MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
8 Chapter 8: A Good Day To Do Business!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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8 Chapter 8: A Good Day To Do Business!

"He won! He really did win!"

"I cannot believe it!"

"Who would have thought that a dark horse was just among us selling Balut!"

The players who have been waiting in line are in disbelief. The crowd was in shock and the media men in disarray.

"That Balut vendor won a million pesos!?" The man who was about to buy the last three remaining baluts was also in a daze.

The media men started snapping photos and videos of this unexpected winner!

"This is huge news! A Balut vendor won one million in an unexpected way!" The newspaper reporters started writing the details and their thoughts were unable to stop their mind for the news they are about to unleash!

The check was already signed and when it was about to be given to Chiko, the latter's open palms closed.

"I don't need a million pesos. I just need you to pay me seventy-five pesos. No more, no less."

He said without a change of expression in his faces. He did not even spare a single glance at the glossy one million check before him!

"What did he say!?"


"Are you kidding me!?"

Another huge bomb has been dropped. Most people cannot believe what was happening. It was just too much. What crazy person would decline a million peso check for a mere seventy-five pesos?

Some people instinctively walked forward with their eyes fixed to the one million peso check! You can see their mouth have already drooled.

Santi has an even stunned expression.

"This farm boy dares to ignore my kindness!?" he thought and took the check from his assistant. He wanted to shove it into the guy's face!

This is one million! Got it!? ONE MILLION PESOS!!

"I do not need your kindness. Your eyes tell me that you think you are kind enough to shove that money to me. I'd rather starve than accepting your 'donation. Its full of disgust." Chiko said and every word were all true and aimed perfectly at Santi's thoughts.

Ignoring Santi, Chiko asked the assistant beside him.

"Are you his assistant?"

"I Ye...Yee.I Yes, I am." The assistant stuttered for a while in the presence of this unpredictable fellow.

"Do you have seventy-five pesos?"

" But I do have one hundred pesos bill."

"That's good enough."

Chiko took the hundred peso bill, opened his pocket bag across his waist, he then took twenty-five pesos and gave it to the assistant as a change.

"I received hundred pesos and here is your change. Thank you!" Chiko smiled while leaving the assistant stunned.

Chiko walked out of the court, greeted and passed by the guard who was too busy texting someone.

He left home happily and early today.

With a big smile in his face, he hopped towards his home.

"Today is a sold out day! Granny will be very proud!" Chiko thought happily.



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