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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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3 Prodigy

[ Boss, Boss! ]

[ hmm!? is it a success? ]

[ Yes Boss! we succeded!! ]

a voice of his man/servant who give news, what they're talking about is their fully controlled the Underground World where any Police Officers couldnt reach their Hand even using any of their power of information.

[ Good Job Mana, then I'll have my temporary leave starting tomorrow. Coz' I will play this Game, this looks more fun ]

a man with muscular build, with dark and spiky short hair, black pupil and a horrendous face like of an Orc. he was the Boss and at this same Year, their 'Domain Organization' Domanated all of the Underground Organizations. He sigh of relief and raised an 'Augmentator Helmet' used by a worldwide Game called 'Mystik World'.

[ Our boss sure is amazing! ]

[ become the successor of this Organization at the age of 4 ]

[ made our Domain Organization prospher at the age of 11]

[ none can even fight him with brute strength and martial might alone at the age of 16 ]

[ and now, unified all of Underground Organizations as one, at the age of 20 ]

[ Boss is a Prodigy ]

[ Master is a Prodigy ]

said by the two Beautiful Girls from his side.

One has Violet long hair with cute face, with formal maid reverse uniform of black and white.

And on his other side was like a mirror of first Girl herself but with normal white and black maid uniform and not reverse color just like hers, with different Golden Hair Color.

they're Twin sisters

[ nah there are crouching tigers, hidden dragon out there. but instead conceal themselves, thats why I will Play this Game. they said rankers of this Game have strong battle skills. Lulu, Nunu. want to tagged along with me? ]

said by Boss—a muscular man to Twin Lulu and Nunu.

[ [ our Liege wish is our Command!! ] ]

the two simultaneously said while knelt using one of their leg. they then walked out along with their Boss from the Office.

One was calling him Boss, while the other wad calling him Master.

[ how about this puny servant of yours? B...Boss???? ]

BAAM— the Door shutted close.

[ Huhuhu ]

this servant cry for the whole day.

● ● ●

[ Boss, according to this manual, our respawn point Inside was random ]

[ Master ]

Said by Lulu, while Nunu doesnt want to split apart from her master.

[ Its alright. Sooner or later we'll meet Inside ]

Putting his Big hand to their head, the two turn red. he then lie down to his bed and equipped his Augment Helmet.

while The two girls look at each other and nod. with the determination to protect their Master/Boss 'Lugias', inside this game

for the record, this two was reknowned Silent Killer.


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