MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
25 Chapter 25: The Janitor“s Mad Skills!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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25 Chapter 25: The Janitor“s Mad Skills!

Beethoven and his team sat idly by the court's side. They have hostile and mocking expressions towards Yang and Chiko who have taken over the court. Some newly arrived students also started gathering near the sepak takraw courts.

"This janitor thinks too highly of himself!"

"Hmm. Amateurs trying to look cool? Will see about that."

"I can crush them just by myself. Even if it's one versus two. hmp!.."

"Hey! Hurry up! Finish your game and get lost!" Beethoven's team members started shouting from the sides.

The time is thirty minutes before eight o'clock and the classes would start. Yang and Chiko have to finish their bet as soon as possible.

"Alright! Since we do not have much time, let us do an unofficial match. The first person to score three times is the winner. Do you accept?" Yang asked Chiko confidently. He is holding a sepak takraw ball and has changed to a blue jersey, a black stretchable short and flexible rubber shoes with no heels. His jersey is tucked in and Yang looks like a professional sepak takraw player.

On the other hand, Chiko looked like a lost farm boy. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt, black pants, black boots with a red jacket tied in his waist.

"Wow, you look cool Yang!" Chiko exclaimed. Yang observed Chiko's clothes and sighed.

"Are you sure you are not going to change your clothes? You are looking uncomfortable with that dress. You need to wear something like a jersey or shorts so you can move easily."

"Thanks for reminding me but I am good with these. And besides, I do not have a jersey and shorts with me today."

"How about that red jacket? Can't you remove that?"

"Uhm... This jacket?" Chiko pointed at the red jacket tied in his waist.

"yes, that jacket!"

"Uhm... Is it okay if I leave it here in my waist? I don't want to take it off."

"And why not?"

"It's a long story..." Chiko replied.

"Whatever, its just a three-point match anyway. So let's toss a coin to decide who will serve. What is your bet?"


Yang went closer to the net and took out a one peso coin then tossed it. The coin landed in tails.

"Its tails, I decided to serve first. Now you decide which part of the court you will take."

"I am good here."

"It is settled then. Let's start!" Yang said as he positioned himself inside the center circle.

"Game!" Chiko replied as he also positioned himself.

There currently around fifteen people near the court. Most of them are actually Sepak Takraw players with skills on a regional level.

They have a mixed impression of the two unusual players in the court. Others have a contemptuous expression, while other's are actually interested especially to Chiko - the famous balut vendor whom they claimed accidentally scored against Santi. This boy miracle is going to face the school's janitor. They are all curious about the result.

"These cartoons wanted to show off in front of Santi? hahaha!" Beethoven mocked while sitting on a bench and all his company started laughing as well.

"I bet we will die in boredom watching them fail to hit the ball," he added.

"Game!" Yang shouted as he tossed the ball high above his head. His sharp black eyes locked on the ball he watched it fall. His aura suddenly changed and he was like a hungry cat staring at its prey.

At at a certain moment, His right leg outside the service circle suddenly stretched out.

Yang performed a fast and strong high kick in a backward direction just over his head.

His flexibility showcased the firmly stretched muscles. His foot hit the ball with a snapping sound due to the force exerted. The horse kick serve was perfect!


The ball went swiftly toward Chiko's side in a straight line. Yang was aiming at Chiko's left foot and the latter tried to intercept the ball but he realized he did not know how! Chiko attempted to return the ball but it already went out of the court after hitting his left foot.

"One!" Yang shouted towards Chiko declaring his score. Everyone watching the match suddenly stupified. This school janitor has mad sepak takraw skills!


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