Lord Xue Ying
1348 Xie Fan’s True Self
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1348 Xie Fan’s True Self

Of those fleeing cultivators, the team with Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan in it were the most decisive and also the team that escaped the furthest.

The other cultivators hesitated momentarily after being abandoned. Only then did they choose either to flee or to remain at their original position. Even those that escaped… had not really ran very far away. Furthermore, Xue Ying was also leading the 18 cultivators to lend a helping hand to them.

"Hurry up! Let us converge with Monarch Flying Snow."

"We must hold on! Hold on until the moment we reach Monarch Flying Snow. That way, we can survive."

They were all rushing in the direction of Xue Ying.

Nonetheless, many of the Hidden Devil Hunters had already dispersed in their pursuit after the cultivators. Hence, battles started happening all over the place. These 'Hidden Devil Hunters' that fought with them were not weakened whatsoever. They could still exhibit their peak strength, forcing those cultivators into an unspeakable misery. Even as the group of cultivators helped one another, with 50 Hidden Devil Hunters attacking them at the same time, they were soon on the brink of death.

"Hurry up! Monarch Flying Snow and the others are reaching soon."

"Hold on a little longer!"

They were all madly fighting for their lives.

And all of a sudden––

The surrounding 50 over Hidden Devil Hunters abruptly weakened. As they fought, those Hidden Devil Hunters would either be suppressed to a level where they had a hard time struggling against it, or they would be smacked away and even be suppressed utterly…

"They have become weaker."

"All of them are much weaker. It seems they only have the strength of a Late Stage God Emperor." These cultivators were in great joy. Everybody in this eight-man team had the strength of a Grand Perfection God Emperor. At this moment, they felt that dealing with the group of Hidden Devil Hunters was simply too easy. They easily overwhelmed those hunters. Other than the Hidden Devil Hunters that still had an abundance of life force, making it hard to kill, other aspects of those Hidden Devil Hunters were completely weaker.

"Converge onto me." Xue Ying led the 18 cultivators over.


"They are here!"

"Monarch Flying Snow, many thanks for saving our lives."

"Monarch Flying Snow, this technique of yours is incredible. Despite being so far away, those Hidden Devil Hunters have become significantly weaker. Haha, not a single Hidden Devil Hunter could take on a technique of mine." These cultivators were incredibly excited. This feeling whereby they were unparalleled felt good!

At this moment, they were filled with gratitude and admiration for Xue Ying.

Admiration… was an admiration towards experts.

They were very clear how defying this technique that could sweep across a large group of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms is! The moment 'Monarch Flying Snow' returned to Scarlet Cloud City, his status would definitely rise. If Monarch Flying Snow was willing to form a team, a large number of cultivators would likely be willing to join it.


Xue Ying continued leading his group to save other cultivators. As long as those cultivators entered his region of Illusory Realm Domain, they would be saved.


As quite a few cultivators had fled in different directions, saving all of them was slightly troublesome too.

"Ai, in the end, three cultivators have died." After saving the scattered cultivators, they were just left with one final team that had not linked up with them––the nine-man team consisting of Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan! Actually, this was also due to Xue Ying saving other cultivators first, preventing Daoist Hidden Horizon and his team from reaching Xue Ying.

Of course, he was deliberately doing this––placing the team containing Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan last.

Firstly, it was because Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan had taken the initiative to abandon other cultivators. Secondly, it was also because this team is the strongest group within the 51 cultivators. Hence, they should be able to last the longest.

"Brother Flying Snow, it is my fault! Hurry up and help us out! We can't hold on any longer." The nine of them including Daoist Hidden Horizon were currently suffering from a combined attack by a force of more than 80 Hidden Devil Hunters! Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan were apex cultivators within Scarlet Cloud City. With the two of them and seven other cultivators coordinating, they could still barely hold on against the enemies.

"Monarch Flying Snow, are we saving them?"

"That Xie Fan had plotted against you several times."

"They have chosen to give us up previously."

The cultivators were transmitted to Xue Ying and waiting on his orders.

Clearly, this group of cultivators that had been saved by Xue Ying treated him as the absolute core within the team! Even others that were once following Daoist Hidden Horizon were now standing on Xue Ying's side. Even though they understood the decision made by Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan, they no longer held any emotions for them the moment Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan made the decision. There were even some cultivators who held hatred and anger over this!

"Let us save them first. That Chaotic Origin Prisoner is still staring at us from afar." Xue Ying transmitted.


"Let's save them."

With an order, the other cultivators followed after him.

"Monarch Flying Snow, the 800 over Hidden Devil Hunters that have been chasing after us from another direction are soon reaching our position. But the Middle Stage and Late Stage God Emperors among them have retreated, leaving behind over 600 Grand Perfection God Emperor Hidden Devil Hunters still." The cold golden-armored male transmitted over to Xue Ying. He was also one of them who had been abandoned.

The team selected by Daoist Hidden Horizon were all specialist. There was only one of them who specialized in long-range scouting––which was that gray-robed man, 'Barbaric Insect'.

"The other group of Hidden Devil Hunters are about to reach us?" Xue Ying felt his heart tightening.

When both parties came together.

There would be a total of 1,200 Grand Perfection God Emperors! Even if they were all weakened, there were still too many of them! Furthermore, there was still that 'Chaotic Origin Prisoner'. Xue Ying had remained vigilant against that Chaotic Origin Prisoner. At this moment, he had not shown his strongest strength yet in battle. Furthermore, he was still constantly recovering by absorbing the Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades so that he could prepare himself for dealing against the threat from that 'Chaotic Origin Prisoner'.

"Hurry up!"

"Brother Flying Snow, hurry over! We can't hold on for any longer!" Daoist Hidden Horizon anxiously transmitted over.

Xue Ying's group of cultivators were doing their best too. At this moment, more and more Hidden Devil Hunters were attacking the group with Daoist Hidden Horizon.


Prior to the advent of that Illusory Realm Domain, one cultivator in Daoist Hidden Horizon's team still fell! Hence, the total death in this battle had reached four.

"They have become weaker." Daoist Hidden Horizon and Xie Fan discovered this point with astonishing delight. Xie Fan even glanced at Xue Ying who was currently rushing over. He felt complex: 'This Monarch Flying Snow has hidden such an unfathomable technique. Even though he is slightly weaker in direct combat, with this technique of his, his ability to rally supporters is likely to be stronger than even the three City Masters.'

Xie Fan felt regret and annoyed, yet it was too late. After all, he had viciously offended this Monarch Flying Snow.

"Monarch Flying Snow, it is I who offended you previously. Everything is due to my foolishness. Everything is my fault. Just treat me like a fart and let it off." Xie Fan immediately transmitted to Xue Ying.

When Xue Ying heard what Xie Fan sent, he was slightly stunned.

The other party was one of the apex experts in Scarlet Cloud City. Yet he did not care about his reputation at all! Previously, the other party attempted to deal with him. If not for his strength, Xue Ying would have died.

"Brother Flying Snow, I feel truly ashamed." Daoist Hidden Horizon even came to apologise.

"Let us deal with this Chaotic Origin Prisoner before speaking." Xue Ying cut them off.

"Right, there is still a Chaotic Origin Prisoner." Currently, this team had treated Xue Ying as the core.

"With Monarch Flying Snow around, we'll definitely survive!" Xie Fan even shouted out loud, "Perhaps we might be able to kill that Chaotic Origin Prisoner! All of you must listen to Monarch Flying Snow's orders. Those who dare to slight him, I, Xie Fan, will definitely not let him off!"

Xue Ying took a deep breath.

It seemed he finally experienced the shamelessness of Xie Fan for the first time!

"How shameless."

"This Xie Fan…" The other cultivators were speechless.


When all the cultivators gathered together.

On another side, the other 600 over Grand Perfection God Emperor Hidden Devil Hunters had also charged over.

"Everyone is here." That tall and big male who had remained unrushed behind nodded slightly, "As long as we eliminate that cultivator who specializes in soul technique, the other cultivators would be doomed."


The tall and big male took a step. He stepped through the void, moving at an incredibly fast speed. There were also many other Hidden Devil Hunters standing guard around him.

At this moment, approximately 1,200 Grand Perfection God Emperor Hidden Devil Hunters were madly charging at Xue Ying and the cultivators. Even though they had been greatly weakened, their bodies were so strong that they did not fear death.

"Face the enemies!" Xue Ying solemnly stared at that distant tall and big male. The tall and big male gave off a very heavy pressure as if he was carrying a world with him, constantly suffering from endless torture and suppression. Nonetheless, that talland big male had a calm expression. His crimson eyes were only staring at Xue Ying!

Clearly, in the eyes of this Chaotic Origin Prisoner, that white-robed young cultivator was his only true opponent.


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