MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Yang thought about it carefully. Losing a true friend like Chiko in exchange for fame is not worth it for him. Chiko smiled widely at Yang's unexpected decision.

"Why did you declined the offer?" Chiko asked an approaching Yang.

"Let's just say I want to start from the bottom." Yang gave a simple excuse. He would never tell Chiko it was because of him.

He does not want the latter to take the blame for his decision and besides, Chiko is a true friend whom he could trust even with his very undesirable secret curse.

"So where are we going to find the third player?" Chiko asked.

"Let's go to the cafeteria. Maybe we could spot some willing players there!" Yang responded energetically as he waved for Chiko to follow him.

"Good idea! Let's go!" Chiko followed him immediately.

Fifteen minutes later, at the gate of the school. More students have started coming into the school as classes were about to start. The whole school does not have a high rising building but it has a wide area and was surrounded by a three-meter cement wall.

Suddenly a dangerous looking young man with tattoos slipping out of his dress jumped over the three-meter fence easily with haste. It was actually Mark Gantes who just vaulted with great speed. In his hand is a five hundred peso bill and he has sweat all over his face.

A second later, Chiko also jumped over the fence easily as well with great speed. His expression is full of hate as he was actually chasing after Gantes who sneakily took his five hundred pesos that he earned after working hard selling balut!

Around five more seconds later, Yang also jumped over the fence. He was also chasing after Gantes who took Chiko's money but the two was unexpectedly faster than him when it comes to running!

A few minutes before the chase, Chiko and Yang were at the cafeteria's entrance since Yang refused to get inside the building. They were busy inviting some students that would possibly become their third player when Gantes suddenly passed by while discreetly pulling out the five hundred peso bell slipping out of Chiko's wallet.

Fortunately, Chiko noticed the slight movement in his pocket and immediately went after Gantes who also noticed him. Gantes sped thru the school's alley with a manic expression.

Gantes is an expert in his own art of snatching. He has a ninety-five percent chance to steal from his victim without them noticing his action. His years of living as a street thug and his drug-dealing activities gave him the experience he needed to hone his silent actions as it is necessary to survive in his previous environment.

However this time, his target was Chiko. Someone who has an incredible sensing ability and extremely agile body. Gantes never expected that he would fail to steal the money secretly from this distracted and simple looking student!

"What strong senses and powerful body this young man have!" Gantes was running with the money in his hand and even deliberately chose the difficult course in hope of losing Chiko from chasing him but the latter was too determined and fast to let him go!

"Well then, Let's see if you can keep this up!" Gantes have a mocking smile in his face and started running even faster towards the forest!


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