MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
5 Healer“s ?Blessing?
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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5 Healer“s ?Blessing?

for 3 hours of walking at the very center of forest resides one big pearch tree with the size of almost 50 meters. Lugias escorted by wolf he beaten until here, but along the way not just wolves but he also beat Black Bear, Kangaroo and Rhinocerous. because of this he levelled up to 3.


Name: Lugias

Class: Healer

Level: 3

STR: 8

VIT: 6

AGI: 5

DEX: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 26

MND: 11



Unallocated Stat Points: 0


at first his, MND contineously goes up because he was beaten and heal himself back again, and with his upped STR even without using stat points, he felt the sudden surge of strength and so [Pain Absorber] almost nullify some of its pain. STR afterall can enhance ones [Physical Defense].

Each level up can obtain 1 unallocated stat points, but this Guy shitily distributed his stats to LUK.

«NOTIFICATION: each time you use [Heal], its effect was greatly increased»

[ Haaaaa, because of them I was late to my Appointment ]

licking his lips, He looked at 50 meters infront of him, besides that big tree was 5 meter height and 10 meter length Silver Wolf. simultaneously, the wolf he was beaten run through there and start growling, he was talking to its bodyguard, 3 Orange fur like of a fox.


Guardian Wolf-Fox


HP: 40



okay that was breed. Lugias thought. not far away from wolf-fox was another 5 Grey Wolves, seconds later, one of them was feasted by his kin. that wolf who was eaten alive was the one from Lugias. then, the 5 Grey wolves charged at him. though he was hiding, because of that stupid wolf, others now knew his spot and run where he is.


Lugias then run backward and looked at nearest cramped trees. there, he kited 5 wolves and kill them within only 2 minutes.


«Level Up!»

Again, allocating it to LUK, he returned and look to that same big tree, that 3 Fox still unmoving. But was vigilant, they sure knew their subordinate was already killed.

[ hmp! my Candy is almost empty, I'll have to finished that 3 Shit ]

because he levelled up, his health and mana was fully restored, thanks to it he didnt have to use his candy.

Candy is a form of a Potion in this Game. a Candy for HP, Mana and Stamina was varied depend on ita colors. Stamina can also recover over a period of time. Candy is also recover ones Stamina, and so Satiety.


Name: Lugias

HP: 38/38

MP: 46/46

Stamina: 100/100

Satiety: Green(Full)


This Interface was another tab of every Player's stats.

Now for Satiety. Satiety only have 3 levels. Green, Orange, Red.

Green was Full

Orange was Need to Eat

Red was Danger.

once Satiety fall to Danger, Player's Stats will decresed to 30%.

but that was the story for the later.

● ● ●


Lugias without further ado charged at 3 breeded fox. growling, it then dispersed at 3 different direction. Silver Wolf was looking curiously of this event. He was too lazy to participate but only spectating. that or its Aggro didnt reach Lugias. who knows.

« Blessing! »

Lugias casts his newly learned skill. it was a skill after a healer reached level 4. Each player recieved 3 default skills before they reached level 10. at level 1, at level 4 and at, level 8.

Blessing, it was a random buff blessing that affecting one of reciever's stats.

« SYSTEM: you casted «Blessing», your STR was enhanced! »

though, a player who recieved this buff couldn't see his stat changing, he can confirm it with icon. also, the system calculated it fairly.

[A/N: for example ◎ an STR: 10 with blessing, will calculated by the system to 10.000001 or something like that. remember, that was just an example. 💪]

« SYSTEM: Congratulations! your STR miraculously enhanced greatly »

Smirk— with this situation his lips changed to crescent moon.

Lugias then pivoted to his left, changing his direction to one of 3 Guardian Fox. But was smart. the nearest pounce at him.



Crying, the second Fox flew above. Lugias's target was second fox from the very start as he Battes it upward. He then grab its back leg and Slam it to the ground.





-19! (Critical)


another ear piercing sound could be heard. before the two made their move, one of them was beaten to death from the ground.

[ so damn easy! ]

the truth is, these wolves was big from regular human's perspective. But because Lugias from the very start was Big Bad Healer. these 3 Guardian wolf foxes were like chicken to him as he killed the remaining two. but during his last hit to the remaining Guard wolf-fox he felt a chilling killing intent and felt his back was burning sensation.

-30 (Critical)

[ Wut!? ]

he cried. then he felt another killing intent to his left. lifting up his shield.


he heard crunching noise, but he slid to his right and swing his Mace


«Heal!» (Enhanced!) (Critical)


[A/N: it has to be a notification type, but Im too lazy. huehue so I used parenthesis. bear with it huehue]

he then activated his heal.

the situation was too fast, luckily it was enhanced heal.


he heard this Silver Wolf click its tounge. It was thinking like, too bad he didnt die with that one attack. Lugias thought.

Lugias smirk in return.


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