MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Hahahahaha!~ he wants to change?!"

"Wuahahaha!~ What did he say? A rehab? Is that a thing!?"

"This kid is strong, but his brain probably got hit too much already! Wahahah!~"

The surrounding rowdy men laughed at Gante's plead. They firmly believe that once a person got involved in the illegal trade of drugs and have done criminal works, it only means that there is no more turning back!

For them, pleading to change is the same as going to prison and live their forever.

They would rather live while running from the authorities than getting stuck in a room with a bunch of other criminals!

Gantes heard their mock but choose to ignore them. He has been thinking a lot about the advice of the so-called "stupid police" named Ricardo.

Ricardo is a police officer that has been chasing after criminals and especially youths that have been involved in drugs around the Cebu City area. He was smart, brave and honest police that would make other police officers mock him out of his naiveness.

Ricardo was never been so dedicated in his work especially when he met Gantes whom he caught redhanded while he pickpocketing from a woman that was shopping inside SM City mall.

Gantes resembled Ricardo's long deceased little son. It was out of this and his dedication to helping street children that he offered the young Gantes a new life with a new shelter and rehabilitation from drug use.

But Gantes chose to follow Jagua whom he owed his life. Despite Gates's willingness to change, his conscience does not allow him to break his promise to serve his so-called "father". One thing that Gantes value the most in the world is a family that he never found in the foster homes he has been.

His longing for family and a father figure made him blindly follow all of Jagua's request who claimed and promised him to be the new and only family that will protect him.

In return, Jagua abused Gante's extraordinary body and his young age of ten at that time forms a perfect armament in terms of doing drug dealings in the response of the juvenile jail protection system which also exempt him from criminal reliability.

In any case that he gets cornered by multiple police, he would never end up in jail but in the so-called rehab centers which deal with juvenile delinquency and even drug rehabilitation.


"So that stupid police finally convinced you? You are now going to betray me? Your father that gave you life?!" Jagua immediately flaunted his so called authority trying to discourage Gantes from making such plead.

"I beleive Mr. Ricardo is right father. It is never too late to change. I maybe have grown under this your banner of protection and I am gratefull with that father." Gantes said as tears slowly fell down from his face.

"But now, I am ready to accept his help. I want to restart a new life. I just wanted to be a normal kid. I have already thought about this for countless times and today, I have made up my mind father." Gantes did not hesitate to tell him his feelings and remained undaunted with his decision.


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