MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Gantes has more than 10 years of snatching experience. And in this countless years of snatching comes his natural training for running through tight places and would eventually resorting to dangerous park-hour chasing moments.

However, due to his extraordinary body performance, Gantes has never lost even once when it comes to a running or chasing game. He was deemed not just the Beast due to his strength but also due to his speed!

It was because of this confidence that he choose to run the difficult forest track with an unstable road, big trees, and unexpected branches popping out of nowhere when running that would leave those who are not carefull with possible bruises or even something worst like broken bones and possibly - death.

For ordinary people, this is a place that is extremely dangerous for running but thinking of this risk is what Gantes is exactly looking for. It excites his blood and can't help but smile haughly on what is abut to come to the idiot who decided to chase after him!

However, little did Gante's know, seeing that the person who stole his money turned towards the forest actually gave Chiko a confident smile as well.

"This is the forest! This is my turf!" Chiko could not help but get even more faster with his steps. This is the perfect opportunity to him to close their gap since no one is even more familiar than this forest than him! Every nook and cranny is already printed at the back of his hands!

Chiko is a the kind of person who grew up and travelled almost everyday in this small forest!

Yang on the other hand ran consistently and chased after the two patiently. Despite his speed not as fast as Chiko and Gantes, he was able to make up with the difficult and risky road thanks to his outstanding flexibility.

Yang also needs to make sure Chiko is safe and get back as soon as possible because they still have attend the sepak takraw try out. Although it really frustrated him that this snatcher just timed to make things even harder, he cant help but shake his head and do his best to help his only friend - Chiko.

Gantes ran swiftly in the middle of the forest with almost unending stamina. He made swift turns and went trough tight spots while doing quick cartwheels and ninja- like moves that would leave anyone gape in astounishment!

Its only been five minutes since Gantes started to ran away with the money he snatched from Chiko and thinking that he made enough distance after running over multiple dangerous track, he decided to look back only to be surprised by the latter who is persistently tailing after him.

"Incredible. You managed to keep up!?" Gantes has his sweat sprinkling all over his skin. He was still confident a while ago but after seeing this guy with all seriousness and determination chasing after him, made him started to feel nervous but even more excited at the same time! "Finally a worthy opponent, let's see whether you can keep up or not!" Gantes shouted to mock Chiko.


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