MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
6 Chapter 6: Counter Attack!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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6 Chapter 6: Counter Attack!

Not minding the small businessman he has disturbed, Santi had the most confident looks as he has just executed a perfect rolling spike. The crowd was still in a daze from his performance and this adds to his ever-rising pride.

He pointed at the ball under the foot of the young businessman from the distance. It seems he was around his age as well.

He was wearing a farmer's hat, a 'barely' white t-shirt, a blue-red cotton jacket was tied in his waist, black pants and a heavy looking black steel toe shoes he once found in a trash can.

The young man looked really poor indeed.

He signed to throw the ball over as it was made of incredibly high-quality materials that can withstand hundreds of pounds of force which was just perfect for him.

Even a hundred basket of his Balut is not enough compared to his rattan ball's price.

"Hey! Hey Kid! The superstar is asking you to throw the ball back. Go throw it back quick!" The customer that was supposed to buy the last three baluts hurriedly said.

His eyes were full of amazement and disbelief but Chiko's expression was a contrast to the man.

Chiko looked smugly at Santi from the distance and this only fueled Chiko's rage. He picked the ball and gripped it tightly.

One can see that the spherical ball bent to its limit due to the strength of his grip.

He tested the ball's weight and it was about 180 grams in weight. It was almost the same weight of the three Baluts he has lost!

"Let me see, how did he do it again..." Chiko did not throw the ball back right away. His mind was busily calculating something.

"Hey! Threw the ball kid! You cant keep that! That is really expensive!" The man urged him.

"Hmm...let's see." Chiko threw the ball just slightly above his head and in an instant, he jumped from his right foot.

His body spun twice mid-air building even greater momentum than Santi's version because of the heavy black steel toe boots he was wearing.

But despite the rugged and uncomfortable looking clothes and heavy boots, the man floated in mid-air like a feather!

Santi looked and thought that the man knows a little bit of acrobat so maybe he was just taking this opportunity to show off in front of the crown.

With this in mind, he had an even mocking expression.

However, his eyes almost popped out the next instant. The man just executed a double-spin rolling spike and at an even faster and stronger than what he had just executed!

The ball traveled a distance of around forty meters but the ball reached him like a bullet.


Santi was hit in the face and staggered along across the stage. The speed and force of the ball were so strong that Santi was unable to react in time. This time, it was him who failed to guard against a perfectly executed rolling spike!


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