Lord Xue Ying
1365 Sea of Abyss Master
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1365 Sea of Abyss Master

There was a forbidden ground in the Sacred World known as the 'Sea of Abyss'.

The Sea of Abyss occupied approximately one-tenth of the entire Sacred World. It was also known that the only Chaotic Origin Prisoner imprisoned in the Sea of Abyss was also the most terrifying one in the entire Sacred World. It was so huge it occupied the majority of the Sea of Abyss! The law suppression of the Sacred World was incredibly strong. For an existence to maintain the body size more than half the Sea of Abyss… showed how strong he was.


At the center of the Sea of Abyss, there was an enormous dark air maelstrom. This maelstrom was constantly stirring up the entire Sea of Abyss.

Underneath this maelstrom, deep in the sea.

There was currently a gigantic humanoid being seated cross-legged on the seabed. Even as he sat on the seabed, his head had reached a height just tens of thousands of kilometers away from the surface of the sea. If he extended his arms, he could touch the the shore surrounding the Sea of Abyss. To the cultivators, this was the Sea of Abyss. But to this imprisoned Chaotic Origin Prisoner, it was a very small prison! This prison was not much bigger than his body size.

His breathing was constantly causing terrifying maelstroms to form.

He was none other than the strongest Chaotic Origin Prisoner imprisoned in the Sacred World! Even when he left the Sea of Abyss, suffering from a constantly increasing suppression and weakening strength, when he reached any of the five assembly grounds of the cultivators, the entire city worth of cultivators could barely fight against him.


The seated 'Sea of Abyss Master' had messy hair. It was like seagrass. As he opened his eyes, a pair of dark irises could be seen.

'That brat from Quiet Icy Mountain has died?' The Sea of Abyss Master slightly frowned. He would usually sit on the seabed of the Sea of Abyss, yet he could easily extend his senses across every single part of the Sacred World. There were not too many Chaotic Origin Prisoners locked in the Sacred World. Even though they had just reached the 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform' level and were not as strong as him, they were still his comrades!

He, Sea of Abyss Master, was an expert amongst High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. In addition, he had a noble bloodline, so he was naturally terrifying.

'With his strength and several thousand protectors, this should not be the case.' Sea of Abyss Master felt puzzled. He then gave an order to his subordinates.

"Hua hua hua."

Many humanoid lifeforms could be seen in the Sea of Abyss. These humanoid lifeforms had two legs, yet they did not have the usual two arms! Instead, they had 16 tentacles! They were termed by cultivators as 'Sea of Abyss Attendants' and were also the subordinates of the Sea of Abyss Master.


There were five Sea of Abyss Attendants that respectfully bowed and waited for the King's order.

"Bring your subordinates and head to the Quiet Icy Mountain. Go find out how Quiet Icy Mountain Master died." The Sea of Abyss Master slightly turned his head. In the process, there were sounds of shackles clashing as he ordered nonchalantly; his voice booming in the sea.

"Yes, King."

These five Sea of Abyss Attendants immediately acknowledged.

Very soon.

They brought along 500 subordinates of theirs and left Sea of Abyss for the Quiet Icy Mountain.

'Yet another comrade has died.' The cool eyes of the Sea of Abyss Master were faintly filled with fury. Following that, he shut his eyes and continued enduering the endless torture.


As the team of Sea of Abyss Attendants was rushing towards Quiet Icy Mountain, Xue Ying's team of cultivators spent another two more days before finally returning back to Scarlet Cloud City.

On the journey back, the cultivators were much more relaxed. Xue Ying had also casted his Mirage and Illusory Realm multiple times, allowing the team to hunt down more Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

Finally, the team went to the Scarlet Cloud Hall first for a simple distribution of the food.

"Haha, forgive me for not inviting everyone to a banquet. I have been waiting for this day and can no longer endure anymore. Today, I'll immediately enter closed-door cultivation." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said, "I hope to seek everyone's understanding in this."

"Brother Nine-Headed, all of us understand that! You should focus on your cultivation and fight for it! It has been a long time since our Sacred World has anyone who broke through to the Chaotic Origin Level."

"Right! All of us are waiting for City Master Nine-Headed to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform so that we can gain some benefits too!"

The cultivators present laughed.


Those that came to this world had only one desire—to have a breakthrough out of the cage onto the higher life level as a Chaotic Origin Lifeform! Hence, they understood the thinking of City Master Nine-Headed

"Many thanks brothers. Brother Flying Snow, come with me to my cavern-dwelling. I'll pass you your share of that Quiet Icy Mountain Master corpse too." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said.

"Alright." Xue Ying's heart was filled with blazing passion as well.

"Sou sou."

After bidding farewell to the other cultivators, Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor and Xue Ying soon left and arrived at City Master Nine-Headed's cavern-dwelling. They entered the underground palace within the cavern-dwelling.

"Brother Flying Snow, do wait a moment." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said. At the same time, he waved his hand, causing an enormous corpse of Quiet Icy Mountain Master to appear. This corpse was approximately 6,000 meters long. As it lay there, one could see various forms of wounds on its body and fractures on its bones. The only difference was that the shackles had strangely disappeared.

"I'll first enter and extract its heart." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor turned into a stream of light and disappeared after finishing his words. He entered through the mouth of Quiet Icy Mountain Master and tunneled into it.

Xue Ying waited patiently.

An hour later.


A stream of light soon flew out from the body of Quiet Icy Mountain Master. It turned into a Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor. At the same time, he smiled at Xue Ying: "I have extracted the heart. Now, I'll be drawing out its blood. This is much easier." Saying that, an unseen energy immediately permeated into the body of that enormous corpse. One could see strands of blood fly out from the wounds on its body, its mouth, its nose, and other holes.

Those strands of blood converged before flying towards Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor.

This blood was dark blue in color. Every droplet of blood seemed to be filled with void energy.

"It is indeed a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform." The eyes of Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor brightened. He finally stopped with his collection, "Brother Flying Snow, this corpse should still have about 10% of its blood left. And now, this corpse will be yours."

"Brother Nine-Headed, then I will be congratulating you in advance for your success before you enter your closed-door cultivation." Xue Ying chuckled. At the same time, he kept the corpse of that Quiet Icy Mountain Master. But as he kept it, his expression changed. "Peng"—that Eden Treasure which he used to store the body simply exploded. Fortunately, that Eden Treasure was not filled with any other things. Hence, it did not cause many items to fly out.

"Hahaha…" Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor guffawed, "Previously, I wasn't able to keep the corpse. And now, you are committing the same mistake as me too?"

"This is my first time storing a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse." Xue Ying felt helpless.

"I have a Chaotic Origin Sack here with me. You can have it." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor passed Xue Ying that queer sack which he previously used to keep the Quiet Icy Mountain corpse.

"Thank you."

Xue Ying said.

Even though he had many storage treasures, due to his inexperience, he did not really dare say which could withstand the pressure from a a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

Looking at this magical beige sack in his hand, he opened it before activating the vacuum function. "Sou", an unseen ripple formed around that corpse, sucking it into the sack. Following that, Xue Ying tied the sack.

"Brother Nine-Headed, I shall make my move then." Xue Ying said.

"I'll be entering closed-door cultivation too. Congratulations Brother Flying Snow in advance as well for grasping the Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body." Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said.

Xue Ying left.

Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor waited for Xue Ying to leave before shutting his underground palace doors. He was meeting nobody at all and had begun his closed-door cultivation. He was about to begin another attempt at breakthrough to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Reaching his level where he no longer saw any hope in forcing a breakthrough, he had decided to go with an Ultimate Awakening instead. And he understood very deeply how he should go about doing it.

One body that could hold nine different Chaotic Origin Bloodlines while perfectly fusing them together.

His control of bloodlines had already reached an unfathomable stage. The bloodline from the 'Quiet Icy Mountain Master' was one he reckoned as the greatest possibility and most crucial material he had currently towards breaking through to the next level.


'Nine-Headed has gone closed-door cultivation.'

Weather Leaf was also in his underground palace independently meditating.

He had received the news two days ago, and understood that the cultivators that went with City Master Nine-Headed had successfully slaughtered that Quiet Icy Mountain Master.

'With the help from Monarch Flying Snow, the strength of several thousand protectors have been significantly weakened. Nine-Headed had attempted it several times and even once invited me to help, yet all of them ended in failure. However, this time, he actually had it so easily.' Weather Leaf sighed inwardly, 'Nine-Headed… I pray for your success in your Ultimate Awakening.'

If he were to fail…

The next time Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor could have a chance at breaking through would definitely be a very long time later.

After all, this was the closest moment Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor had at succeeding.


And just as Xue Ying returned to his cavern-dwelling, he saw Monarch Ardent Creek.

"Monarch Flying Snow." Monarch Ardent Creek chuckled, "As we agreed previously, we shall comprehend it together for 100 million years."

"Haha, since I gave my promise, I'll naturally not go against my words. Furthermore, with Monarch Ardent Creek comprehending it with me, the two of us can bounce ideas off one another. Perhaps I might be able to grasp a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body much faster than expected." Xue Ying chuckled.

"I am also doing it for cultivation, so pardon my disturbance." Monarch Ardent Creek said. Even though they had agreed on it, he still felt a bit ashamed.

Because when one cultivated truly, he would do it independently.

"Brother Ardent Creek, I can comprehend it for trillions and trillions of years. However, you only have 100 million years so it is best we make full use of the time to cultivate." Xue Ying said.

"Yes yes yes." Monarch Ardent Creek chuckled before entering the cavern-dwelling as well.

On that day itself.

Xue Ying shut his doors off from all visitors. He and Monarch Ardent Creek began studying the corpse of Quiet Icy Mountain Master. The two of them would also occasionally exchange ideas and go about discussing the Dao.


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