Lord Xue Ying
568 Da Er Hao“s Cry for Help
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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568 Da Er Hao“s Cry for Help

The final section of Xue Ying's journey was distinctly uneventful. The Starfield Flying Ship arrived at the 26th layer world of the Dark Abyss. In truth, it was to be expected that he would not encounter any danger on his way here, seeing how powerful existences would often travel along the same path. If most people would die just trying to get through the various layers, it would be nothing short of a joke! Overall, the journey here was bound to be relatively safe… as long as he did not reveal his identity, that is!

'I've finally arrived.' Standing at the prow of his Starfield Flying Ship, Xue Ying cast his gaze far into the distance. There was a trace of expectation clearly visible in his eyes. 'Big Brother Eternal Wind, I'm here. I hope you were able to resist until now!'

'Da Er Hao!'

Xue Ying's eyes were filled with cold intent.

Back then, Da Er Hao was separated from Xia Clan world by an essentially endless distance, yet his remote schemes and plans still led to a massacre that nearly annihilated the entire Xia Clan! Xue Ying would never be able to show any compassion or leniency to him. However, he still had to put saving his Big Brother Eternal Wind and his wife first.

'Big Brother Eternal Wind's willpower is extraordinary, and he should have been able to hold on for a few tens of thousands of years with relative ease.' The closer Xue Ying got to his final destination, the more nervous he became.


In a grand palace hall, a Great Demonic God wearing black armor was sitting on a throne.

"Hahahaha…" Da Er Hao laughed out loud from his seated position. His face was thin and covered by scales. A pair of enormous twisted horns were protruding from his head, and his blood-colored eyes were emitting a vicious aura. "Your dance pleases me. Come, come over to my side."

Several beautiful demonesses and devils were dancing below with enchanting smiles. As soon as they heard his words, they rushed up the stairs to arrive at Da Er Hao's side, revolving around him and serving him. While these demonesses and devils were of a rather low rank, every single one was still a Demonic God.

"Master, are you comfortable?" the devils massaging him asked.

"Master, please have a taste of this wine." A couple of demonesses were moving around, giving him wine in a mouth-to-mouth exchange.

Da Er Hao was indeed enjoying himself.

In truth, most experts of the Dark Abyss behaved similarly. They slaughtered with unparalleled ruthlessness, but on most occasions, they would simply enjoy themselves. It was only sometimes that they would act like deranged, mad people.

Right now, Da Er Hao was in a great mood, and the reason for that was that he had just broken through to become a stage three World Deity.

'Going from stage two to stage three was quite difficult, but at least I would now be ranked at the very front among His Majesty subordinates,' Da Er Hao thought. 'My current territory is already much larger than before, and I have several Great Demonic Gods supporting me as underlings. I haven't cultivated for too long a time either; I should be quite young amongst the stage three Great Demonic Gods. Perhaps… there is hope in trying to reach stage four after all. By then, I could even find an Abyss World and become its sovereign!'

In his heart, Da Er Hao already began looking forward to this.

Indeed, he was quite young, and while he might not have dared even hope at becoming a stage four World Deity beforehand, he was now already a stage three World Deity—he could at least dream of it.

'I did hear that Dong Bo Xue Ying, that kid from the Deity world, is rising very quickly.' As he thought of this, Da Er Hao could not help but feel a heavy burden press upon him. 'He was the fastest to become a stage three World Deity in the entire Deity world and Dark Abyss, and he now even has an absolute art. Unless I'm mistaken, his combat power should already be comparable to that of stage four World Deities.'

Xue Ying's reputation was so big that news of him had even spread all throughout the Dark Abyss! Once Da Er Hao heard of it, he started feeling jumpy from fright. After more thoroughly investigating the matter, he found out that the Xue Ying from the rumors had actually arrived from the Xia Clan world of the material realm! This confirmed him to be the same Xue Ying that he knew.

In response, Da Er Hao was terrified to the point that his heart was trembling! He was afraid that Xue Ying might try to find him, seeking revenge! Under the pressure of this invisible foe, he was actually fortunate enough to break through, becoming a stage three World Deity. The Abyss Sovereign of this layer had greatly rewarded him for this achievement.


An enormous palm suddenly appeared inside this palace hall. Accompanied by a dark aura, it slapped directly against Da Er Hao's body.

Da Er Hao's expression immediately paled at the sight. Seeing the enormous palm exuding a dark aura approach him, he shouted in terror: "Mercy!" At the same time, he tried his best to dodge the strike. The surging aura that left his body as he tried to dodge was so powerful that the bodies of all the demonesses and devils surrounding him exploded; such was the power of a stage three World Deity. The slight shockwave caused by one of his movements could easily kill Demonic Gods.

Despite his effort, Da Er Hao only managed to cross a distance of ten or so meters before the palm hit him.


Da Er Hao did not have the slightest ability to retaliate in the face of such devastating force. Within moments, his body exploded and his true deity heart was extinguished. Even his armor warped before finally breaking apart! It must be stated that, with Xue Ying's current strength, even powerful existences would not be able to maintain their bearings. Him having the combat power of a powerful existence was primarily because of his physical prowess—pure strength and speed!


Inside a stone dwelling, just 5,000 kilometers away from the palace hall. Here is where Da Er Hao's true body was cultivating, where he had just broken through to become a stage three World Deity.

'Not good.' Realizing that his avatar had just been exterminated in mere moments, his true body tried to flee.

"You think you can escape?" a voice reverberated with an indifferent tone. The sound of it caused Da Er Hao to freeze on the spot. He looked toward the crimson-robed man who appeared in front of the stone dwelling with apprehension. This newcomer was wearing a mask, and he had two horns spiraling out of his head, yet it was the aura he emitted that left Da Er Hao feeling frightened. When his avatar was destroyed just moments ago, he understood just how wide the gap the two of them was.

No trace of hesitation in his movements, Da Er Hao knelt down with a 'pa' sound, and began to plead for his life: "Mercy! Mercy! Please, senior, be lenient. I will act according to your every wish!"

But at the same time, he was secretly sending a message to his master, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, a powerful existence is trying to kill me. He has already destroyed my avatar. Please save me, Your Majesty. Please!"



Next to a river of magma, a golden-armored person who was sitting cross-legged began opening his eyes. His unbridled fury was obvious in his gaze. 'This level of the Dark Abyss is my territory! Who dares enter my realm and kill my subordinate without as much as sending me a message?'

As one of the Abyss Sovereigns, he naturally had his own pride.

Da Er Hao had already broken through to become a stage three World Deity, making him one of the sovereign's most important subordinates. After all, even an Abyss Sovereign like him had no more than a dozen or so stage three World Deities under him.

'I want to see just who dared act so rampantly.' The golden-armored man's eyes were filled with fury. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.


Xue Ying watched Da Er Hao as he begged for mercy, and a rather complex feeling overcame him at the sight of this. This was, after all, the very person who built the Demonic Faction in the Xia Clan world! His shadow enveloped the entire Xia Clan world for tens of millions of years, but now, here he was, kneeling down in front of Xue Ying as he begged for mercy.

Xue Ying did not find it strange it all that Da Er Hao would plead for his life. Too many slaughters and fights were carried out within the Dark Abyss, and the weak would oftentimes be forced to serve the strong. This was by no means uncommon.

"Please, just let me live. I can become senior's servant," Da Er Hao said with a virtuous expression.

Xue Ying frowned at the sight of this Great Demonic God's expression.


The golden-armored figure finally appeared.

"Your Majesty!" Da Er Hao hurriedly shouted. The layer worlds of the Dark Abyss usually only spread over several hundred billion kilometers, a distance easily traversable within mere moments by any stage four World Deity.

"Hm?" Xue Ying frowned, sweeping his gaze across this golden-armored figure.

The man looked back at Xue Ying. At first, he had been prepared to give him a piece of his mind, but as soon as he laid eyes on the crimson robe Xue Ying was wearing, his expression changed. That robe meant… that the person before him was a Bloodshed Tavern Master! Only those who had accepted the position of Bloodshed Tavern Master would receive such robes from the Bloodshed God Emperor himself. Every tavern master would have the combat power of a powerful existence, at the very least!

He, a stage four World Deity, could not afford to offend any expert with the combat power of a powerful existence. On top of that, the Bloodshed Tavern Masters were all assassins, and their methods involved killing people and accomplishing missions stealthily, before the other party got any word of it!

"Ah, Tavern Master, sir! I see you have come on a mission." The golden-armored man squeezed out a smile. "I will not keep you any longer then. No, I won't disturb you." Leaving behind these words, he hurriedly turned around and, with a 'sou' sound, he disappeared.

Da Er Hao's eyes went wide as he frantically shouted out, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty!"


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