MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
13 Chapter 13: A Mysterious Working Student and Janitor
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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13 Chapter 13: A Mysterious Working Student and Janitor

A month since the new school year in Madridejos Community College has started and students are slowly getting used to the new environment.

This new school year has been different compared to before due to the huge influx of the new students and the school's popularity have gone way up due to a single person's action.

The one-million-a-score event held by the world's most popular and currently the number one sepak takraw player - Santi.

It gave the school a shocking surprise when the latter decided to enroll for Information Technology course. Despite of numerous questions they have in mind, they decided to just let him be.

After all, after people found out that a hot and young sports super star became a student of a small community college, people thought there must be something good from the school why the famous guy enrolled there.

This caused an almost two hundred percent increase in their new enrolees. More specifically in IT courses.

Some young students who enrolled took this opportunity to know and get closer to Santi. While most female students dreamed to became the latter's girlfriend.

Everything would have been a perfect start for this small municipality college when a huge unexpected rumor have left numerous student's scared and immediately become a hot topic among the students and faculty alike.

"Hey, did you hear the latest rumor?"

"Do you mean the Aswang? Yeah but I don't think I should believe it. I mean hello? It's 2019! Who would believe in such a thing?"

"They said there is an Aswang wandering not far from the school's vicinity and a lot of people can prove it"

"Really? Did they saw it with their own eyes?"

"The eye witness said it has black long hair, red bloody eyes, with really long and sharp nails!"

"That's scary!"

"I know right. Not to mention, they spotted the creature while it was crawling over the rooftop of the School President's house!"

"That's crazy!"

"I know right?"

"So what happened next? Did they took pictures of it?"

"Sadly they weren't able to as it disappeared right into the shadows. It was so fast and you can barely keep track of its movements."

"Whatever, it's just a rumor. No pictures as proof? I'm not buying it."

"Same here."

A group of students was talking about the latest rumors as they walked passing by the school's library entrance where plenty of students comes to study especially during the early stage of the school year; while some young couple chooses the library to date.

A few meters from the entrance inside the library, a young man with a thin-but not-too-skinny build is busy wiping the floor diligently. He has quite a long dark-golden man-bunned hair and a dark brown complexion.

He has sharp looking eyes but he rarely looks in any person's faces. He seems to be completely absorbed in his task.

He is a very mysterious person and does not like to talk to anyone except for the school president who gave him the job. He was the school's working student named Yang Dinag.

One can see that his ears would twitch from time to time while he was working.

Little did they know that despite his silence, no one knows that this person has an incredible sense of hearing that he can basically hear everyone within fifty meters from him.

But contrary to the gossip he hears, his face remains the same as if he doesn't care about anything at all except for cleaning.

After cleaning the whole library, he walked towards another building.

Yang has finished cleaning all the other buildings except for the last one and his most hated one - the school cafeteria, a place more scarier than a cemetery for him.


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