Lord Xue Ying
1374 Eruption
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1374 Eruption

"The cultivators from Ice Star City have all left in the direction of our Scarlet Cloud City!" Vice-City Master 'Wu Xiao' suddenly said.


"Ice Star City?"

The cultivators in Scarlet Cloud Hall were all startled. That mirror floating in midair suddenly projected the scene at Ice Star City. They saw a similar ancient city which occupied a region spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Currently, there are three teams of cultivators leaving Ice Star City. They flew towards the horizons.

"It seems that they are not willing to let this opportunity go. They wish to participate in the hunt for the Sea of Abyss Master." The group of cultivators lamented.

Xue Ying nodded.

All of them could understand it.

In reality, those that came to this Cultivation Sacred World had lived for a very long time! They had long become eternal. Even the youngest Xue Ying had trillions of years as the basic unit of period he cultivated for! In such a long time, those that had weaker heart realm would have become mad! Their souls would have collapsed.

Of course, Xue Ying and the other cultivators here were different. Their hearts had been refined to withstand the trials of time.

It's just… after living for so long, they ultimately had to have some goals to pursue.

Vengeance and gratitude was momentary! Many powerful experts no longer had any relatives left alive. Most of them cultivated and lived alone. To them, only the 'path of cultivation' would make them engrossed.

Even though their lives were eternal, they could not see the end of cultivation still!

Over time as they grew stronger, their understanding of the world would deepen and become clearer. Furthermore, they would gain the ability to create items or create worlds. They would be able to do so much more! This would make them engrossed.

'Most of the cultivators in this Sacred World have lived for far too long. They have lived for a period many more times than I did.' Xue Ying thought. He was quite young, 'Over the years, most of them are left with the ambition of 'seeking Dao'. For the sake of cultivation, they were willing to be like moths and fly into the burning flames. They are willing to fight with the Sea of Abyss Master just for the sake of that single opportunity.'

Before Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor succeeded, many cultivators in the Cultivation Sacred World had lost hope. Even so, they were still enduring it. It was obvious how extraordinary their Dao hearts were.

But the success by Nine-Headed has ignited hope in many cultivators.

'Scarlet Cloud City has me! And now, the cultivators from Sky Noon City are rushing over too. It is most likely that the cultivators from other cities find that killing the Sea of Abyss Master is greatly possible, which is why they chose to participate as well.' Xue Ying thought.

Very soon.

They also received news that cultivators from Rising Light City and Frost Moon City also chose to give up their cities and came rushing over to Scarlet Cloud City.



The cultivators from the other four cities, Sky Noon City, Ice Star City, Rising Light City, and Frost Moon City were all heading towards 'Scarlet Cloud City'. It was extremely rare for cultivators from all five cities to gather at a single location.

"With the cultivators from several cities working together and Monarch Flying Snow's heaven-defying soul technique! This is the most hopeful moment we would ever have in killing the Sea of Abyss Master. If we failed this time, I doubt we would ever have any hope of achieving it in the future."

"We must participate in the hunt this time!"

"If we missed out on this, we might have to wait for god knows how long."

Many teams of cultivators began proceeding ahead. They were all filled with intense desires.

They had many different experiences. Since they could reach their current realm, most of them had an intense desire towards the 'Great Dao'. They were seeking eternity in Dao, and to jump out of the cage. They were unwilling to remain as ants stuck in the cage!

Opportunities had to be fought for by the cultivators.

The cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City did not plan on waiting for cultivators from other cities to arrive. They would naturally grab hold of this opportunity. They had to act fast. Perhaps, they might be able to kill the Sea of Abyss Master just by themselves. Even if they did not, they were confident of surviving it.

"He is about to reach."

"The Sea of Abyss Master is just an hour away from reaching."

Over 3,000 cultivators were standing at the top of various buildings waiting silently. There was a magic mirror floating in midair constantly reflecting the position of the Sea of Abyss Master.

The Sea of Abyss Master dashed for six days. His body was gradually becoming smaller too. For the height of 900 kilometers, it decreased further until it was only 600 kilometers tall! His speed had distinctly reduced.

'His strength has dropped by another 30%.' Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao, and many other cultivators determined it via the magic mirror.

Actually, the five assembly grounds surrounded the Sea of Abyss with the Sky Noon City being closest to it. The distance of the other four cities was not that far off to the Sea of Abyss comparatively speaking.

It's only the 'Sky Noon City' and 'Scarlet Cloud City' that were both closer. Hence, the Sea of Abyss Master would attack Sky Noon City before Scarlet Cloud City most of the time.

"His strength has decreased further. And I can render those Chaotic Origin Lifeforms helpless. It is entirely possible for us to kill him together." Xue Ying stood on the rooftop of his cavern-dwelling, saying.


"Wu~ Kill!"

"Kill these cultivators!"

At this moment, many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms had already gathered outside Scarlet Cloud City. They had practically covered the world. These Chaotic Origin Lifeforms had very different appearances. They came from different tribes. And now, they began their attack on the city. It was only due to the complete activation of Scarlet Cloud City's arrays, causing layers of barrier to form that prevented any attack from leaking in. Xue Ying did not need to execute his soul technique at all.

Just by relying on the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms? It was impossible for them to destroy a city.

Time passed.

The 3,000 over cultivators remained standing on their rooftops waiting patiently. They were waiting for the huge battle that was about to ensue.

Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao, Great Emperor Heaven Calamity, Mo Shu, Monarch Ardent Creek, and others were preparing themselves! In a while, they would be unleashing their full strength!

"He is here." All the cultivators looked over. There was no longer any need for the magic mirror because they could see a towering giant dashing over. His height of 600 kilometers felt seriously exaggerated in the Cultivation Sacred World where the suppressive laws were extreme! Most Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were merely several hundred meters, with the tallest being slightly over 1,000 meters tall. Compared to the 'Sea of Abyss Master', they were ants.

Of course, there were so many of these 'ants' that it felt excessive.


As he ran, a frightening gale was produced. After all, it was a giant running.

He stopped only after reaching the outskirts of the city. Looking down at the cultivators in the city, that pair of enormous cold eyes noticed a white-robed young man amidst the group of cultivators. He had already received intelligence on Xue Ying, and knew how Xue Ying looked as well as his aura.

"You are Monarch Flying Snow?" The eyes of the Sea of Abyss Master emitted light. It took shape before illuminating Xue Ying.

"I wouldn't have thought that my name has spread even to the Sea of Abyss." Xue Ying said.

"Be careful!"

"Brother Flying Snow, it seems he has fixed his attention on you! It is likely that he knows you are of the greatest threat to him. In a while… why not stay in the city?"

Quite a few cultivators transmitted over to Xue Ying.

"There's no need. I am within the combat formation. If the combat formation was to be broken apart, then the entire combat formation would be wiped." Xue Ying transmitted back, "If we lost that badly, where we can't even survive, then staying in the city would still end up in death."

"Alright." Weather Leaf answered.

There were several advantages to encouraging Xue Ying to remain in the city. Firstly, the cultivators were afraid that Xue Ying would die in the hands of the Sea of Abyss Master if he was too close to the enemy. On the other hand, they wished Xue Ying would stay within the city! That way, Xue Ying's contribution would solely be due to his soul technique.

At this moment.

The voice of the Sea of Abyss Master rumbled: "Three of my comrades have died in your hands."

"I can't do it by myself alone." Xue Ying looked upwards.

"Without you, they won't die! This time, I'll definitely destroy your Scarlet Cloud City. You, Monarch Flying Snow, will also be personally killed by me." The eyes of the Sea of Abyss Master were filled with killing intent.

"Oh? Perhaps you might die in the hands of us cultivators just like your comrades." Xue Ying said. He was not worried about himself. After all, he could simply activate his imprint and leave this world. Even though he would be letting down other cultivators in the Sacred World, he would die if he fell into a predicament! By then, he could only choose to leave this world.

Of course, Xue Ying felt that the possibility of reaching that stage is very low.

"Hmph hmph, are you sure?"

That furious snort rumbled like thunder across the world.

Following that, his huge hands fell from the sky! Those hands were filled with crimson flames, burning even the void which caused the shackles outside the world to reveal.

That pair of hands was more than 50 kilometers long… every finger was like an enormous sword that pierce right towards the layers of barrier protecting the city.

"Pu pu pu…"

Approximately 20 layers of the barrier were pierced through.

Yet that made the cultivators heave a sigh of relief. It seemed the 30% decrease of Sea of Abyss Master's strength had reduced his threat against the city protecting arrays by more than twice. Because the taller the Sea of Abyss Master was, the greater the array destructive energy he could produce, and that was an exponential increase! And now, his full force had just pierced through 20 layers of barrier? The cultivators could easily replenish the barrier in an instance!

"His strength has been significantly weakened. We can kill him." Weather Leaf transmitted to the other cultivators, "Let's do it according to the plan. Kill him!"




The cultivators rapidly rushed up into the sky towards their designated teams. Of course, there were still 200 over cultivators that remained on their respective rooftops. They remained behind because they had to maintain the array protecting the city! Even though the array could absorb the World Energy, maintaining those arrays required cultivators to control.

Almost all of these 200 over cultivators had a combat strength of Late Stage God Emperor. They would not really be of any help to the combat formations.

Xue Ying was in the team with Weather Leaf. Because this team with 'Weather Leaf' as the core could exhibit a stronger power. It was slightly stronger than the teams led by Wu Xiao and Great Emperor Heaven Calamity.

"Illusory Realm, descend." Xue Ying immediately casted it.


An enormous Illusory Realm that spanned across half a million kilometers descended.

Actually, this region was not too big. If it was his hometown Origin World or Realm Heart Great Land, this was quite a small region. It was considered a slightly large region in the Lightning World too. Only in the 'Cultivation Sacred World' that was suppressed so frighteningly would a region of half a million kilometers be so scary. One had to know that the entire Scarlet Cloud City was only several hundred of thousands of kilometers long.

This domain had enveloped the entire city including several thousand kilometers in the nerighboring region.

Even though the Sea of Abyss Master was tall and big, he was only 900 kilometers high! Compared to this region that spanned half a million kilometers, he was simply too small! All the neighboring Chaotic Origin Lifeforms had been affected. Their souls were being pulled by the huge Illusory Realm and were greatly weakened. After becoming weaker, this large group of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms could not obstruct the incoming teams of cultivators at all.

'This is Monarch Flying Snow's soul technique?' The Sea of Abyss Master could feel it. His soul was sufficiently strong that he did not care about the Illusory Realm. However, seeing the group of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms around him becoming weaker, 'It is indeed formidable.'

A strand weirdness flashed through the eyes of the Sea of Abyss Master.

'Monarch Flying Snow must die! I believe his death would most likely incur the wrath of some Chaotic Origin Experts.' The Sea of Abyss Master could guess that such an expert who was so terrifying in the soul would most certainly have incited the attention of several Chaotic Origin Experts.

But so what?

As long as he was sufficiently fast, he could kill the other party! There would not be sufficient time to protect Xue Ying at all!


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