MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
12 Chapter 12: A Star Has Fallen
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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12 Chapter 12: A Star Has Fallen

"Now you listen to me my little brown sugar." Chiko's grandmother said while smiling and wiping Chiko's tears.

"My young sweet Chiko, you see, I am turning ninety years old this year and I am really old and I am really tired. I have lived and am very contented with my life while your's is just starting..."

She said slowly while Chiko has complicated expression hearing it.

"So please my child, do me a favor little Chiko. From now on, I want you to enjoy your life and do what you love. As long as you respect everyone, do good things even if others are not."

Chiko listened but did not dare to look at her eyes. Somehow, he feels like she is giving him her last words. And it was never a good experience.

"You have grown stronger than you thought Chiko. Use your power to protect those who need your protection and fight if you have to. Find friends worthy of your time and..." She stopped as she suddenly heard a sobbing sound. Chiko was unable to hold down his tears listening to her.

"Please don't leave me, grandma." Chiko held her tightly. Not letting her go.

Under the beautiful night sky and the long waving green grasses that dances together with the wind, the figure of Chiko hugging his grandmother tightly beside a big carabao was like a work of art. The brightness of the moon drew a beautiful reflection in their figures edges.

Under the cold and bright moon gaze, it took quite a while before Chiko and his grandmother have returned to their humble home.

"So when are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend Chiko?" Lola asked.

"What girlfriend? My Balut business is going well lately Lola, no time for 'girlren-girlren'!"

"You never brought your friends over."

"Lola I got Birang my strong but slow carrier, Snappy my toothless snake, Toro the mad boar and

Pandak the chicken king. Who needs more friends?"

"I mean 'normal-human' friends Chiko," Grandmother asked.

"I am happy with what I have currently Lola. And besides, I really cannot trust those other kids. They might not tell me directly but I can see what they are thinking about me. Mostly.... evil." Chiko did not notice the solemness in his grandmother's eyes.

"But you still owe me a girlfriend okay?"

"I want to find a woman just like you Lola. And I am afraid I can't find one right now."

They were laughing from silly jokes wholeheartedly as they ride in the wide back of Birang. Grandmother was happily teasing Chiko and they spent the rest of the night talking about their dreams and what lies ahead. It took quite some time before they have finally fallen asleep.

The night sky was still shining brightly as it was being accompanied by the bright blue star when suddenly, a beautiful meteor burning brightly passed quietly across their small nipa house.

It was supposed to be an exciting new morning next day for but grandma had passed away peacefully while she was sleeping.


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