Lord Xue Ying
345 The Xia Clan“s Strategy to Success
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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345 The Xia Clan“s Strategy to Success

This was a transformation on the deepest level. The new minute particle structure caused every aspect of his body to suddenly change. His hair toughened, stronger than many precious transcendent materials now. His bones strengthened, now capable of being used to forge Deity treasures. His body was now significantly stronger than the Deity body of many Deities. After all, despite being a Deity, only Xue Ying had been able to cultivate the precious "Time Immemorial Scripture" technique.

From this, one could imagine how terrifying Xue Ying’s body had become.

Hu. Some unquantifiable time later, Xue Ying opened his eyes.


Xue Ying distractedly looked into the distance. On a tall mountain over ten kilometers away from Crimson Dust Island, a small centipede crawled over the stone stepped-path. Each and every fine strand of hair on the centipede’s legs were clearly visible.

Countless sounds vibrated within his ears, the frequencies ranging all over the spectrum. These soundwaves crashed into a few mountains, bouncing back or perhaps striking a tree; in general, these soundwaves scattered in all directions in a disorderly fashion. Every obstruction would instigate all kinds of minute changes in its composition.

Countless soundwaves.

High or low, the frequency did not matter. Some sound waves previously inaudible to Xue Ying’s ears were now perfectly clear, like the ‘breathing’ of plants.

Furthermore, Xue Ying could even clearly perceive, from the collision of innumerable sound waves, the positions of every blade of grass, of even a broken rock a kilometer away.

"With only my ears, I can hear everything in an kilometer range?" Xue Ying didn’t dare believe this to be true and closed his eyes to verify if it was.


Everything was incomparably clear; this was a world comprised of soundwaves.

Innumerable sound waves created another kind of wonder in this world. Countless materials could also be perceived clearly.

All of a sudden hearing countless soundwaves would be tiring, no?

It wouldn’t be.

Similar to how ordinary people could see countless crows with a single gaze and to how their ears could hear countless sounds, the formidable innate mental ability to easily filter everything continued to exist; one fundamentally wouldn’t feel tired in the slightest.

Just like how ordinary people, with a sweep of their sight could see countless crowds, and their ears hear countless sounds, the formidable innate ability within their brains would easily filter everything, and one fundamentally wouldn’t feel tired in the slightest.

"This is the feeling of a Deity." Xi Wei and Crimson Rock looked from the side. Xi Wei opened her mouth and voiced, "After becoming a Deity, your Deity energy would condense a Deity body. Through this, you will discover your own change. Although your Time Immemorial Body is merely at the first level, it’s already significantly stronger than the Deity body of ordinary Transcendents. Therefore, your perception is even more acute."

"It’s truly miraculous." Xue Ying’s eyes flew open. "I originally thought that I had to grasp the True Meaning of Waves or a similar Law and Profound Mystery to be able to sense sound waves like this. I didn’t think that merely by relying on my ears, I could accomplish this step." 

"Through cultivation, your existence will unceasingly reach higher heights." Crimson Rock continued, "Naturally, you will attain several previously unimaginable techniques upon each ascension. As a Transcendent, controlling time is inexplicably difficult, but Deity-hood and a Deity Domain will sharpen your perception toward time, gradually granting an influence over it."

Crimson Rock then smiled and concluded, "As long as you become strong enough, everything is possible."


Dong Bo Xue Ying nodded.

Atop the lake and despite being clad in white, Xue Ying felt himself be reborn. He extended his right hand, slowly opening it before abruptly clenching it tight.

Standing atop the lake, although he was still wearing his white clothes, Xue Ying felt himself being born again. He extended his right hand, then slowly opened it up, then abruptly clenched.

Peng!!! The air within the palm was instantly grasped and compressed. The sudden compression ultimately created a low-pitched boom. Just this clenching movement could possibly pinch Lord You Lan and the others to death with ease. Ordinary, newly-ascended Transcendents also couldn’t bear Xue Ying’s casual clenches.

"Too strong; this body is too strong." Although Xue Ying had mentally been prepared for this, the aftermath of the creation of a Time Immemorial body left him stunned.

"The Time Immemorial Body really qualifies to be called a Magic Avatar secret technique that even World Deity existences all long to receive." Crimson Rock faintly smiled, a smile so handsome that a glimpse was enough to infatuate innumerable females.

Xue Ying inwardly muttered, You deity spirit, how is it that such a slight smile makes you appear so handsome?

Crimson Rock continued, "Although it’s merely the first level, the simplest one, it’s already extraordinary."

"How come I can’t feel my Primordial Bloodline?" Xue Ying asked.

"Primordial Bloodline?" Xi Wei was speechless. "Little Xue Ying, what do you think primordial bloodlines are?"

"Bloodlines?" Xue Ying stared blankly

"The latent bloodline, upon awakening, reforms the body, granting formidable strength, speed, et cetera. It can even grant control over thunder and lightning, influence over space, and more." Xi Wei sneered, "Yet right now, the composition of every particle in your body has changed. You have undergone a change akin to upheaving the heavens and earth. Amongst your Xia Clan’s primordial beings, even amongst the Dark Abyss demons, have you heard of any bodies comparable to even a percent of your current body?"

"At the moment, you have the most powerful bloodline since the beginning of your Xia Clan world’s history!" Crimson Rock burst out laughing. "Your bloodline far surpasses all Primordial Bloodlines, even the best Demonic Bloodlines."

Dong Bo Xue Ying was stunned.


All of that was completely correct.

His body had now far exceeded the Transcendent stage. All those bloodlines he had heard about paled in comparison to what he now had. He could even pinch newly-ascended Deities to death. This body was clearly heaven-defying. After all, Crimson Rock Mountain had a total of eighteen World Deity ranked secret techniques. Despite cultivating three True Meanings, he could only cultivate one such technique. The severity of the cultivation requirements was more than evident.

"I previously thought that upon reaching the stage three realm of the True Meaning of Star, I could cultivate an ‘Immortal Star Body’ by guiding the forces necessary to strengthen the body. I had realized after that it was completely useless." Xue Ying chuckled.

"You were thus rubbing mud on steel![1. Essentially, he’s insulting the Immortal Star Body by calling it ‘mud’ and saying it is dirtying/tainting a far superior substance, Xue Ying.] Immortal Star Body? This name is truly arrogant. A Transcendent stage body strengthening technique, not even a secret technique, can be called ‘Immortal?’" Crimson Rock lightly shook his head, full of disdain.

"That’s normal. Amongst Transcendents, aren’t there countless individuals titled ‘King’ or ‘Emperor?’" Xi Wei commented.

Xue Ying listened and smiled from the sidelines.

His mood was very good.

Earlier, he had not expected that upon becoming an honorary disciple, his strength would rapidly soar to such an extent! If he wore a Deity treasure armor and simply stood there, allowing others to attack unhindered, how many could wound him? Xue Ying clearly understood that the strength, speed, vision, hearing, and other benefits were simply natural supplements granted by his Time Immemorial Body. The most terrifying aspects about this body were the survivability and durability. It ranked first amongst the eighteen World Deity ranked secret techniques in regards to survivability. Xue Ying himself could not figure out how to kill himself.

Of course, this was also that his own vision was too low! His enemies were the Sorcerer God and the great Demon God! It was better to be a little cautious.

"Seniors," Xue Ying continued, "honorary disciples are to be granted a set of Deity treasures, a freely chosen secret technique, and a freely chosen treasure from a list.

"I have already chosen a secret technique. Ignoring the matter of a Deity treasure for the time being, I wish to choose a treasure from the list. I have some concerns."

Xue Ying looked toward the two in front of him. "You two seniors know that right now, my Xia Clan world is being threatened by the Sorcerer God and the Demonic God. The two of them are very likely to start a war and destroy my Xia Clan, forever occupying the entire Xia Clan world. This way, they can also prohibit any outsiders from entering Crimson Rock Mountain, thereby monopolizing Crimson Rock Mountain."

"We know of this." Crimson Rock nodded.

"Of the two of them, one of them is a material world Lord, while the other is said to be the second most gargantuan Demonic God." Xi Wei added, "Although, this does not affect us. To ultimately possess Crimson Rock Mountain, they still have to send Transcendents to undergo the trials."

Xue Ying bitterly smiled. "To Crimson Rock Mountain, this has no impact, but to my Xia Clan, it’s a calamity."

"I want to ask, how should I choose a treasure from the list of items? Which grants the greatest possibility in resisting the Sorcerer God and the Demonic God?" Xue Ying asked.

His own scope of view wasn’t enough.

His Xia Clan’s most powerful elder was only at the Deity level summit. According to the Temporal Temple, the Xia Clan’s defense strategy would lose ninety-nine percent of the time! One must know the future wasn’t set, and the Temporal Temple still left a tiny margin of success. Therefore, it was said to be a ninety nine percent of failure. If it was based on the Xia Clan’s earlier strength, it would have actually been a hundred percent chance of failure!

Yet Xue Ying had now become a honorary disciple; clearly, this began to rapidly increase the odds of success for the Xia Clan.

Xue Ying, however, had to use his resources well!

The Xia Clan didn’t have anyone with a high enough worldview.


Senior Xi Wei and Senior Crimson Rock’s worldviews were high enough!

The two of them had all followed mighty members of the Deity world! In terms of worldview, they might be even higher than the Sorcerer God and the Demonic God.

"This fellow is really intelligent." Crimson Rock shook his head, smiling. "He knew to ask us."


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