MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
7 Chapter 7: Unexpected Winner!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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7 Chapter 7: Unexpected Winner!

The crowd was silent and the organizers did not know what to do from the shock. An ordinary balut vendor was able to score a point forty meters away from the court!

The ball landed in the floor as if it was an out of the court spike serve. If only it was an official match, the seemingly weak and poor Balut vendor might have just won the one million pesos!

The moment Santi stood up, he realized that Chiko was already standing before him with his palms wide open as if he was waiting for payment.

Realizing that Santi was not badly hurt, the event organizers heaved a sigh of relief and was about to apprehend Chiko from what he has done when Santi stopped them from approaching with a stop motion from his hand.

Realizing that he had done his revenge too much, Chiko has an awkward and complicated expression as he tried to speak. However, he has a firm stand, a business is a business!

And a loss because of the carelessness of someone is not acceptable!

With this in mind, Chiko steeled his thoughts and said:

"Look. Each cost balut that you broke from that last spike cost twenty-five pesos each. Multiply it by three and you owe me...hmm.. seventy-five pesos in total!"

Chiko had a firm and clear intention and the watching crowd has gone numb from the absurdity of the events. You get to hit a sports superstar in the face and even get seventy-five pesos!

Seventy-five pesos your mother!

It took a little while before Santi spoke. He too was unable to believe what was happening and it was the first time he totally forgot he had a face and pride to keep.

Santi looked at the man with eyes full of determination and he realized that the person may look simple and rugged but he carries with him a very positive and mysterious vibe!

The muscles were perfectly toned and an aura of innocence covered him. His bright brown eyes were very pure and clear that he can almost see himself in the reflection.

Santi suddenly remembered himself when he was young. it was the same eyes and innocence that he used when he was with his family.

However, the man before him is not a child but a rugged looking farm boy who seems to be the same age as him. And to top it all, he seems to have talent in sepak takraw!

Seeing the poor looking person still waiting for the payment, Santi waved to his assistant nearby and told him:

"Give this man a million peso check. It might not have been an official match but I still lost to him despite his disadvantage so I think it is fare enough I acknowledge his score."

These words gave the surrounding crowd another shock!


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