MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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His neck has some obvious ring holes including all over his nose and ears tells a lot about this person. A lot of students can see his hidden tattoos as well and so no one dared to get close to him. least anyone talking to him. Judging from his look and temperament, people instantly assumed this person's attitude. He is obviously a drug addict or a criminal or something who have done a lot of bad deeds.

But what made Santi really interested is that this student seems to be staring at something above. Santi traced the direction of the gray-haired guy's stare and found out that he was actually looking at the blue star which is only visible to the so-called 'extra-ordinaries' as what his father claimed.

"Interesting..." Santi smiled and walked towards the man. Gerald felt weird after being disregarded and followed Santi all along helplessly.

"Excuse me. Is the sun looking too beautiful today?" Santi asked confidently. He was really curious if his guess is right. If the person can really see the blue star, then this person is indeed not ordinary.

The man looked at Santi with a cold expression. Santi looked back after he felt the intimidation in the man's eyes. They both looked at each other as if they are having a staring battle. After a while, the mysterious man looked away and left without giving a single word as a reply to Santi's questions.

"Hey stop. I am asking you." Santi was annoyed with the man's snobbish attitude and demanded him to stop but the man continued walking away without bathing him an eye. His loud voice garnered more attention from nearby students. They wondered why Santi is trying to converse with the drug addict judging from his look.

"I said stop!" Santi got more furious. Nobody dares to disrespect him. He is a superstar. People adore him, girl fawn over him, people would even bow down to him. Yet this nobody dares to ignore him. Santi was never been humiliated before except when he was hit by Chiko's spike serve.

However, the man has expressionless eyes and continued walking towards the school grounds. Gerald decided to run and block the man's path.

"You dare to disrespect Santi? Apologize to him now!" Gerald commanded the mysterious man but the latter remained unshakable. He walked forward hitting Gerald's burly body.

Gerald sneered when he was about to collide. He was very confident in his body and he never backs down when it comes to fighting. This guy wanted to fight? Them he will let him have it! Gerald decided to put some force before colliding with this cocky guy but out of his expectation-


Gerald backed around two meters with his tail on the ground after colliding with the gray-haired dude. His face was covered with a pained and shocked expression.

This guy is indeed irrepressible!


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