Lord Xue Ying
1311 Dream
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1311 Dream

That Ascendant God Emperor was first ruled out by Xue Ying. The other party maintained a low profile and focused entirely on cultivation. Xue Ying appreciated this kind of cultivators. Hence, it was impossible for Xue Ying to scheme against them for no reason at all.

Instead, it was 'Gold Feather City Master' and 'Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master' that Xue Ying planned on acting against!

Gold Feather City Master would take the initiative to snatch the treasures of others. He would battle and kill. He was selfish and ruthless. Whenever he acted, he would cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. For the sake of getting stronger, he would practically do everything from killing to scheming. He was absolutely ambitious. To such a person, even though he was not categorised under an example of a 'huge devil', Xue Ying would not show mercy against him.

As for Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, he was completely different from Gold Feather City Master! He did not show any intention to kill. But many other clans had been exterminated because of his strength! The number of beings that died because of him could count Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master as a 'devil'. It's just that most of the time, he did things because others borrowed his strength to do so!

'But this Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master isn't completely innocent either! He is ultimately a Middle Stage God Emperor. How could he not know what his subordinates do? It's just that those subordinates of his know how to pamper him and make him happy. Hence, he would take a laissez-faire attitude towards those tasks.' Xue Ying pondered.


'It's him then, Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.'

Xue Ying made his decision.

Even though the intimidation from the number one expert on the God Emperor Ranking List, Cloud Phoenix City Master, was huge, Xue Ying was confident of fleeing with his life using the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique! The other party might be the strongest cultivator in the Divine Realm, but she did not know how to teleport through an ultra-long distance. Those few cultivators who could do so in the Divine Realm, other than the Ascendants, relied on innate bloodline magical abilities!

The Ancestral God Bloodline of Cloud Phoenix City Master might not specialize in ultra-long distance teleportation, yet her combat strength was frighteningly strong.

'Time to go.'

Xue Ying paid for his food and left the High Wind City. He then entered Cloud Phoenix City inconspicuously.


Cloud Phoenix City was incredibly huge. It occupied close to five million kilometers in distance. And at the center of the city was a chain of mountains that spanned across several hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The peak of the mountain was situated above the cloud layer. The entire mountain chain contained palaces connecting with one another on top. They were also given the name of 'The Cloud Phoenix Residences'.

'The Cloud Phoenix Residences.'

Xue Ying looked up at that chain of mountains. He cast his gaze across the cloud layer and saw that huge residence located at the mountain peak, 'The strongest expert in the Divine Realm lives up there.'

Beyond her were the three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods that created this world.

'Fortunately, Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master isn't someone who would stay in the Cloud Phoenix Residences forever.' Xue Ying grinned. Given the arrogant and willful personality of Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, he was someone who likes pleasure. He even created a 'Caged Cloud Pavilion' just for his own pleasure. Being the Pavilion Master, this place was a heaven for him. Naturally, he would spend most of his time within the Caged Cloud Pavilion.

He would also visit other places in the Cloud Phoenix City occasionally seeking for more pleasure.

As for leaving the city? If he were to visit other places in the Divine Realm, it would create an incredibly huge disturbance. Most of the time, there would be three Late Stage God Emperors following behind Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master just to protect him! No other choice, given how powerful Cloud Phoenix City Master was, there were more than 20 Late Stage God Emperors chose to become her subordinates!

But Late Stage God Emperors valued cultivation too. Within Cloud Phoenix City, there would usually only be one Late Stage God Emperor that followed after Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.

'The only grandson of Cloud Phoenix City Master.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly, 'Hearsay Cloud Phoenix City Master once had a son and a daughter. During the years when she was imprisoned by a powerful enemy, her children died, leaving only her grandson alive.'

Cloud Phoenix City Master only reached where she was after experiencing countless difficulties.

'I've reached the Caged Cloud Pavilion.'

Xue Ying relied on his karmic senses. After walking around leisurely, he soon found himself before a huge pavilion. This pavilion occupied a relatively vast area, and was so high it reached the cloud layer. It was also the most famous ground of entertainment in the entire Cloud Phoenix City.

'He is there.' Xue Ying looked upwards.


Caged Cloud Pavilion.

"Pavilion Master." A black-robed young man was all smiles. His eyes were fox-like. There were currently six young women behind him. All of them had top-notch appearance and temperament. It's just that when these young women look at the back of the black-robed young man, their eyes were filled with a strand of hatred. Nonetheless, they had no choice, The lives of many relatives and clansmen were in the hands of this black-robed young man.

"Come in." A voice could be heard from inside.

Only then did the black-robed young man pushed the door carefully.

Within the hall.

There was an incredibly plump male seated. Beside him was a violet-robed female attendant currently serving him. He was eating in big gulps. This incredibly plump male… was none other than 'Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master', the only grandson of Cloud Phoenix City Master.

"Oh?" This Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master looked over. He saw six outstanding young women walking in. Each of the women had different personalities, and when the six of them stood together, it felt like a piece of art. Just watching it was simply a form of enjoyment.

"These are 'six sisters' that this subordinate has spent a great deal of time and effort before finding." The black-robed male immediately began fawning the other party, "Their taste is something that Pavilion Master would definitely enjoy once you try it."

"Mn." Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master revealed a grin, "Good good good, very good. You may withdraw, Chen Fu."

Even though he knew that some of his subordinates were using their connections to intimidate others, but because they knew how to coax him happy, he did not mind. This black-robed young man before him was one of the three most favored subordinates he had, an Early Stage God Emperor known as 'God Emperor Chen Fu'. He specialized in instructing girls.

The black-robed young man, 'God Emperor Chen Fu' immediately laughed and retreated respectfully. He also closed the door properly after that.

And now, there was just Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, the violet-robed female attendant and the six young women left in the hall.

"All of you come over." Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master immediately beckoned for those girls with his chubby hand.

"Yes, Pavilion Master."

The six young women immediately went over.

That violet-robed female attendant smiled as she watched this. She was completely loyal to her master, and would do her best to serve him. She was also the most trusted aide of Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master. Many affairs could not be hidden from this female attendant. To Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, this female attendant was his family! And others including God Emperor Chen Fu were like his pets!


Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master felt a dizzy spell hitting his mind.

"Where is this?"

Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master looked around him with astonishment. He was now in a sinister jail cell.

"What is going on? Why have my strength been sealed?" Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master discovered with terror that he was tied to a pillar. By his side, there were several other pillars too with others tied to each of them.

"It's Chen Fu and the others." Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master could recognize them with a single glance. Tied to the other pillars were his three most favored aides.

The three of them gradually regained consciousness.

"What is happening?"

"This, this…"

"Pavilion Master is here too."

"Pavilion Master, hurry up and call City Master to save us!"

The three of them were shouting out in terror.

"My strength is sealed. I am unable to transmit any messages." Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master started becoming anxious.

"Zhi ya."

The door to this sinister-looking jail cell suddenly opened. A white-robed male who carried a divine sword on his back came in. He swept his cold gaze across the four of them, before turning back to Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master: "Cloud Flow Pavilion Master, you have committed an incredible amount of crime. Today is the day you die." Saying that, he pulled out the divine sword on his back.

"I did not, I did not!" Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master was filled with terror at that moment.

"Why aren't you admitting it? Do you still need me to say it out one by one? That Iron Flame Clan which was exterminated because of you, the Sword Universe Religion…" The white-robed male began stating.

"It's not me! It's them! It's them who did it!" Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master shouted back.

Those three subordinates that were tied became terrified. It's just that they did not push the blame at this moment in fear of offending Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.

"Rest assured. The three of them will die." The white-robed male said.

They were stunned.

"This is unrelated to us!"

"We are only subordinates of Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master. It is the Pavilion Master who instructed us."

"We can't not listen to orders! Please show some mercy and spare our lives!" These three immediately began asking for mercy. No matter what, they had to live first.

"You all––" When Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master saw that, he became indignant.

"Stop shirking from what you have done. The three of you have committed countless sins. And Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, you have indulged in them. All of you deserved to die." The white-robed male immediately unsheathed his sword. He then jabbed out at one of the bound subordinates. That subordinate's body trembled and then he turned into ashes.

"Sou sou sou."

Three consecutive strikes and the three subordinates turned into powder.

The white-robed male walked towards Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.

Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master was filled with immense terror: "Don't kill me, don't kill me! What do you want? I'll give you everything you want! My grandmother is Cloud Phoenix City Master. I'm sure you know that I can treat as if nothing has happened today. Whatever you want, I can definitely help you achieve it."

"It's too late. The moment you indulged in your subordinates to commit crime is the moment your death day arrives." The white-robed male pulled his sword out once again.

Despair and fright began coursing through Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master, showing out on his expression.



"No, no––" Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master abruptly opened his eyes. He discovered that he was still in the hall. By his side, the six young women and violet-robed female attendant had similarly fallen onto the ground. At this moment, all of them were waking up. And bewilderment filled their faces.

Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master immediately climbed upwards. He looked at himself, cheering out: "I did not die! I am alive!"

He revealed joy.

"What about my treasures? Why are they missing?" Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master was terrified. Everything he had in his storage treasure disappeared.

"This is merely a small warning, Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master. If you continue behaving like this, the next time we meet is the day you die." A voice boomed out in the soul of Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.

When Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master heard that, he paled.

He knew.

That everything which happened seemingly in a dream was actually done by a mysterious expert. He could silently pull him into a dream, and could definitely kill him silently as well. He was completely powerless against that perpetrator.

Actually, Xue Ying did not kill him first, because his grandmother was the number one expert in the Divine Realm, the Cloud Phoenix City Master. If Xue Ying were to kill him, Cloud Phoenix City Master would definitely become mad. She could possibly disrupt Xue Ying's peaceful life. Secondly, Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master was not really a devil. It's just that he had watched his subordinates commit those deeds with one eye closed.

These two reasons were why he spared the life of Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master.

"Hong." A figure blasted apart the door. It was a cold old man that rushed in. When this cold old man saw that Cloud Flow Little Pavilion Master was safe, he heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he added: "Pavilion Master, Chen Fu and the other two are dead."


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