MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
2 I Choose Healer
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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2 I Choose Healer


Warrior: Using any meelee weapon, a warrior can fight an enemy head-on, he can become a Vanguard, and a pure damager. It was a Class that is common to many

Fighter: unlike warrior, Fighter can fight, with or without weapon, and even using their fists. unlike a warrior after second job, a Fighter can choose if he become a Support or Damager dealer.

Mage: it was the mightiest Class, they say. You can annihilate an enemy before they get close to you. But, it was Advisable not to choose it by an IQ below 80, as it was one of the hardest class.

Archer: before one take this job, one have to be a nimble control and real battle skills, it was useless to those slow reaction time. there was a variety of second job of an Archer class, after promotion, one can become close combat Assassin, an Acrobat mid range archer or a fully pledge long range Hunter.

Healer: the easiest life of all Job. It also have the variety of classes, one can become a Crusader, a pure damager. A Guardian who can become a support, Tank and damage dealer. Or a fully pledged Support.

— — — — —

It was '5 Main Class' of this MMORPG Virtual Game called [Mystik World]. Mystik World actually released 6 months ago. our MC 'Lugias the Battle Junkie' has just started his Adventure today.

Battle Junkie. Lugias name resounded to Underground World of Future Earth. anyone trembling just hearing that Mighty Name. Or not.

Now, he played Mystik World because he was bored that no one dare challenge him to real fight from real world, and thus....

[ I choose Healer! ]

He said and grinned. It was a Job who was common for people supporter to choose, but they dont know what is the real healer is. much less this Hard-Heade, and Muscled-Brained Lugias. But only him Unraveled the Potential of a real Healer!

....and thus, the Beginning of the Story @@


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