Lord Xue Ying
469 The Bloodshed God Emperor“s Thoughts
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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469 The Bloodshed God Emperor“s Thoughts

Straightaway, the many powerful existences and stage four World Deities present noticed the command token appear in the Bloodshed God Emperor's hand. Even in their previous cheerful and joking mood, everyone remained extremely sensitive, so they immediately noticed this event.

"Bloodshed, are you going to a disciple?" a graceful and luxurious-looking woman seated at the same level as the Bloodshed God Emperor cheerfully said.

"Such a rare occasion. How long has it even been since Brother Bloodshed last took a student? Even those grade one True Meaning Transcendents with their monstrous talents aren't good enough for Brother Bloodshed to take them of his own accord, and yet he's actually sent his command token out this time. I wonder which little brat will be the lucky one," the towering Abyss Ruler said from the side. There only existed a select few beings throughout the entire Deity world and Dark Abyss who dared refer to him as Bloodshed to his face.

People like the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and Pang Yi would still respectfully call him His Majesty, and even other free powerful existences like the famous Mysterious North Imperial Empress referred to him as 'His Majesty' in his presence!

The Bloodshed God Emperor was, after all, the one being publicly acknowledged as the strongest person in the Deity world! Even within the Dark Abyss, his influence was enormous, as seen from the fact that, during this time's Myriad Flower Feast, two of the three rulers from the Dark Abyss had come over to attend.

"Go." Bloodshed God Emperor passed his command token to the World Deity guard by his side.


The World Deity guard respectfully received the token.

Every last expert here, at the Myriad Flower Feast, was wondering who exactly could attract the attention of the Bloodshed God Emperor.

"Hmph hmph…" The Bloodshed God Emperor looked to those below with a smile, but he spoke no more.

In his heart, however, he reviewed a large amount of detailed intelligence reports on the many Deities who participated in this time's Bloodshed God Palace Battle—Dong Bo Xue Ying, born in the mortal world known as the Xia Clan world. When he was eight, he and his younger brother were mutually dependent for life. Their two uncles were the only ones taking care of them… The report contained every last bit of information, starting from Xue Ying's birth, and down to his current participation in the Bloodshed God Palace Battle. Everything was written down in great detail.

It even included his battle with Xiang Pang Yun, and his descent into the Black Wind Abyss, as well as his cultivation within; everything was clearly recorded.

This brat is quite fortunate to still be together his wife up until now, the Bloodshed God Emperor thought. His talent and potential were one thing, but it was Xue Ying's past experiences that moved his inner heart. They were the true reason which led His Majesty to accept him as a disciple.

The Bloodshed God Emperor himself only had this one rule for accepting disciples—if he was moved by someone and felt that they were relatively talented, he would accept him. Otherwise, even grade one True Meaning Transcendents could not make him bat an eye.

The Bloodshed God Emperor's vision was cast afar, while his heart and inner thoughts were dancing about…

A very, very long time ago, back when he was still tiny, not even even a Transcendent, he would be cultivating day and night; his cultivation heart was extremely firm! For the sake of cultivating, he had even abandoned his true love to step upon a lonely path. He experienced tough times and suffered bitter moments, just to finally succeed in becoming a disciple under a sect. But by the time he finally became a Transcendent and finished experiencing trial after trial for over a hundred years, finally returning home after leaving his sect, his wife had already reached the last moments of her life…

He wanted to help her become a Transcendent, but she wasn't even a Legend ranker. He sought treasure, disregarding all else, yet destiny was fickle…

Naturally, after a very long time amount of time, the Bloodshed God Emperor reached an unfathomable level of might and successfully revived his wife. In spite of her being truly weak in terms of cultivation, and her inability to ever cultivate even to the realm of Transcendence without help, the Bloodshed God Emperor raised her into a stage one World Deity without any regard to the cost. However, she lacked the training necessary in terms of her heart and soul, so about five billion years after she became a stage one World Deity, her True Deity Heart crumbled—she died.

Her low realm made it so that even sealing her memories and reincarnating could not be done! It was usually only stage three or four World Deities who could do so.

And once a person's True Deity Heart crumbled and they died from that cause, they could never again be brought to life.

Even if they were to be brought back from the river of time, such a person would still retain their memories from their previous life, which would lead to their immediate death caused by their True Deity Heart crumbling apart!

Even then, during that long period of time in which his wife was alive, the Bloodshed God Emperor had spent all his time together with her, and they experienced everything there was to see.

"I wonder who did His Majesty select."

"We will know in a moment."

While the Bloodshed God Emperor was recollecting his deepest and most emotional memories, the other powerful existences and stage four World Deities were following the World Deity guard intently.


The guard finally reached the outermost perimeter of the Myriad Flower Feast where the other nineteen hundred Deities were located.

"Here comes another World Deity guard."

"He is sending a command token."

"I wonder who he'll give it to."

"Those of us with lower ranks and who've also cultivated for too much time likely don't have any hopes."

All of those more than a thousand Deities greatly hoped at one of the invitations, yet their rational side told them how improbable that was. Even then, there was always some chance of a miracle occuring!

Regardless, the World Deity guard eventually walked over to where the Calm Sea Prefecture Deities were.

Is he coming for me? Jiu She's eyes brightened from hope that the World Deity guard would walk over to him.

He is coming here again? Drunk Guest also found the situation strange. Xue Ying, Seventh Mei Yu and Jiu She—they were three of the participants for this time's Bloodshed God Palace Battle, so they all had quite good chances of being selected.

"He's heading for Dong Bo of the Calm Sea Prefecture. That guy's already received five command tokens already. Is he really going to get another?"

"Well, who asked him to cultivate for only 2,300 years, while also having such great combat power."

"Who cares if he's cultivated for only this short a time? He might even get stuck at a bottleneck for several tens of thousands of years from now."

Many of the Deities felt their last hopes shatter as the World Deity guard headed in a different direction than they were. Despite them not having received a single command token, Dong Bo from the Calm Sea Prefecture had already obtained five. Was this new token also going to him?


Jiu She, on the other hand, was already getting expectant. Gong Yu might have accepted me as his disciple, but that's only an inner disciple. If another powerful existence were to receive me as his personal disciple, of course that would be better! Hmph, hmph, what's this about an inner disciple. Drunk Guest might be younger than me, but his combat power isn't any stronger than mine. Even then, he gets to be a personal disciple while I don't. I've cultivated and grasped the very rare Boundless Deity Heart, so it's entirely possible that a power existence would take me as their personal disciple!

He looked upward, only to see the World Deity guard had walking right past him, taking a few more steps before finally arriving next to Xue Ying—where he finally stopped

"Dong Bo!" The guard grinned towards Xue Ying, his smile truly profound. "Congratulations."

As he said that, he took out a blood-colored command token.

"It's him again!"

"Dong Bo received another one!"

"He's already obtained five tokens; what's the point in him getting any more? Whatever the case, he'll still only become the disciple of one of the powerful existences. What's the deal with him getting this many command tokens, while we're getting none…"

"Ai, truly…!"

Many of the Deities were disappointed. They could guess from the direction in which the World Deity guard was moving that Xue Ying would probably be the one to receive the token, but upon actually witnessing the outcome, they were still rather dejected.

While the feeling that spread across the Deities was one of disappointment, over at the side of the Myriad Flower Feast, murmurs of shock and sighs could be heard coming from the stage four World Deities and the powerful existences, who broke into discussion.

"His Majesty chose Dong Bo?" The Calm Sea Prefecture Master saw the World Deity guard passed the command token to Xue Ying and could not help but be startled.

"Junior Disciple Brother has become a disciple under His Majesty God Emperor," Hui Ming said with a smile filled with immense joy.

"Not bad, not bad." Forefather Scarlet Flame nodded and laughed.

At the same time, Xue Ying took the token in a much calmer manner. Having already received five tokens, he only saw this as one more.

Let it be from one of the three ancestors. Please, let it be one of the three, Xue Ying prayed in his heart as he looked at this blood-colored command token. There were many in the Bloodshed God Palace who used this crimson-red color, so a blood-colored token like this was nothing rare. He did not discover how special it was until the very end.


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