Lord Xue Ying
299 Lord You Lan“s Crisis
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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299 Lord You Lan“s Crisis

Come support us on Patreon for access to advance chapters! https://www.patreon.com/radiantlxy"This pervert! His secret skill must’ve fused together two different True Meanings." The gold-robed teenager Jian Huang shook his head. "His power wouldn’t have increased by such an exaggerated amount if he hadn’t!" 

"Lord You Lan has grasped hold of two grade two True Meanings." The temple of the Earth God’s team commander, Wu Ma Hai, gazed towards Lord You Lan and Xue Ying and then said, "Both of which have reached the peak of the stage three realm! His demonic body could match that of a Deity’s, and he even has a Deity weapon with him. Who would’ve thought that Xue Ying’s secret skill would be so powerful, and that it would be purely offensive, such that he was able to reach the peak of the stage three realm for his Extreme Piercing!"

Wu Ma Hai continued to observe…

Xue Ying had neither Qi nor a Deity weapon; he had to depend solely on the might of his True Meanings! Consequently, that spear technique of his was purely destructive in nature, as the Myriad Existences it held had transformed into a point of extremity. In short, it was a purely offensive move. Compared to the might that Lord You Lan had shown in their previous clashes, it was only a notch lower. One had to realize that Lord You Lan was both using a Deity weapon and had a demonic body.

"What a formidable secret skill!"

"His comprehension of the realms was already quite good. With this secret skill of his added to the fray, however, he’s definitely on the same level as us."

They were all Demigods who stood at the apex.

The Meishan Clan Master, Chen Jiu, Jian Huang, Wu Ma Hai, Lord You Lan… All of them had reached the peak of the stage three realm in their various grade two True Meanings! However, it was impossible for them to condense grade two Deity Hearts.

That was because…

The moment that they condensed a grade two Deity Heart, they’d easily be able to become a Deity!

If they could truly become a Deity, all of them would’ve done so long ago. Who’d be willing to gamble with their life in the Crimson Rock Mountain, where only one out of every ten people survived?

A Transcendent with a grade five or a grade four Deity Heart would have a hard time becoming a Deity. A Transcendent with a grade three Deity Heart wouldn’t have an easy time becoming a Deity. Someone with a grade two Deity Heart, however, would definitely become a Deity. As for those with a so-called ‘grade one Deity Heart’...that was something both unfathomable and terrifying..

In actuality, somebody that simply had a grade one True Meaning was already too rare.

Just like the difference between grade four and grade three True Meanings—generally, there would only be one person who grasped a grade three True Meaning out of countless others with grade four True Meanings.

From grade three to grade two True Meanings, only one person out of ten thousand would have a grade two True Meaning. Furthermore, this was already considered a legend.

As for grade two to grade one True Meanings…only one person out of a million people would acquire one. The emergence of one was something that pure statistics couldn’t be used to calculate, as every single emergence of a grade one True Meaning was a miracle in and of itself. In fact, it was even rarer than a grade one Deity Heart.

Why so?

This was because once one had become a Deity, such as those who had grade two Deity Hearts, they could continue to cultivate over a long period of time in order to transform their grade two Deity Heart into a grade one Deity Heart.

For those at the Transcendent level, people that could comprehend a grade one True Meaning would certainly become amazing characters!


Anytime someone with a grade one True Meaning emerged, based on their comprehensive abilities, they’d easily be able to condense a Deity Heart. Even if they were to die prematurely, several powerful existences from the Deity World would do their best to protect their souls and refine a new fleshly body in order for them to live on in.

Regardless, anybody with a grade one True Meaning would be treated as a precious treasure!

At the same time, any enemy superpowers would certainly attempt to think of ways to kill these geniuses as soon as possible! Thus, when needed, the existence of those with grade one True Meanings would be kept a secret. Even the Temporal Temple had to swear an oath to ensure that they didn’t gain too much power.

"It seems the battle is coming to an end." Chen Jiu looked into the distance and smiled. "It’ll be hard to have a victor appear between Dong Bo Xue Ying and Lord You Lan."

"What if that Lord You Lan decides to continue slaughtering mortals and threatens the Xia Clan?" the nearby old man with a mountain-goatee asked.

"Rest assured. Lord You Lan has to remain fully focused to defend himself against Dong Bo Xue Ying’s spear techniques; he shouldn’t take a wild risk like that… " Chen Jiu said..

"It shouldn’t distract him that much to slaughter mortals, right?" the old man with a mountain-goatee mumbled.

"Even if he truly does decide to do that, as one of Dong Bo Xue Ying’s comrades, I’ll act. With Dong Bo Xu Ying working alongside me, Lord You Lan’s only option would be to escape in panic. If he doesn’t do so, he’ll definitely die," Chen Jiu said. Previously—before Xue Ying had revealed his secret skill—they could’ve at most attained a draw with You Lan. But now…?

Now that Xue Ying had revealed his secret skill, if he decided to help out Xue Ying, things would be different..


Within the Mirage.

Xue Ying gazed at the black-skinned teenager wrapped in white cloth, fully alert. He frowned. "This Lord You Lan is truly too powerful. There aren’t any gaps in the ripples of True Meaning covering his body. Even my previous fantasy domain didn’t let me approach him, despite removing certain parts of the True Meaning! In fact, he’s still emitting ripples of True Meaning, despite my previous domain being removed. He’s preventing my Mirage Avatars from approaching."

He was currently able to control nine Mirage Avatars. During battle, he could completely formulate ten spears to surround and attack the enemy!

The other nine spears were all controlled by the Mirage Avatars!

It was a pity that these Mirage Avatars were too weak. The True Meaning of Mirage was, by nature, weak in terms of offense. The nine Mirage Avatars could barely fight against an ordinary Demigod. Even if this power was channelled through the spear, it would not allow them to get close to Lord You Lan! And they were pointless in terms of ‘confusing’ the enemy! Even if the Mirage Avatars appeared all around Lord You Lan, with a slight ripple of the other party’s True Meaning, they would all turn back to nothingness.

"Other methods are all useless. I have never thought that this ‘Star Meteor Annihilation’ technique of mine, which I comprehended during the past hundred years, could not kill him. It seems that I have to make one last gamble." Xue Ying frowned.

That year when he was inflicted with the hex poison…

He had not perfectly comprehended his True Meanings in a holistic manner; he had only been seeking to perfect his spear techniques, unknowingly fusing the Profound Mysteries of both the True Meaning of Star with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. Due to the short lifespan he had left, where he was tortured day and night, Xue Ying did not have any worries and went on about seeking to perfect that spear technique in his heart!

Who cared about Profound Mysteries! The more tremendous his spear techniques, the better his spear techniques would become!

That was how Star Meteor Annihilation gradually came to be!

He had never heard of secret skills; however, this Star Meteor Annihilation had been his greatest achievement during the past hundred years! As his comprehension of the Extreme Piercing and Star deepened, this secret skill of his had similarly strengthened.

"Palace Head Chen!" Xue Ying called out.

His Mirage Avatar transmitted his voice directly into Battleship D9.

"Xue Ying." The Xia Clan Demigods present within the battleship were all feeling extremely excited; the Xia Clan was actually witnessing the emergence of such a powerful Transcendent!

"Palace Head Chen, I’ll be taking on one last gamble, and thus, I sincerely need your help. I’ve heard that an attack previously released by Battleship D9 had almost annihilated Lord You Lan. I wish for you to use that move again… Even though the price might not be small, I think that it is worth it." Xue Ying’s voice resounded throughout Battleship D9.

"It merely costs a single Deity Crystal! That’s about the price of a Deity grade scroll. It’s not much." The Transcendents of Xia Clan became elated.

Back then, they had tore several scrolls for the sake of saving Xue Ying.

A Deity Crystal was something they could afford to use.

Without Xue Ying, even if they spent a few dozen Deity Crystals, they still could not win the battle.

"Alright. You guys just look for an opportunity while I attack Lord You Lan!" Xue Ying glanced at the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear in his hand—the spearhead was currently smeared dark red.


Lord You Lan hovered in mid-air, carefully sensing his surroundings. The ripples of his True Meaning were sweeping through his surroundings while reducing the flow of time.

I’ve actually been forced to this stage by Dong Bo Xue Ying. Since you can’t kill me, then I’ll ensure that you regret this. Lord You Lan glanced toward the four teams in the distance. The moment I am on the losing end, those four teams will most likely take action. Despite this, I’ll rather use a Deity grade scroll to ensure the Xia Clan understands the price of offending me!

Vengeance had long been seeped through the bones of Lord You Lan with each step he climbed within the Dark Abyss.

This time, he had brought with him five Deity grade scrolls! The price for bringing them was truly tremendous, and thus, with these five Deity grade scrolls, he had hoped to attain another thirty from the Xia Clan! Consequently, his certainty of crossing through the Crimson Rock Mountain would be much higher.

If I attain some miraculous encounter in the Crimson Rock Mountain, enabling me to condense a grade two Deity Heart and turning me into a Demonic God, I’ll definitely ensure the Xia Clan pays the price! Lord You Lan gritted his teeth.

He had two grade two True Meanings.

They were both at the peak of the stage three realm! Power-wise, he was a level higher than Nuo Nuo An and General Ku Meng. His understanding of the Laws of Profound Mysteries was also much deeper than them. With this gap in both power and the Laws of Profound Mysteries, it was enough for Lord You Lan to attain an absolute suppressive advantage against them—not to mention the addition of two grade two True Meanings.


Lord You Lan blocked off more of Xue Ying’s attacks, placing his entire focus into the battle.


It suddenly came without warning!

An azure lightning suddenly struck out from the distant Battleship D9. This savage azure serpent flew at an extremely fast speed. Its might was similarly terrifying, so terrifying that the heavens and earth trembled faintly. Everywhere it passed through, space itself had been torn into void, leaving behind pitch-black cracks. Within a moment, it reached Lord You Lan!

"Xia Clan!" Lord You Lan was terrified. Under Xue Ying’s pressure, he had almost forgotten that the attack from Battleship D9 was even more terrifying! This Deity grade battleship, which depended on a Deity Crystal for its power, allowed these Demigods to unleash an attack far stronger than that of a newly ascended Deity.

"Dodge, dodge, dodge!"

Lord You Lan was doing his very best to evade as fast as he could. His demonic body exploded with speed; the True Meaning of Time Deceleration was also being unleashed to reduce the incoming attack of that serpentine azure lightning.


The serpentine azure lightning passed through him, extinguishing Lord You Lan’s mirror image.

He reappeared to the side, still hovering in the air.

Too close, too close. Lord You Lan still retained some lingering fear, but there was no time for him to relax.


A spear suddenly appeared from the side. The distance was too close, and the speed was too fast! Lord You Lan, who had just used all his strength to evade the serpentine azure lightning, was barely able to send out a palm attack—but it was too late. He had just started waving his palm when the spear pierced through his eyebrow.


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