MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Play against the descendants of the Blue Star King?" Chiko wanted to clarify the order his mysterious father gave to him.

"It is you heard right my prince. The descendant of the Blue Star King is a cursed human clan that has lived for thousands of generations. They are gifted with extraordinary speed and power among humans. In fact, I believe you have already met one." Lolong said.

"I did?" Chiko asked and Lolong nodded.

"It is actually you do not have to go find them because they would find you anyway." Lolong transformed back to his human form with a blinding light.

"Anyway, can you see that bright blue star?" Lolong asked as his hand pointed up towards the shining blue star in the sky. Chiko stared at the blue moon and said.

"That giant blue star was never there since two months ago. I am pretty much sure." Lolong said and Chiko nodded in confirmation.

"You are right. It just appeared there out of nowhere."

"That star my prince is actually the sign that the Blue Star King is coming back and we must be prepared to his coming."

"What do you mean?"

"Judging from the blue star's size, It won't be very long. We might still have a year to prepare perhaps, but the moment the Blue Star King comes everyone on this planet is doomed. The blue star above the sky is the most obvious sign that he is coming so you must prepare."

"How do I prepare? By playing sepak takraw?" Chiko said.

"To ordinary people, the sepak takraw is just an ordinary sport, but to us, sepak takraw is a game that decides the future of humanity."

"Please clarify it to me." Chiko was unable to completely comprehend where this sudden mysterious order of his father is getting at.

"I will explain further in the future as there will be more tests to come. Here is all you need to do for now." Lolong took a deep breath and added:

"First learn the art of sepak takraw. Master it if you can. Second, join or create a strong team. Third, find Mr. Gila. He is a school instructor in the community college you go to. He knows what to do with you as he have already received the King's order to help you in your training. Regarding your shelter, he will be providing you one. And lastly..." Lolong elaborated.

Chiko has more questions in his mind but he chooses to listen for now and see what happens next. He is glad that he has a new place where he can stay.

"And is lastly... you must compete and become the champion of the incoming Sepak Takraw national meet that is to be held three months from now. If you complete all this task, I will gladly bring you to meet your father the Maharlikan King myself."

Chiko remained silent for a while. It took him quite some time to fully digest what he heard from Lolong.

"Is that a promise? You will take me to my father If I finish all this mission?" Chiko said with a resolute face and Lolong replied with a nod.

"Then I promise under the blue star that I will be a sepak takraw player and will become a national champion this coming national sepak takraw meet. Until then, I hope you don't back out with your words." Chiko promised.

"It is now but a deal, my prince. You win the national championship, you meet your father. " Lolong smiled contently.


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