Lord Xue Ying
399 Xue Ying“s Cultivation
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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399 Xue Ying“s Cultivation

"In the beginning, it was only a simple feast that powerful existences came to in order to enjoy themselves at. Back then, stage four World Deities were also allowed to participate and could enjoy a portion of the Myriad Flower True Fruit." Crimson Rock said, "However, for the sake of grooming their future descendents, the Bloodshed God Palace’s Majesty decided to host a huge selection throughout the Bloodshed God Palace’s territory. They would select the top one hundred strongest Deities and grant them the privilege of also participating in this Myriad Flower Feast. Furthermore, each and every single one of them were qualified to enjoy a portion of the true fruit!

"In the end, after countless transformations…"The Myriad Flower Feast has become one of the grandest occasions in the Deity World amongst the countless Deities! Even though the Myriad God Palace and Temporal Island soon began to host their own version, respectively known as the Myriad God Convention and the Reincarnators’ Millstone Battle, the Bloodshed God Palace’s Majesty is still the strongest. He is both strongest in terms of actual power and due to the fact that he has the widest network of friends. Even powerful existences from the Dark Abyss will come to participate in this feast. Furthermore, the Myriad Flower True Fruit is both extremely precious and extremely beneficial to stage four World Deities! At the same time, the Myriad Flower Feast’s top one hundred Deities will all have the chance to become the disciple of some powerful existences. On top of all this, even those who didn’t reach the top one hundred in ranking might be chosen beneath the powerful existences’ observation, so long as they have enough potential.

"The Myriad Flower Feast is held once every ten million years! Even though it’s held within the the Bloodshed God Palace’s territory, Deities full of confidence will rush toward the Bloodshed God Palace’s territory from all over the Deity World in order to participate in the battle!"

Crimson Rock sighed. "Oh, right, there is one rule for participating in the Myriad Flower Feast." 

"What rule?" Xue Ying asked.

"The participants must not have cultivated for more than ten million years." Crimson Rock replied. 

"Ten million years?" Xue Ying mumbled to himself.

That was so long to him. How old was he?

"With how deep the powerful existences realms are, they are able to see through the True Deity Hearts of those Deities, observe their soul, and judge how long they’ve cultivated for." Crimson Rock said, "Thus, when these powerful existences select disciples, they’re very picky about how long someone has cultivated for. For instance, if there’s someone who’s managed to get into the top one hundred after cultivating for a million years, compared to someone else who’s only cultivated for eight thousand years, how could they be the same?"

"However, Forefather actually asked you to participate in this Myriad Flower Feast, which will start in a mere 1,500 years." Crimson Rock laughed. "It seems that forefather has recognized your potential to qualify to participate in the battle within 1,500 years. Considering how young you are, so long as you manage to reach the later stages of the competition and let the powerful existences see you, you’ll certainly be selected as their disciple."

Xue Ying lightly nodded. "However, I can’t reveal my grade one True Meaning…"

"Of course not." Crimson Rock added, "Dong Bo, you’ll have to think about how you’ll cultivate from this point onward."

"I haven’t decided yet." Xue Ying smiled. "Crimson Rock, you followed teacher for so many years. You saw how teacher taught his disciples, right? You should at least have some suggestions for me."

"Mn." Crimson Rock didn’t deny what he’d said. "I don’t have the necessary knowledge to teach you regarding the details of the Profound Mysteries, but I’ve seen quite a bit regarding the fundamentals. Dong Bo, right now, you don’t have to be to distressed about your True Meaning of the Word, considering it’s already reached the stage three realm. Condensing a grade one Deity Heart, the World Deity Heart, should be quite easy."

Xue Ying nodded.

"Right now, you need to set your sights even higher; becoming a World Deity is only the beginning for you." Crimson Rock said, "The first thing you should do is cultivate an avatar technique, so that you’ll have both a true body and an avatar! Once you’ve done so, your true body should continue cultivating the True Meaning of the World. Once it has achieved the World Deity Heart, you should immediately use it to form your True Deity Heart. As for your avatar, you can have it use your other Deity Hearts as its foundation and then condense a True Deity Heart afterward."

"Ah?" Xue Ying was startled. "With other Deity Hearts?"

"Right." Crimson Rock affirmed. "Grasping a grade one Deity Heart means that you’re already a stage one World Deity. Grasping two grade one Deity Hearts and fusing them together will mean that you’ve become a stage two World Deity. Once you’ve fused three together, you’ll be a stage three World Deity, and with four, a stage four World Deity. Such common knowledge should be known to you by now, right?"

"Yes." Xue Ying nodded. He’d previously talked about this with his two seniors beforehand.

Grasping hold of a grade one Deity Heart was tough.

Grasping two was even harder, however, as it represented two different directions. For instance, the World Deity Heart represented ‘all encompassing,’ while the Chaotic Deity Heart represented ‘true destruction’ and a path of true extremity. However, it was precisely because it walked down this path of extremity that it was ultimately able to produce both equilibrium and balance. Similarly, there was also the ‘Splitting Heavens Deity Heart,’ which was also another extreme.

To be more precise, the more extreme something was, the more balanced it would be.

They all represented different directions. Xue Ying had cultivated his spear techniques for many years, and his inner heart geared him towards an ‘all encompassing’ temperament. Thus, he’d comprehended the ‘World Deity Heart.’ However, for him to comprehend another Deity Heart would be completely different from the spirit that rested in his bones.

Luckily, fusing them was simple. Because these grade one Deity Hearts were all made up of the most intrinsic essences of the Laws of the World, they were, by nature, extremely compatible with one another.

As such, the only true hard part…was trying to comprehend a new grade one Deity Heart.

"Thus, your current goal should be to comprehend another grade one Deity Heart." Crimson Rock said, "Let me give you an example: Your true body uses the World Deity Heart as its foundation, while your avatar uses the ‘Extreme Piercing Deity Heart’ as its foundation. In this case, your avatar’s soul will be fused together with the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart and thus will naturally walk closer to the point of extremity. Comprehending extreme concepts will in turn be done much more efficiently as well. In the future, when your Extreme Piercing breaks through, it will transform into the ‘Extremity Deity Heart’. When that happens, you will have comprehended two grade one Deity Hearts. Once you’ve fused them together, you’ll have become a stage two World Deity."

Xue Ying lightly nodded.

"It’s a pity that one can only have one avatar at a time. If only one could have a few them, all of whom with their own True Deity Heart and walking down different paths. That way, cultivating would be much faster." Crimson Rock sighed.

"Is it possible for me to cultivate the World Deity Heart at the same time as selecting another grade two Deity Heart to condense into a True Deity Heart and slowly cultivating it on the side?" Xue Ying asked.


Crimson Rock proceeded to explain, "Firstly, becoming a World Deity takes time! However, the World Deity Heart is the very first grade one True Meaning you’ve comprehended, which means that you’re extremely talented in it. When you fuse your grade one Deity Hearts together in the future, you’ll definitely use the World Deity Heart as base. As such, you must focus your true body entirely on comprehending the World Deity Heart, to the point of comprehending a World Deity Heart secret skill!"

"Oh." Xue Ying nodded.

"Have you thought of what True Deity Heart your avatar will use as its base?" Crimson Rock asked.

"The Star Deity Heart." Xue Ying replied. "The Star Deity Hearty has the potential to become the Chaotic Deity Heart in the future. Of the few Deity Hearts that I’ve grasped currently: the Mirage Deity Heart has been upgraded into the World Deity Heart; the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart will eventually become the Extremity Deity Heart; and the Star deity Heart will become the Chaotic Deity Heart. The Extreme Piercing Deity Heart focuses solely on offense, but I’m currently stumped on how to improve in that regard right now. After all, I don’t have any enlightenment or knowledge pertaining to the other aspects of the Extremity Deity Heart. As for the Star Deity Heart, it’s very balanced and will allow me to improve overall. As long as I have an overall breakthrough, it will naturally lead to the Chaotic Deity Heart. Furthermore, I’ve spent most of my time in the recent few hundred years on the secret skill Chaotic Suppression. Thus, I’ve gained some insights on the Chaos Hole and have a vague idea of how to turn the Star into the Chaos Hole."

Crimson Rock laughed. "Right! There’s another way to cultivate—delving into World Deity ranked secret techniques!"

"Oh?" Xue Ying felt his heart move.

"The Great Chaotic True Force was originally a World Deity secret technique created on the foundation of the Chaos Hole; if you comprehend enough of it, you’ll naturally have a greater understand of the Chaos Hole, which in turn will be a huge help toward your cultivation of the Chaotic True Heart.

"The ‘Time Immemorial Body’ is the most appropriate secret technique for the Realm Heart that you’re already cultivating. This will probably be the secret technique that you’ll achieve the most with in the future.

"As for the Extremity Deity Heart...you should also select an appropriate World Deity ranked secret technique for it.

"World, Chaos Hole, Extremity; these are only three of the four different True Meanings you’ll need to cultivate in order to become a stage four World Deity." Crimson Rock said, "Do you have any plans for the fourth yet? The Sacred Master always said that it was better to prepare beforehand. Hui Ming also chose what he would focus on beforehand."

Xue Ying smiled. This something he thought long and hard about before. He replied without hesitation, "The Time Space Deity Heart."



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