Lord Xue Ying
1387 Overlord 1
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1387 Overlord 1

Scarlet Peak Daoist brought along Xue Ying through the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension.

The Chaotic Origin Dimension was too vast and immense. Even Chaotic Origin Experts had to spend a long time traveling through it.


A blood stream of light abruptly transformed into two figures. They were Scarlet Peak Daoist and Xue Ying.

"Look, right over there!" Scarlet Peak Daoist pointed ahead, "That Chaotic Origin Void Tunnel has been opened. The enemy is about to appear."

Xue Ying hurriedly looked over. Given his current perception of the Chaotic Origin Void, he got a weird feeling coming from that piece of Chaotic Origin Space. It seemed as if a fixed passage was able to tunnel out of afar.

'He is here.' Xue Ying could clearly sense it.

An enormous organism tunneled out from that passage. The moment it appeared, his figure rapidly expanded back to its original size. His figure was so big that it was approximately one-hundredth that of an Origin World. Even as he stood there, he caused the surrounding Chaotic Origin Energy to surge. And his body's natural-releasing laws were charging against the Chaotic Origin Energy.

He had 12 golden horns protruding from his head in total. They were all piercing out in different directions. His eight arms were muscular and strong. They were also covered in Chaotic Origin Level laws.

Time flows differently at different parts of his body. Time was fast in some regions, and time was slow in others. Space itself was even intertwined. Some parts of space had folded on various parts of his body. His existence… was just like a miniature Origin World.

"It's him? Yan?" Scarlet Peak Daoist looked from afar. His expression changing as he transmitted over to Xue Ying, "Monarch Flying Snow, Yan is a World Realm Late Stage Chaotic Origin Lifeform. His accumulations are thick too. He isn't someone you should provoke. Every moment you can delay is every extra time we have. It is fine even if you failed. Remember, do not fight directly against him. The gap between your strength is too big. This weak avatar of mine is not going to stay here any longer in case I get involved in the battle between you two."

Saying that, Scarlet Peak Daoist rapidly transformed into a blood-colored stream of light and left in the direction of the Cultivation Sacred World.


In the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension, a silver-haired three-eyed male was currently rushing through at high speed. He was a famous World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert from the cultivator faction, 'Sirius'. Sirius… was a Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert. He was absolutely qualified to take on the role as a Great General under the eight Overlords. Currently, he was rushing to the rescue as per the order given.

Not just him, there were other experts rushing over to lend aid to this region.

Because the enemy had begun a large-scale assault with this location where the Cultivation Sacred World was being one of the important battlefields.

Among the experts that were lending aid, Sirius was the fastest. But he would still take approximately two hours to arrive.

"Yan?" As Sirius was traveling, he was also scouting from afar. He immediately discovered the emergence of 'Yan'.

If he were to go over, he was confident of killing the other party in a one-on-one duel after spending some time.

"Monarch Flying Snow." Sirius immediately transmitted over through the imprint linking to Xue Ying's newly-given communication treasure. Now that his imprint had been publicized via his energy, other Chaotic Origin Experts could contact Xue Ying too.

"I, Sirius, is rushing over at this moment as per the orders. You must be careful! Maintain a certain distance from him! If you are slightly closer, this Prime Avatar of yours might be in danger of dying. Remember this." Sirius transmitted over, "I have fought with Yan before. This is the detailed intelligence regarding him."


Xue Ying received warnings from Scarlet Peak Daoist and then from Sirius. After that, he also received intelligence regarding the enemy.

'Maintain a sufficient distance?' Xue Ying held on to a black spear and stepped on the vast Chaotic Origin Energy as he walked over. At the same time, his body rapidly expanded… Eventually, he was just slightly smaller than Sirius, and also half the size of the other party. This was already the limit that Xue Ying could maintain without affecting his strength.

"You are Monarch Flying Snow? And also the one that killed Cheng Hao?" Yan stood there. His dark yellow eyes looked towards Xue Ying. Even though they were still very far apart, they could still see each other clearly.

"Cheng Hao? Are you saying that lifeform who was imprisoned in the sea of Abyss? If that's him, then indeed, I was the one that killed him." Xue Ying continued walking forward. Every step took him across a huge distance as he executed his movement technique.

The two 'miniature Origin World'-sized lifeforms, even if they did not use any profound mysteries, would be able to stride through a huge distance simply by walking.

'A new World Realm Chaotic Origin has the strength at the Middle Stage already?' As Yan walked over, he was also pondering over it. If their life core was destroyed, they would die. Hence, they were usually more careful and vigilant. As they dug out their bloodline potential, they would usually first dig out their survival potential to a limit! Of these Innate Chaotic Origin Experts, most of them were usually strongest in survival!

'I should first eliminate this Prime Avatar of his.' Yan did not feel any threat at all.

Both parties were getting closer and closer.

"Monarch Flying Snow, remember not to get too close. You should just rely on executing long-range techniques." Sirius reminded anxiously.

"Monarch Flying Snow, be careful! You must remember not to get too close to him." Scarlet Peak Daoist was greatly startled too, "Maintain a certain distance from him."

Xue Ying did not care.

Both parties continued getting closer and closer.

"Hehe~" Yan's dark yellow eyes were filled with killing intent.


With a thought, a figure that was even more enchanting than Chaotic Origin Crystal appeared in his consciousness. He was none other than the condensed soul of Xue Ying. This was also the soul of a Chaotic Origin Expert. Even though it had the color of a Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade, it seemed more reserved and concealed. Though one could see strands of light revolving within. Every strand of light, if one thoroughly analyzed it, would contain countless profound mysteries that felt vast and endless.

The Dao of Soul was incredibly mysterious.

Most Chaotic Origin Experts found it hard to dig out any inherent Chaotic Origin Techniques within their souls.

And Xue Ying had reached the final realm in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm! By examining his soul, he was able to comprehend many techniques that he could use.


A dimmed Illusory Realm appeared within the surrounding. It engulfed an immense region that was several thousand times bigger than the diameter of an Origin World. It also easily enveloped the incoming 'Yan' within.

This was the first time Xue Ying executed his soul technique after becoming a Chaotic Origin Expert!

This technique encompassed profound mysteries that Xue Ying had accumulated and further enriched by what he newly comprehended from his soul. It was also a technique at the Chaotic Origin Level! Furthermore, executing it with the soul energy of a World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifefor… in terms of power, it was a few times stronger than when he executed it as a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

'Mn? What is this technique?' Yan suddenly felt a pang of panic. In his surroundings, an Illusory Realm that seemed real appeared. And it pulled on his soul.

Yan's life core trembled.

He tried his best to resist against it.

"Kill." Xue Ying charged towards Yan with his spear.

'What a strange technique. It seems to be targeted at the soul. I have encountered so many World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts but never are their soul techniques this terrifying.' Yan felt alarmed. Even though there were some among Chaotic Origin Experts that knew how to execute soul techniques, in terms of power, Xue Ying was absolutely the most terrifying World realm Chaotic Origin he encountered in this aspect.

"Peng peng peng…"

Both parties began fighting.

'Yi? When did Yan become so weak? He couldn't even exhibit half his usual strength?' As Sirius rushed over, he could not help but be surprised by what he saw.

'Yan's strength seems to be much weaker. Is it related to that manifested Illusory Realm? Mn, Monarch Flying Snow's should have reached the Middle Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. Now that Yan's strength has been significantly weakened, he should be able to fight directly.' Scarlet Peak Daoist watched from afar. He also let out a sigh of relief. But closely following that, he paled, 'Not good!'


Xue Ying continued fighting with Yan.

Even though Yan's strength had been significantly weakened, he was still somewhat stronger than Xue Ying. But after both parties exchanged for several dozen moves, Xue Ying failed to defend himself with his spear against the eight arms of the other party. Two arms of the enemy grabbed hold of Xue Ying's spear, and the other six simply pierced into the body of Xue Ying. The moment it pierced through, it easily penetrated his body, 'hua la~'

Under a violent gale of searing force and tremble, Xue Ying's body turned into smithereens.

One move killed!

That spear landed in the hands of Yan.

'What?' One of Yan's eight arms grabbed hold of this black spear. He was slightly bewildered and confused, 'Why is his protective techniques so weak? I actually destroyed his body in one move?'

According to normal logic, a Chaotic Origin Expert would usually dig out all kinds of techniques they have on their body. For instance, they would focus first on the survival aspects like 'protection' or 'defense' or 'fleshy body'. Hence, most of them would merely get injured lightly after being struck. Usually, when one party saw that things were amiss, they could easily escape. It was not an easy task killing one another.

For instance, Sirius had fought with Yan before! But none of them had died.


Xue Ying's instantaneous defeat led to his Prime Avatar being exterminated. It stunned both Scarlet Peak Daoist and Sirius who initially saw home.

'I still looked forward to him delaying for more time, yet he got extinguished so quickly?' Both Scarlet Peak Daoist and Sirius were speechless.

'No matter what, he is an expert who has reached Chaotic Origin, why is he so careless?'

Were there fools who could become Chaotic Origin?

Though they were slightly speechless for what Xue Ying did.


At this moment, Chaotic Origin Energy was being madly devoured within the Cultivation Sacred World. The endless Chaotic Origin Energy continued pouring into the Cultivation Sacred World and was transformed by the Origin Source of the World.

Xue Ying's weak avatar had remained in the Cultivation Sacred World. If this weak avatar went on to absorb the Chaotic Origin Energy, it would take too long to turn it into a Prime Avatar! By allowing the Origin Source of the World to absorb… it would instead greatly increase the efficiency of transforming the Chaotic Origin Energy. After all, the Origin Source of the World held an overwhelming advantage in this aspect. Even if a cultivator was powerful, he could hardly compare with this Cultivation Sacred World's Origin Source even if it was a slightly smaller world, much less with the Origin Sources of the Origin Worlds.

"Hong long long~"

Xue Ying's body was rapidly turning stronger. Just three breaths of time later, his body regained back to its Prime Avatar state.

'My recoverability is incredible. By relying on a world without an owner, I can rapidly boost the strength of my weak avatar.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly, 'It's a pity that it has to be a world that doesn't repel me.'

Like the most powerful kinds of world——the Origin Worlds!

They would repel lifeforms from other Origin Worlds. Outsiders would only be limited to the strength of a 'Primal Chaos Realm'! Even an 'Overlord' would similarly be suppressed to this level. Like Luo City Lord, they could not even stop the Destruction Devils at all.

If one forced their way through?

The complete eruption of strength by an Overlord would cause the Origin World to explode and be destroyed! An Origin World would rather break than to give in! Of course, this was due to its natural laws, and it did not feel fear at all.

In the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension… other than the Origin Worlds, the Chaotic Origin Experts had created many worlds too and were used as their own station points. After all, High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms could not grasp an Origin World. They could only stay within some of the newly-created worlds. Like the Lightning World for instance. Even though the worlds created by the Chaotic Origin Experts were crude and weak, they would not repel the Chaotic Origin Experts from it. Because if that's the case, then Chaotic Origin Experts could not even enter! As long as Xue Ying could enter a world, he would be able to make use of the World Energy within the owner-less Origin World.

'My strength is recovered. But it is truly a disgrace that I lost so quickly. I even lost the weapon I just refined.' Xue Ying felt helpless as he flew out of the Cultivation Sacred World.

The moment he left the Cultivation Sacred World.

He saw the red-nosed old man standing right outside in the Chaotic Origin Dimension, 'Scarlet Peak Daoist'. Scarlet Peak Daoist looked at Xue Ying with shock as he came out from the Cultivation Sacred World: "You you you… how did this weak avatar of yours become so powerful that it is at the level of a Prime Avatar? Was it you that caused the phenomena of the Cultivation Sacred World madly devouring World Energy?"

He was completely focusing on the huge enemy in the distance, 'Yan', and did not really pay much notice inside of the Cultivation Sacred World.

"Yes." Xue Ying nodded, "This weak avatar of mine can easily recover its strength. It is also one of my techniques. I'll explain to you after this matter."

"Good good good. Hurry up over and delay him for as long as you can! That way, the destruction he would bring will be much lesser. He is currently rushing over. This is the communication treasure. You should have lost yours earlier right?" Scarlet Peak Daoist threw over another communication treasure and said, "This time, you should not be so impetuous."

"My apologies! I have just broken through and haven't yet researched into some protective and survival techniques." Xue Ying said.


An appropriate World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert would usually first research into various laws and profound mysteries on their body, digging out various secret techniques to strengthen their fleshy body! Or for instance, new World Realm Chaotic Origin would have improved the strength of their fleshy body to three or four times stronger at the Middle Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. They would also have body protective secret techniques, forming layers over their body. Like the skin membrane covering the Sea of Abyss Master, that was a form of protective secret technique.

There were also some defensive techniques used during combat.

Regardless, how strong the body was, protective secret techniques, defensive moves, escaping techniques… only after one covered all aspects would his survival aspect be covered holistically. In terms of combat, some might be tyrannical, some might be cunning, and some might be unpredictable… only by digging out various means of combat would the cultivator become powerful.

And Xue Ying's current concentration was placed on 'absorbing the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm into his Dao of Void'. He wanted to reach the Overlord Class in one fell swoop.

He did not care about any other related techniques.

Hence, his fleshy body… was still at the level of a new World Realm Chaotic Origin Level! He did not deliberately go to comprehend some body protective secret techniques either. That was why he was killed in just one move.


"Sou." Yan continued rushing in the direction of the Cultivation Sacred World.

Suddenly, he saw that familiar white-robed young man figure coming out from the Cultivation Sacred World. Xue Ying's body once again expanded until he was just one size smaller than Yan.

"Monarch Flying Snow?" Yan was stunned, "What is happening…"

Prime Avatars.

Shouldn't they have just one of it? For a weak avatar to power up until it became a Prime Avatar, the energy required itself would be alarming. And it should take a very long time to absorb the required Chaotic Origin Energy! As for coming from his own Origin World? It should take a very long time to travel over.

'He had clearly come from that Prison World. And that Prison World is a crude world created by the Overlords. It isn't an Origin World so it can't be his territory.' Yan was very perplexed.

This did not seem logical.

He could not understand it! He just exterminated a Prime Avatar yet another appeared in place of it?

'I should first exterminate it before thinking about it.' Yan no longer thought about it anymore. He immediately went in for the kill.


Xue Ying once again cast his Illusory Realm. This time, he maintained his distance and executed his combat techniques from afar. At least judging purely by his offensive techniques, he was at the Middle Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. He was even grasping newer and newer techniques over time.

He did not go on to comprehend the techniques deliberately.

Improving his fleshy body? Body Protective Secret Techniques? Movement Techniques? He did not focus on any one aspect.

Instead, over time as his 'fusion of the Dao of Void and Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm' became deeper and more profound, as he accumulated even more, he found it easier to understand the profound mysteries in his body without having to spend much effort into it. There were naturally new secret techniques appearing in his mind! This was what they said, 'when the conditions are right, success will naturally follow'.

'Seal!' Xue Ying had comprehended yet another new technique. He immediately extended both his hands.

Many shackles appeared in the surrounding Chaotic Origin Dimension. Those shackles revolved around this region including 'Yan'. Part of those Void Shackles even shot into the body of 'Yan'. At this moment, 'Yan's expression changed… he could feel that this terrifying sealing technique was powerful. It had dropped his strength even further.

'This Sealing Domain is definitely a Late Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin technique.' Yan was startled, 'His body is so weak yet his Sealing Domain is so strong?'

That was incredibly unbalanced.

A Chaotic Origin Expert should be balanced on all aspects! They would only be strong in certain aspects and not have such a huge gap!

Fleshy body of a new World Realm Chaotic Origin? Sealing Domain Technique of a Late Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin?

That was strange!


Currently, Yan had yet to encounter any danger. But this sort of strangeness gave him a sense of amiss.

Looking at this white-robed young man before him, he felt that the other party was really unpredictable.

Other than having a Sealing Domain Technique, the other offensive techniques of the other party belonged to the level of a Middle Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin and did not pose any threat to Yan.

'I'll wait a little longer. If I find that things are amiss after a while, I'll immediately flee.' Yan thought in his heart. He felt that his survival techniques were sufficiently strong.

And this delay took the time to brew a cup of tea.

Adding up the time since the battle began, it had been an hour.


Xue Ying did not deliberately comprehend in a certain direction. But as his accumulation was very thick, he was naturally able to comprehend newer techniques. The surface of his skin began forming layers of void light. This was also his Body Protection Secret Technique! The aura given from his body naturally became stronger! This represented his fleshy body becoming stronger on all aspects.

"Pu pu pu…" He hurled out his palm, causing trillions of them to come from different directions in the void. Under the influence of the Sealing Domain and Mirage and Illusory Realm, Yan could not dodge it at all.

Xue Ying's palm slapped down on the neck of Yan.

This slap immediately shattered the golden scales on his neck. Under the revolution of countless golden inscriptions, there was a layer of black muscles. The muscles contracted, preventing the force from Xue Ying's palm to go further in.

'He could injure me?' Yan was greatly startled.

His survival capabilities were incredibly strong yet the other party could injure him?


Yan did not hesitate.

Because he was feeling a huge threat. This one called Monarch Flying Snow, excluding his soul technique, was able to exhibit the strength of a 'Late Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin'. In addition to his soul technique… he could fight even with those at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level! Yan felt that if this dragged further, if he was continually injured, he might lose his life over time.

He even felt that this Monarch Flying Snow before him was more frightening than other Grand Perfection World Realm experts.

'His rise in strength is too quick. The techniques he executed one after another are becoming stronger. When we first started fighting, I can completely suppress him and easily destroy his body. But now, he could actually compete with Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts.' Yan thought, 'Right now, it is still possible for me to escape alive. If he continues growing stronger, I might not even escape with my life.'


He frantically fled.

'Now I understand why Cheng Hao once said he could hold on for an hour. After that, he altered it to just the time taken to brew a cup of tea, and then he died after that.' Yan felt cold in his heart, 'This one called Monarch Flying Snow is improving at a frightening pace.'

'Escape?' Xue Ying continued chasing. Even though his Illusory Realm could affect the other party's soul, this 'Yan' could easily maximize his speed with just some heart force.

It's only the surrounding Void Shackles that decreased Yan's strength further.

But he was still faster than Xue Ying.

'Fast, I need to be quicker.'

Looking as the gap between both parties continued increasing, the Void Shackles could no longer envelope Yan. At this moment, Yan's speed rose even further. He also heaved a sigh of relief.

'So it seems my Void Movement should be like this…' Xue Ying rapidly grasped a new movement technique. He was comprehending the 'fusion between the Dao of Void with the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm'. Naturally, he specialized in Void Movement. At this moment, he desired to kill the other party. Hence, he rapidly focused on grasping a new movement technique that enabled him to be faster than Yan!

Yan just heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the white-robed young man rapidly chasing behind him. The distance was also shrinking, greatly alarming him: 'His movement technique has improved?'

Once the distance shortened to a certain distance and the Sealing Domain came down once again, including the Mirage and Illusory Realm too…


"Primogenitor! This one called Monarch Flying Snow is frighteningly strong. He specializes in soul technique and can even reduce my strength by half. Even though he is comparable to me in other aspects, I can only execute part of my strength and can't escape from him. Furthermore, he is a new World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert. In just a short period, he was able to improve to this degree. That's too frightening. He must be eliminated as soon as possible." Yan sent out a call for help.

He had to ask for help.

Currently, he could not escape from the other party. Even though he could still survive with what he had, he might fall into danger once time passed.


An incredibly huge spherical lifeform.

He was purely a sphere. Even magnifying it to a trillion times or more, or even when a Chaotic Origin Expert examined him with his scouting technique, this huge life form was absolutely a sphere on the surface! He was none other than one of the Innate Chaotic Origin Primogenitors called 'Primal'. Primogenitor Primal, compared to other Primogenitors, was at the bottom in combat strength.

But in terms of defenses, he was the first.

He was once surrounded by Luo City Lord and several other Overlords, yet those Overlords could only lightly injure him. His body itself represented a Dao of Defense that had reached a pinnacle.

'Mn? Monarch Flying Snow? Specializes in soul technique and has a Late Stage strength despite being a new World Realm Chaotic Origin? Adding his soul technique, he could threaten even Yan?' Primal thought.

'I have never heard of someone whose soul technique could be this frightening.'

'A new World Realm Chaotic Origin is this powerful. It could only mean that his accumulations are thick and profound. After breaking through, the past accumulations can easily cause his strength to evolve.' Primal had a broader experience.

He knew that there were some Half-Chaotic Origin Cultivators whose accumulations were too deep. For instance, 'Weather Leaf'. Of course, throughout the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension, there were many whose accumulations were way deeper than Weather Leaf's! They even comprehended many 'Daos'. One had to know that the inherent Dao within the Origin Source of Origin Worlds… as long as one imprinted their mark on more than half of those Daos, they could refine the Origin World then.

There were such experts who succeeded in refining the Origin Source using this path to become a World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert!

Because they had comprehended many Daos, and their accumulations were thick, even though they were new World Realm experts, they could continually dig out the potential of their body, easily rising until the Late Stage World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. Just by spending some time, they could easily reach Grand Perfection before turning into an Overlord!

There were examples of this.

For instance, 'Yuan'.

Yuan was like this. He grasped too many 'Daos' that gave him the ability to create Origin Worlds after becoming an Overlord! This was also the only Overlord out of eight of them who could do so.

To send a weak lifeform over to another Origin World before allowing him to reincarnate there! This difficulty was high too! And 'Yuan' was the best in this.

'Yet another one who has accumulated deeply?' Primal thought, 'It seems I'll have to prepare properly and think of a way to get rid of him.'

Eliminating World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts was a challenging task.

Killing the Prime Avatar! Yet the World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert could easily refine another Prime Avatar out. Only by destroying his Origin World territory and breaking his roots! Then could they rely on the soul linkage to eliminate other avatars.

'Destroy his Origin World.' Primal pondered.

This required ample preparations.

One-on-one, the Chaotic Origin Expert could fight against Overlords in his Origin World.

In order to destroy that Origin World, they had to attack together! A group of Primogenitors working together!

'The eight Cultivator Overlords have sent out sentries all over the place. We have to deceive them and ambush the world.' Primal thought, 'We have to plan this properly. We might even have to start a large-scale war to deliberately mess up their vision.'

Even though they had engaged in a large-scale assault this time.

The eight Overlords and the Primogenitors did not participate in the battle. They were mutually curbing one another. After all, those at their level would not easily act.

"Fu Shen, the three of you hurry up and save Yan." Primal immediately ordered, asking another three subordinates that were rushing over to reach as soon as they could.


Scarlet Peak Daoist watched from outside the Cultivation Sacred World. He was slightly at a loss.

'Sirius' who was currently rushing over to lend aid had been watching the entire battle too. He was also in a daze.

'How could this Monarch Flying Snow be like that?'

'Initially, he was rapidly killed in a battle. His body was weak and in complete shambles. But closely following that, he was able to rapidly refine another Prime Avatar out? First, he entangled 'Yan'. Closely following that, he was able to fight to a draw, frightening even that 'Yan' away. Furthermore, Yan failed to even escape and was forced to fight back against Xue Ying. And now, he is absolutely disadvantaged?'

'This, this…'

'His strength should be comparable to mine now right?' Sirius was alarmed.

He could see.

From the offensive techniques unleashed by Monarch Flying Snow, lightly injuring 'Yan' meant his power was comparable to Sirius'!

But somehow, the strength 'Yan' executed was very weak. He seems to be completely weakened.

"Mn?" Suddenly, Sirius was shocked. He widened his eyes in disbelief.


Yan could not even escape from the other party. He was forced to resist against the incoming attacks.

Suddenly, Xue Ying's right hand hurled over. His fingertips were like spearheads as they came with an enormous power. "Si la~" As the arms moved through an arc, it caused void maelstroms to form in the surroundings. By the outer perimeter of the maelstroms, many distorted Chaotic Origin Energy could be felt. Yan who was affected by the 'Illusory Realm' and the 'Sealing Domain', could hardly defend himself against this technique, allowing Xue Ying's right hand to pierce into the abdomen of Yan.

"Pu", it directly pierced through the scales, the muscles and various obstructions. It stopped only after piercing through half of that miniature Origin World-like body of 'Yan'.

Yan's eyes widened: "This, this…"

Even though he did not execute any defensive techniques…

But his fleshy body and body protection secret techniques were very powerful. In order to inflict such injuries, it must be techniques at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level! Even if he used all his strength to defend himself with his six arms, technique at this power would only injure him lightly.

But now, he could not defend himself. He was purely a target.

'He has become more frightening, way more frightening than Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts.' Yan was terrified.

"Pu, pu."

His body blurred, sending out another two jabs. Every time it went out, they were targeted at that life core.

Even though Yan was doing his best to protect his life core, in the end, it was still pierced by Xue Ying's fingertips! And after piercing through the life core, following a blasting sound of 'pa', Yan's dark yellow eyes widened and his aura disappeared.

It happened too quickly.

A total of three jabs that were fast like lightning and Yan lost his life. At the moment when he died, Yan was still filled with terror. He even understood——this cultivator with the strength of a Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert coupled with his soul technique, had far surpassed any Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts he encountered in his life.

Yan did not even have the time to report upwards when he died.

'Without my spear, I can only use my hand to attack. It is really such a disgrace that I lost it earlier due to my carelessness. Fortunately, my fleshy body has reached a sufficiently strong level.' Only then did Xue Ying pull back his arm that was stuck into the abdomen of the other party. The signs of blood on his arms were washed, though Xue Ying frowned slightly. Even though the spear he refined was ordinary and it did not have much impact on his strength.

But piercing using his hand into the body of the enemy still made Xue Ying frown.

Waving his hand, he easily kept some of the treasures left behind by 'Yan'.

Yan had his own storage treasures which included many miraculous materials. It also included his spear.

'At least I have my spear back.' Xue Ying picked up the black spear and casually kept the corpse of 'Yan' into his storage treasure.

Xue Ying stood in this piece of Chaotic Origin Void and waited silently.

According to what Luo City Lord said, the enemies would come one after another.

'Two hours left.' Xue Ying lamented in his heart. He had already become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform for two hours. The progress of fusion between his Dao of Void and Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm was moving smoothly. After all, his accumulations were deep. Previously, that spear technique which he executed using his arm had the combat strength of a Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert. Xue Ying even checked his body, easily grasping a new secret technique after that.

Currently, almost all newly-comprehended secret techniques were at the level of Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin. His fleshy body was also constantly becoming stronger.

Clearly, once he accumulated to this level, comprehending techniques at the Grand Perfection World Realm Level was as easy as drinking.

'There are two hours left before I become an Overlord.' Xue Ying looked forward to it.


Scarlet Peak Daoist flew over as a stream of blood-colored light. He exclaimed: "Monarch Flying Snow, you killed 'Yan'?"

Not just him, at this moment, even Sirius who was about to reach is similarly as stunned.


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