Lord Xue Ying
1349 Battling against the Chaotic Origin Prisoner
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1349 Battling against the Chaotic Origin Prisoner

Xue Ying and the other cultivators felt their hearts tightening. A 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform' represented a true genuine Chaotic Origin Expert. Just like how bloodline cultivators would become High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms the moment they awaken their bloodline! Even though he was being oppressed severely, just his remaining strength was sufficient to make the cultivators feel suppressed.

It was like a gigantic shackled dragon overlooking several ants.

The tall and big male stepped on the void. His voice boomed across the world: "Brat in White, your soul technique is quite formidable. Ever since I was imprisoned in this world, I have never thought that a cultivator like you would emerge. If I could kill you, that'll definitely be a great harvest."

The moment he finished speaking.

His body abruptly disappeared. But the manacles and shackles could still be clearly seen. Those manacles and shackles were brightly lit with the revolution of golden inscriptions. Those shackles even extended into the void.

'Even when his strength has been suppressed to this level, his use of techniques is at a level beyond ours.' Xue Ying understood this point, 'Even when he conceals himself, we can't see him properly. Fortunately, the shackles and manacles have revealed his position.'

The shackles and manacles merely revealed the location where the enemy was.

But how the tall and big male planned to attack? What weapon was he using? They remained ignorant of it.

If he stabbed a sword over, he might not even know it was coming.

"Protect Monarch Flying Snow!" Daoist Hidden Horizon solemnly said.

"Everyone, focus on protecting Monarch Flying Snow!"

"If Monarch Flying Snow dies, all of us will definitely die!"

The cultivators did not dare to be careless at all.

Daoist Hidden Horizon even released his Black-White Domain. One could see many black and white ribbons appearing in the surroundings. They were also constantly protecting Xue Ying. Under the cover of those black-white ribbons, the tall and big male that was originally hiding appeared too!

"Another suppression?" The tall and big male frowned as he glanced at Daoist Hidden Horizon. Daoist Hidden Horizon cultivated bloodline. His strength had also reached the apex level within Scarlet Cloud City. This domain of his was not easily broken. Enemies had to resist against it with their bodies. If the tall and big male had retained his full strength, he would not care about this suppression. But now that he was withstanding against an incredibly huge suppression, this layer of domain caused the strength of the tall and big male to drop once again.

'My Illusory Realm is flawed.' Xue Ying thought, 'Facing against this High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform whose soul level is simply too high, my Illusory Realm could not shake him at all.'

Even when one suffered from suppression, the quality of his soul would remained unchanged.

Hence, Xue Ying's Illusory Realm was just like a cool breeze against the Chaotic Origin Prisoner. It did not influence his strength at all.

'Instead, it is Brother Hidden Horizon's domain that is useful.' Xue Ying murmured.

But he forgot.

His Illusory Realm Domain was contributing the most against the Chaotic Origin Prisoner! Because it was the huge number of protectors every Chaotic Origin Prisoner had that gave the greatest headache to the cultivators. Just like now where there were 1,200 Grand Perfection God Emperor Hidden Devil Hunters. If all of them could exhibit their full strength, they would be much more threatening and harder to deal with than the Chaotic Origin Prisoner.

Under Xue Ying's soul technique, all Hidden Devil Hunters had become significantly weaker; they only had the strength of a Late Stage God Emperor! One had to know that this group of cultivators could fight to a draw with 200 Grand Perfection God Emperor Hidden Devil Hunters. Even though there were 1,200 of them now, all of them were greatly weakened…

Hence, Xue Ying and the cultivators still held an absolute advantage over the Hidden Devil Hunters. Those Hidden Devil Hunters could fight on merely due to their exuberant life force.


"Die." The tall and big male was forced to show himself by the Black-White Domain. He lightly muttered before suddenly exploding forward.


Leaving behind a blurred black light, the tall and big male moved at a frighteningly fast pace towards Xue Ying.

"Protect Monarch Flying Snow." A metallic giant immediately charged out against that incoming black light.

That black light flashed. It was truly agile and unpredictable, easily bypassing that metallic giant and continued towards Xue Ying.

"Hong." Xue Ying's body abruptly grew to 10 meters tall. His entire body was covered in a dim gray light cover. His aura also became more wild and chaotic. With a spear in his hand, he spun it, causing layers of space to fold around him. That black light did not evade. Instead, it continued on since its target was ultimately Xue Ying! That black light forced through the layers of space before eventually clashing with the spear. And the outcome was that black light forced backwards. It distorted before turning back to that tall and big male.


Xue Ying remained standing at his original position. He merely felt a strand of sharp energy coursing through the spear into his body, wrecking destruction within it. Fortunately, this force was weakened after transmittance through the spear. And the remnant force was something Xue Ying could still withstand.

"Ai." The tall and big male sighed, "What a joke. I can't even kill a little brat."

Xue Ying's expression changed inwardly.

He had exhibited the strength of an apex cultivator in Scarlet Cloud City. He even had the help of a domain suppression from another apex cultivator, Daoist Hidden Horizon. Nonetheless, he did not have the slightest advantage at all.

"Mn?" The tall and big male looked at Xue Ying. Suddenly, he grinned, "It seems you haven't reached the Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body level? Your body seems to be unstable. I feel that your life force is weakening constantly."

"Protect Monarch Flying Snow!" Daoist Hidden Horizon ordered, "Execute according to plan one with the Chaotic Origin Prisoner as the target."



"Let's charge!"

Daoist Hidden Horizon originally had several cultivators serving him. Even though they felt dissatisfied after being abandoned by Daoist Hidden Horizon, they still listened to his order this time as it was done with the aim to protect Xue Ying.

At that moment, "sou sou sou"...

A total of eight cultivators charged towards the tall and big male. Even though all of them were ordinary Grand Perfection God Emperors, they could still exchange several moves with the Chaotic Origin Prisoner with their combined techniques.

"Monarch Flying Snow, as long as you promise me, our grudges would be resolved at this moment. You don't have to take revenge against me and I'll do my utmost in dealing with that Chaotic Origin Prisoner." Xie Fan transmitted to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying gave Xie Fan a look.

"I am afraid." Xie Fan gave a weird chuckle, "I once plotted against you. If you were to plot against me, I doubt I can still return to Scarlet Cloud City alive."

"You are being too vigilant. Even if I want to plot against you, I might not succeed." Xue Ying transmitted back. What he would do is not to lend Xie Fan a helping hand! This was also an unspoken rule within the team. Just like how Xie Fan did so against Xue Ying, watching by the side and allowing Xue Ying to struggle by himself. But even if he did so, the chance of Xie Fan falling is low.

Because Xie Fan was very powerful.

Xie Fan's fleshy body was incredibly strong. He was even ranked amongst the top of all cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City. Even if 20 Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeforms attacked him at the same time, Xie Fan could still withstand against their attacks and escape alive. Hence, Xie Fan would definitely mix himself within the team, maintaining a close distance with other cultivators. As a result, it would be hard for Xue Ying to craft a 'ghastly situation' for him.

Just like how Xie Fan had given up on plotting against Xue Ying the moment he discovered Xue Ying could exhibit the strength of an apex expert. This was also the reason why.

"Heh heh, how can I not remain vigilant? If Monarch Flying Snow uses the reason of unable to resist against the Chaotic Origin Prisoner and allow all of us to flee on ourselves, and then you choose to bring all other cultivators in the team while leaving me alone, won't I die?" Xie Fan transmitted.

Xue Ying was speechless.

"Leaving behind you alone and bringing others away?" Xue Ying replied, "You are simply looking down on me."

If the team divided into several sections before escaping in different directions, this could still be explained.

Bringing all others to escape while leaving behind Xie Fan? That was deliberately forcing him to death! That was simply too despicable. This was something Xie Fan would do, and thus, he was similarly guarded against Xue Ying.

"I know Monarch Flying Snow would never commit such an act. Haha, as long as Monarch Flying Snow gives your promise, we'll resolve our grudges! I'll immediately render my help too… it seems this Chaotic Origin Prisoner has targeted just you alone, Monarch Flying Snow! Even if you wish to escape, he'll likely follow behind you. I doubt you can maintain that peak state with your body for too long. But if I were to help you, things will no longer be the same. Only I can fight with him head-on." Xie Fan transmitted.

"Hand over another three Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses and we will let bygones be bygones." Xue Ying transmitted.

Even though Xie Fan felt his heart aching, he still squeezed a smile out: "Alright! If Monarch Flying Snow were to display your strength earlier, why would I even dare to become your enemy? Haha, from now on, we are brothers!"

Xue Ying felt his cheek twitching.


Xie Fan waved his hand and threw a storage treasure over to Xue Ying: "There are three Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses inside. I'll pass them to you first."

At the moment he threw the storage treasure over, Xie Fan suddenly thought back… in the past, he once threatened Xue Ying to trade that Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse with three of his Void Lineage Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses. Who would have thought that this would be the outcome.

'No matter what, by lowering my head this time and offering gifts to you, I have at least one less huge enemy.' Xie Fan thought.

He bullied the weak.

But to those that could threaten his life, he would treat them incredibly good. He could readily give and take. After all, he had never cared about his face and reputation before.

In reality, both parties spent just a single instance conversing.

"Chaotic Origin Prisoner, die for me!" Xie Fan suddenly shouted out. With a "sou", he charged towards that tall and big male.

Xue Ying held on to the storage treasure that Xie Fan threw over. He sighed inwardly. This Xie Fan immediately threw the three Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses the moment they finished talking. Clearly, he wanted to prevent Xue Ying from going back on his word. Xue Ying watched at the battle that happened afar: 'Whatever. Even on this journey back, plotting against Xie Fan is not easy at all. It is impossible for me to ensure his death. If we were to become enemies, given how careful and vigilant he is, he'll definitely not give me another opportunity after we have returned to the city. Making him lose three Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses is sufficient to give him a heart ache.'


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