on 'God Emperor Flying Snow', for instance, about how he had been brought back from the Great Wilderness by the Third Lady of High Mountain City's Imperial Wind Clan, 'Imperial Wind Qing Yin'. Many important matters had also been recorded clearly based on a time frame.

"Hmph, looking at this time frame, the Heaven's Will Pavilion could actually not find any related information on him before the Third Lady of Imperial Wind Clan brought him back from the Great Wilderness." The green-robed male sneered. It was normal for a low-profiled God Monarch to not have any information recorded against him.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying, you came to this world too?" The eyes of the green-robed male were filled with a cold intent.

He, was none other than Great Emperor North River!

He came here much earlier than Xue Ying.

He could not trace down Xue Ying, and Xue Ying could similarly not trace him down. In the past, Great Emperor North River once snatched away the 'Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet'. Xue Ying and the others wanted to kill him, yet they could not locate where Great Emperor North River was accurately.

Those who cultivated the Chaotic Origin Bloodline might not specialize in concealing their aura, but this skill would tremendously increase once the cultivator reached the realm of 'Late Stage God Emperor'. The majority of them were good at tracing others. The Supremes for instance could perfectly conceal their aura! Xue Ying had encountered Supremes in the Broken Teeth Mountain Range before. If Supremes chose to hide their aura, Xue Ying would not be able to sense it. And 'Great Emperor North River' was a Great Emperor and also an existence closest to the Supreme within Broken Teeth Mountain Range! His control of the aura was perfect. Others could not trace him down at all.

Coming to this world, being a guest from another place, he naturally remained low-profile.

After concealing his aura, he disguised himself as a God Monarch and chose to live in seclusion within a tiny city! He would only go out occasionally.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying." Many thoughts began flitting across the mind of Great Emperor North River.

Judging by the time he came, his name, the techniques he specialized and his identity as an Ascendant in addition to his decision to live in seclusion as a hermit, this person fitted all criteria Xue Ying had! Nothing could be so coincidental like this.

'According to the intelligence report, his Dao of Void strength has already reached a level comparable to Late Stage God Emperors?' Great Emperor North River frowned, 'In addition to his soul techniques, even I might be disadvantaged when I fight against him?'

'Improving my strength is more important.'

'I shall play with this Ying Shan Xue Ying again after reaching the Supreme Realm.' Great Emperor North River sneered inwardly. He already had a deep foundation. He even cultivated for a long time within the Snake Teeth Corridor and saw some improvement then. In the past when he was discovered by Xue Ying and Supreme Vast Ancient, he was forced down this path and was sent into this world. After coming over, he discovered that this world was much better at digging the potential of bloodlines than back at the Broken Teeth Mountain Range!

And thus began his journey to collect the scriptures. And through them, he began comprehending and meditating.

Great Emperor North River was confident that he would reach the Supreme Realm.

'We shall see.' Great Emperor North River casually placed this matter aside.


Time passed.

After Xue Ying killed Devil Heart Cultist Master, his name spread across the Divine Realm. Many cities, at least for those surrounding ones, sent emissaries over to visit him. Even Eastern Wood City had sent a team over.

Xue Ying was too lazy to meet most of those emissaries. He let Imperial Wind Qing Yin deal with them instead! It was only the emissary team from Eastern Wood City that Xue Ying had to personally meet.

After that, his days regained their peace.

As Xue Ying had killed quite a few God Emperors one after another, he was relatively rich. Many of those treasures were useless in the eyes of Xue Ying. He only selected some that were helpful for bloodline cultivation and gave them to his disciple 'Imperial Wind Qing Yin'. She was after all, the only disciple he accepted in this world. Imperial Wind Qing Yin was originally a Peak Stage God General. After being bestowed with the treasures, she rapidly reached the God Monarch level.

In reality, any God General expert could easily break through after consuming treasures that were given in quantities that would make even God Emperors heart ache.

Hence, it was nothing extraordinary that Imperial Wind Qing Yin broke through in the end.

Instead, it was her big brother, 'Imperial Wind Lei', who was an expert second only to Imperial Wind High Mountain in the High Mountain City previously, that had surprised everyone. Before the calamity that befell the Imperial Wind Clan, his strength had reached a level that enabled him to suppress experts like Bat Mountain Master and God Monarch Jian Yin slightly! After experiencing this huge calamity, whereby hope was birthed from despondence, Imperial Wind Lei actually broke through to the Early Stage God Emperor Realm 300,000 years after the death of Devil Heart Cultist Master! It brought joy to the entire Imperial Wind Clan. Imperial Wind Qing Yin had even been excited for a period. Even Xue Ying sent some congratulatory gifts over to Imperial Wind Lei.

In the blink of an eye, it had been about 80 million years since the fall of Devil Heart Cultist. Master

High Mountain City, within the Flying Snow Residence.

There were several musicians currently performing. Several female dancers were also dancing lightly and gracefully to the tune.

Xue Ying, Imperial Wind Qing Yin, and the number one Qin Master in High Mountain City, 'Leng Xin', were seated here chatting happily. They were also enjoying the performance. Ever since Xue Ying had been enlightened from listening 'Leng Xin' play the Qin, Xue Ying gained another hobby––that was to listen to music and watch dance performances.

"Teacher, this is a dance music personally composed by Sister Leng. How do you find it?" Imperial Wind Qing Yin asked.



Imperial Wind Qing Yin looked at Xue Ying in puzzle.

At this moment, Xue Ying had his eyes closed as if he was thinking about something. Imperial Wind Qing Yin no longer spoke when she saw that.

"Hong long long~" At this moment, the consciousness of all avatars of Xue Ying––those at his hometown Primal Chaos Void and Realm Heart Great Land––were ringing. Countless profound mysteries were fusing together into an intricate and unfathomably profound technique.


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